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Breaking News: White People Affected by Hurricane Too

[Warning do not read this if you have problems accepting reality. (That means you David)]

If you listen the national (cable) news today there is a new meme... "The Hurricane Only Hurt Black People."

Let's begin with the obvious; That is stupid on its face.

The area devastated by the storm was the size if Great Britain but CNN et al continue to act as if the hurricane only hit one building, the Superdome. Believe it or not, there was more to the storm than the Dome.

If you really look at the facts and not the media spin, the white people of the New Orleans area were hit much harder than the black population.

St. Bernard Parish is (was) 90% white but not a single federal person stepped foot into the parish for almost a week. They still have been largely ignored. And the whole parish was basically destroyed. I read that they were going to bulldoze a section of the Parish that was 4 miles long by 2 miles wide (think about that) and do it before the home owners could even try to retrieve any possessions. They are just going to bulldoze the whole area. If someone wanted to bulldoze that many homes owned by black people, it would be an international scandal and the UN would want to step in. But they are white people so you won't see Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton whining on CNN. They'll be no cries of racism. It will just happen.

While the feds are falling all over themselves to help the people on television (who happen to be black) they are ignoring many "white" areas of town.

Would you like a real example of discrimination in the rescue effort? While the Feds were killing themselves to get poor black people out the city, the white people got ignored. Here's a dose of reality for you. A white businessman lead rescue teams to get people out of his neighborhood who could not get any attention simply because all the resources were being focused on getting black people out. He wasn't looking for a medal, he was just doing what he could when the people in his neighborhood were trapped and the authorities would not get them out.

Were they being ignored because of "racism?" Well, frankly no. The Feds were not favoring "black" people they were favoring "televised" people. But the net result was the same. Black people ended up getting preferential treatment. So I'm really tired of hearing about how this storm only affected poor black people and they got treated poorly because of their race. Simple common sense should tell you that with millions of people affected, people in every race were victims and if anything, black people got preferential treatment. (because they were televised)

Neither was "putting black people in the Dome" racial... REMEMBER IT WAS VOLUNTARY. The people who showed up at the dome, were not rounded up, they came under their own power, of their own free will. The population in the Dome was selected by demographics, not racism.

Frankly, the people they showed in the Dome lost very little property. WHY? Because as the media keeps reminding us, they were poor. Lakeview, one of the "whitest" sections of town, was one of the hardest hit. Billions of dollars in property damage, much of it not covered by insurance. But if you listen to the national media, you didn't even know this area existed.

So please, CNN et al, spare me the "Only black people were harmed by the storm" nonsense. The only people making this a racial issue are the media!

This storm (obviously) affected everyone in the region. The constant shrill whining that it was only black people affected is stupid on its face and even more flabbergasting if you know the truth.

The media coverage really has been amazing. 80% of what the national media has reported thru all this was flawed in some non-trivial way. I know better because I live there but for Joe Six-pack living in Iowa, he has no clue what really happened in New Orleans.

After watching the media bungle the coverage in New Orleans, I can only imagine what is really happening in Iraq.


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Comments (27)

"After watching the media b... (Below threshold)

"After watching the media bungle the coverage in New Orleans, I can only imagine what is really happening in Iraq."

AMEN to that!!!!

Paul, could you give an exa... (Below threshold)

Paul, could you give an example of an MSM quote that asserts "the hurricane hurt only black people"?

As a white New Orleanian who lost just about everything in the storm, I too would like to correct anyone making that specific, sweeping generalization to which you responded. Just a link or two with the word "only" in it will suffice-- thanks!

"St. Bernard Parish is (was... (Below threshold)

"St. Bernard Parish is (was) 90% white but not a single federal person stepped foot into the parish for almost a week."

Ah, one of the great early myths of Katrina.

The reality? No FEMA *administrators* showed up until September 5th, but they had people from Fish and Wildlife (the lead agency for rural rescue in places like St. Bernard Parish that are inundated), copters from the Coast Guard and others. Most of the after-disaster relief agencies like the Red Cross couldn't get in because the roads were impassable and there was several feet of water all across the area.

They also *did* have contact with the Louisiana Department of Homeland Security. The Sheriff in the Parish freaked out because nobody from the Federal level had contacted him, when he really needed to be freaking out about the fact that the State folks hadn't come in in force. There were National Guard on the ground a couple of days afterward, and the rescue operations were moving along (the parish only has about 72,000 people, total, and most of them were evacuated before the storm).

Pickens stole my thunder, b... (Below threshold)

Pickens stole my thunder, but that closing line is simply f'n excellent.

Hope you're doing OK, Paul.

Oyster:Step 1) Tur... (Below threshold)


Step 1) Turn on CNN

Step 2) Listen

Cirby with all due respect,... (Below threshold)

Cirby with all due respect, none of that (even if 100% accurate) changes my point. The peoople in St. Bernard had it much worse than the people in Orleans but CNN almost never says a word about them.

Yeah but accordng to Wolf t... (Below threshold)

Yeah but accordng to Wolf the peple in the Dome were "So Black"

Imagine a republican saying that!?!?!?!

Paul:Oh, yeah, the C... (Below threshold)

Oh, yeah, the CNN/ABC/whatever news view is stupid, but I've been seeing that "FEMA was the only agency that did things wrong" meme floating by the last two weeks, and I'm tired to having to explain why they're usually the last people in line for the angst.

That, plus the "racism" angle versus the Sheriff in Gretna. "Lee" isn't just a white guy name, you know...

The media has sunk to a new... (Below threshold)

The media has sunk to a new low.
Ask yourself how could the coverage be any worse?
I am done with Fox News. They should have Paxil and Xanax as
sponsors. Useless expert after expert along side a picture of a fire.
Meanwhile you cant tell WTF happened. Thank God for Weblogs.
Keep up the good work WIZ Your my favorite since 9-9-04

cirby -Is the sherif... (Below threshold)

cirby -
Is the sheriff named Lee you're referring to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff? That would be Harry Lee. He's Chinese-American.

Paul, You said in ... (Below threshold)
Greg P:


You said in response to a valid question "1) Turn on CNN, 2) Listen"

Well CNN's shows are archived on the internet. You can go to www.cnn.com to get video. Perhaps now you want to actually back up your claim with some facts? What no link? Nobody saying "only." Yep - long on wind - short on reality.

I know better because I ... (Below threshold)

I know better because I live there but for Joe Six-pack living in Iowa, he has no clue

Bush also didn't have a clue:

"The reality, say several aides who did not wish to be quoted because it might displease the president, did not really sink in until Thursday night. Some White House staffers were watching the evening news and thought the president needed to see the horrific reports coming out of New Orleans. Counselor Bartlett made up a DVD of the newscasts so Bush could see them in their entirety as he flew down to the Gulf Coast the next morning on Air Force One."


It's not like Katrina had a... (Below threshold)

It's not like Katrina had an impact anywhere else but New Orleans. Oh wait, it did. Also there's a danger for the government to rely on national media to tell it where to focus aid. First of all is the tunnel vision effect such as the Superdome and second is that in a different disaster they may not be there but the need may be just as great.

What Bush blew was the fact that the media was laying this at Bush's feet. That actually hurt the effort since it shield Blanco from any political heat and her inaction lasted longer than it could have if the cameras & questions focused on her. Not by much, but every hour would have helped in the beginning.

Hmmmm, a story by th... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

Hmmmm, a story by the media about Bush not paying enough attention to the media.... that's really heavy Steve J. Rather than brief him on the disaster they show him DVD's of news reports, you actually believe this shit?

A lot of Vietnamese people ... (Below threshold)

A lot of Vietnamese people have been displaced by the hurricane as well. On top of that, they find themselves unable to go to the shelters because of the occasional threats directed at them from Jesse Jackson's favorite clients.

So, when will a Vietnamese equivalent of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton present himself?

If you'll forgive me for pl... (Below threshold)

If you'll forgive me for plugging my own site, compare the damage to NOLA (basically flood damage) to the area where Katrina *actually hit*. Mississippi took the brunt of the hurricane. NOLA suffered mostly because of the post-storm flood combined with the fact that 100,000 hadn't evacuated.

No doubt the damage and hardships in New Orleans are severe because of the number of people and the lack of action by the state and local government, but take a look at Pass Christian, MS:


Can you say "swath of destruction"?

Check out -S-'s site for he... (Below threshold)

Check out -S-'s site for her recent posting of an e-mail from a friend to get another non-African American (Black, Negro, colored or whatever) view of things. Amazing to see someone elses's perspective.

The Crisis Principle: A mat... (Below threshold)

The Crisis Principle: A mature organization does not abandon its process in a crisis.

Steve J...much of that arti... (Below threshold)

Steve J...much of that article is twisted to the tone of the writer. It is true that Bush doesn't rely on the media for information, but that is a GOOD thing. The media screws up everything it reports. Bush waited to get CORRECT and ACCURATE info from his aides...and I have no problem with that.

Also, the very fact that the majority of the boob tube pundits out there believe wholeheartedly that blacks were the only ones affected shows just how dangerous it really is to get your info from the media...specifically liberally slanted and biased media. I have a friend whos grandfather died in one of those hospitals..he is white. I have an ex girlfriend who's parents lost their home and all their belongings..they are white. So, maybe YOU should take a cue from all of this and inform yourself before spouting the liberally slanted rantings that make you look so foolish.

Paul, I followed your advic... (Below threshold)

Paul, I followed your advice but did not hear the sort of quote your post almost entirley hinges upon.

Perhaps you could leave a link for me when you get back to blogging.

Sorry for your loss.

Thanks for your view Paul. ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Thanks for your view Paul. it's good to have some balance to offset the MSM bias.

Funny headline. I agree tha... (Below threshold)

Funny headline. I agree that the media pays too much attention to Blacks because of "reverse stereotyping". It's easy to push people's buttons by portraying Blacks as helpless.

The media screws up everything it reports. Bush waited to get CORRECT and ACCURATE info from his aides...and I have no problem with that.

You think it's good he waited? What if weapon of medium sized destruction went off in a major city? Do you think the Feds should wait before reacting? Challenges in our modern landscape..
And yes, media is biased. But that's why God gave you a brain. Use it. Just like Fox has an agenda, but they still report the news (some of the time). It's obvious when they start pushing their bias. Just filter through it.

I know that many white, asi... (Below threshold)

I know that many white, asian, dadada people were there other than black. The fact of the matter is, the MAJORITY of people left stranded in new orleans WERE black. Racism is supposed to be abolished, but if you live in new orleans you can't help seeing the evidence stare back at you in the face. The majority of people are BLACK. I agree with whoever said the media's biased. It would be reasonably hard NOT to be biased. And if you think that it's the white people that needed the most help, you need help.

I hate acting liberal on a conservative board.

sorry. Above i meant to sa... (Below threshold)

sorry. Above i meant to say:
The majority of poor people are BLACK

Anon, the vast majority of ... (Below threshold)
Mary in (the other ) LA:

Anon, the vast majority of people of any economic description -- rich, poor, whatever -- of Mew Orleans are black. (I read somewhere that the general population of N.O. is 85% black... I'll try to Google it up.)
So if a disaster hits New Orleans, most of the people affected will be black, because most of the people who were living there in the first place are black. No racism there, just statistics.

If an airplane crashed in South Central Los Angeles while flying into LAX (may it not happen!), most of the people killed or injured on the ground and needing help would be black or Hispanic, because that's the makeup of the neighborhood. Again, no racism, just statistics.

This forum is really great.... (Below threshold)

This forum is really great... it's amazing how many analportholes come here just to argue and find fault with other's post.

Sorry about that post, It w... (Below threshold)

Sorry about that post, It was erased before my comment.

The events surrounding Katrina was devastating to all involved. The continuing FEMA controversy is divisive as well. Let's just say that we






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