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9/11: Four Years Later (7)

At this moment the North Tower of the World Trade center collapsed.


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Comments (4)

4 years, 1461 days and we a... (Below threshold)

4 years, 1461 days and we are no safer.

You forgot one thing: at th... (Below threshold)

You forgot one thing: at this moment 4 years ago Bush was informed that terrorists had attacked, then ....

At this moment - Bush sat like a deer caught in the headlights reading "My pet goat" for nearly 7 minutes instead of saying "excuse me children - I have something to take care of" and walking out of the room"

Leadership, the ability to take charge in an emergency situation - its a characteristic a a president is SUPPOSED to have.

Kerry sat for 45 minutes, b... (Below threshold)

Kerry sat for 45 minutes, by his own admission. This makes him, um, 6.4 times less leaderlike. And, btw, the information he got was that a plane hit the WTC, not that there was a terrorist attack going on. We didn't realize for a while that's what it was.


SamUBe: it was NOT at the m... (Below threshold)

SamUBe: it was NOT at the moment that the North Tower collapsed that Bush was told.

Can't you even tell time?

9/11 Timeline

08:46 Flight 11 hits North Tower.
09:02 Flight 175 hits South Tower.
09:06 Bush told of 2nd crash.
09:25 Photo of bush on phone.
09:29 Bush speech at Booker.
09:38 Flight 77 hits Pentagon.
09:59 South Tower collapses.
10:06 Flight 93 crashes into field.
10:28 North Tower collapses.






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