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Give us your flashers, your rapists, your kiddie diddlers yearning to breathe free

A lot of communities have opened their towns, their homes, and their arms to the refugees from Hurricane Katrina. In Charlotte, for example, 300 people were given tickets to the Panthers/Saints opening football game (from the tickets reserved for players to give to friends and family) and got to see their Saints win. And in Massachusetts, 250 have been taken in on Cape Cod, with their plane welcomed by Governor Mitt Romney personally.

As the blush wore off, though, Massachusetts got a closer look at the shell-shocked fellow Americans they took in. And they discovered that seven of them are convicted sex offenders.

That raises an interesting dilemma. Back when hurricane season started, I recalled hearing about some people who were wondering if sex offenders should be allowed into emergency shelters -- which were often schools, and often would house children -- and would violate the laws requiring them to avoid such places. Would those restrictions be lifted in cases of emergency, or would the sex offenders have to seek shelter elsewhere?

In Massachusetts' case, the seven men have been segregated to a separate floor, and guards have been stationed in the building. With luck, that'll be enough to protect the general population.

But it's inevitable that among the refugees will be such as sex offenders, and that question will have to be dealt with.

Should they be screened for at the point of departure? Should the communities accepting refugees be warned? Should they have the right to refuse to accept them?

And if the offenders are refused, what the hell should we do with them?

My personal choice tends to violate the law -- apparently summary executions are illegal. But there has to be some way to deal with this problem. And we better figure it out, and soon.


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Comments (17)

Exile to an island?... (Below threshold)

Exile to an island?

By the way, what about thos... (Below threshold)

By the way, what about those in jail who were evacuated, were they moved to another jail elsewhere?

There are some gator... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

There are some gators in the bayou down there who might need some relief about now I would reckon'.

The Kennedy compound?... (Below threshold)

The Kennedy compound?

The way to deal with sex of... (Below threshold)

The way to deal with sex offenders is to get past the denial and recognize just how hideous these kind of crimes are, then elevate the sanction accordingly...including life in prison and execution.

How about using them to plu... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

How about using them to plug holes in the levee?

Mow I must ask if your anxi... (Below threshold)

Mow I must ask if your anxiety about sex offenders is a "race" issue or a "class" issue?

Someone "high up" ought to ... (Below threshold)

Someone "high up" ought to be able to get creative with state or federal parole or probation and find a legal way to assign these "people" both a parole/probation officer AND an electronic bracelet until such time that they can be returned from whence they came.

Failing that, how about putting them up at Martha Stewart's place? She might have a few of both of the above still laying around.

Drudge on his show last nig... (Below threshold)

Drudge on his show last night challenged Cher to personally take in and house a bunch of evacuees (sorry PC police, that's exactly what they are...they were evacuated and are therefore evacuees and it's NOT a racist term!) after playing a soundclip of her b*tching that maybe "we" don't need the biggest iPod or newest cell phone available. I think he ought to extend that challenge to Celine Dion too and any other self-centered, out-of-touch celebrity moaning about how "we" aren't doing enough!

To hell with you Tea, Moe a... (Below threshold)
Fred Z:

To hell with you Tea, Moe and Coot. These are people you are talking about. Human beings. Your fellow Americans. Someone's sons and brothers. Sinners and criminals, yes, but when you shriek like Islamofascists to murder them, you are worse than the sex offenders. Punish them, imprison them, control them, kill them if we must, but under the cold and impartial control of the Law. Conservatives do not bay and bellow with the lynch mobs. Control yourselves and stop behaving like liberals.

Fred: if the Law dealt with... (Below threshold)

Fred: if the Law dealt with them effectively, that wouldn't be a problem. It doesn't work.

How many stories need to be in the news for you to figure that out?

How about the story I was told just this evening from an ER nurse at the local hospital. 5 year old girl raped by a friend's daddy. Major perineal damage. Full hysterectomy. Think that guy deserves to be anything but gator fodder? I personally think he should spend his first year in prison hog-tied naked over a stool in the shower.

We can't, under the current law, punish them sufficiently, imprison them appropriately, effectively control them, and more often than not, we can't kill them. And so help me, if you can't see the difference between those who call for a reckoning for such atrocities as I've mentioned above and those who actually commit these fiendish acts, it is you, my friend, who are truly disturbed.

With all due respect, to hell with you, sir.

There was a story on last n... (Below threshold)

There was a story on last night that Texas now has 3,000 new sex offenders thanks to the evacuation. A representative of the Houston police said that unless they turn themselves in to register they'll be arrested when they're identified.

Doesn't really sound like much of a plan.

Sorry Fred, but when... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

Sorry Fred, but when you fuck with a child you lose your claim to humanity in my book, you become defective merchandise, and I put that in a box and send it back to who made it.

And the post was about CONVICTED offenders. That to me implies a trial. I would like you to answer a question for me: What the fuck is going on in someone's head who is more worried about a child rapist than the children?

Typical liberal excuse to a... (Below threshold)

Typical liberal excuse to absolve criminals of any personal responsibility for their actions:

"These are people you are talking about. Human beings. Your fellow Americans. Someone's sons and brothers... blah blah blah.

Where were their parents and brothers when they were out raping children?

I ain't no effin liberal, I... (Below threshold)
Fred Z:

I ain't no effin liberal, I just despise lynch mobs. I agree the law does not work. There are sex offences that deserve the death penalty, when called for by congress or the state legislatures and imposed by a judge.

You don't like the law, change it. Our laws are a mess because you were were incompetent and lazy. You sat on your asses and avoided elections and election volunteer work. You failed to contribute to law and order candidates. You let the liberals pass these laws.

I have contributed cash and time to conservative causes. I have worked for conservative candidates stuffing envelopes, putting up lawn signs, walking door to door, and I didn't see your faces, now did I? I guess you were too busy bellowing up a lynch mob. Writing absurd generalities in blog comments about sex offenders being gator food is the mirror image of the crud from Kos.

Jay, it's funny you bring t... (Below threshold)

Jay, it's funny you bring this up...THIS is one of the points I made at LoadedMowwth that got them all riled up. They were complaining that gun sales in Houston had gone up significantly since the refugees had started pouring into town. My point was that there are most likely many rapists, child molesters, gang bangers, grifters, etc... among the 250,000 plus NO transplants. I personally see no problem with vigilance and taking an active roll in protecting your loved ones and personal property. And here's another peripheral issue: the police force obviously cannot handle the extra load, so what happens with public protection, both NOW but also in the months ahead when people decide to permanently relocate to that area? Obviously tax dollars needed to ramp up public services will not be in the coffer for a good LONG while. It could be that home protection is the only solution for a while...

As far as what to do with these registered offenders...since execution and castration are both against the law (where are good conservative activist judges when you need them?...LOL) I say they are MANDATED to relocate to a designated high security area specifically set up for their kind. It's time the US Gov stopped dropping their trash on our doorsteps...these people are too much of a threat to society. It could be a secured home for sex offenders, and out of commission prison, a shut down school...whatever. Post guards 24/7 and figure out something permanent once the dust settles.

I suppose trying to find a ... (Below threshold)

I suppose trying to find a solution to prevent these types of crimes in the first place is out of the question?

I don't have an answer. It just seems like it would be more effective at solving the issue, as oppose to just locking people up and throwing away the key.

1. work on prevention
2. work on treatment
2a. or longer punishment

If a person has paid their dues to society as decided by a court of law then they have paid their dues to society as decided by a court of law.






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