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Let the Games Begin

I'm collecting links to full opening statements at Townhall. A couple of Senate offices said senators' statements will be up on Web sites later in the day. One wonders why they wouldn't have them up already (seems like a no-brainer), but many are e-mailing statements without posting on the Web.

No matter what you think of him, John Roberts was poised, confident, and pretty entertaining, which is more than I can say for many of the senators addressing him. I also thought he was a great example to the folks in the room who like to hear themselves talk-- he took only 6.5 minutes of his allotted 15 for his opening statement.

I'm sure the senators, being senators, couldn't understand why he stopped so soon, but it was a breath of fresh air after a full day of speeches. I imagine Roberts will continue to be refreshing, especially when seen in comparison to the ranting Schumer and Kennedy.

Here are some quick live-blogged quotes from the Roberts statement, and Confirm Them has the whole transcript. Thanks to Kevin for having me back. It's great to hang out with y'all again. I wonder if I get business cards with the official Wizbang! logo (all right, I won't push it).

Update: Blogs for Bush was liveblogging and has some of the transcripts I was missing. I've added them to my transcript round-up.

Dick Durbin doesn't have his prepared opening remarks on his Web site yet, but he does have a statement regarding the FEMA head's resignation, which happened at 2:57 p.m. while he was in the Roberts hearing.

GOP.com collects praise for Roberts from talking heads, who got the same feeling I did-- that Roberts spoke well, from the heart, and more impressively then many of the senators.

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Hey Mary Katherine. How mu... (Below threshold)

Hey Mary Katherine. How much did Aylward promise to pay you to blog over here? I'll double it and throw in a free date with Professor Chaos to seal the deal ;-)

I've only gotten bits and p... (Below threshold)
Lew Clark:

I've only gotten bits and pieces so far, but if what I'm hearing is correct, Roberts should be ashamed of himself. He's entered into a battle of wits, and he seems to be the only one armed.

I love that Roberts only us... (Below threshold)

I love that Roberts only used 6.5 minutes. It communicates that he has his own mind, that he won't be baited into saying too much and that he understands that efficient use of communication is more powerful than hot air.

While I am personally convicted to not be so verbose myself (totally would have taken the 15 minutes) I am sure these politicians won't know what to do with a skilled communicator like Roberts.






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