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Quote Of The Day - South Park Edition

"No dude, independent films are those black and white hippie movies. They're always about gay cowboys eating pudding."
Trey Parker and Matt Stone's foul-mouthed, pleasantly plump character Eric Cartman explains indie cinema to his fellow classmates. [Audio]

Ang Lee's gay cowboy film Brokeback Mountain won the coveted Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival. The film starts Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal as love-struck cowboys who have a 20-year affair. As the BBC describes it, "Lee beat off competition from 18 other films..."

h/t - The Jawa Report


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Comments (9)

Question is, where does Wiz... (Below threshold)

Question is, where does Wizbang file this thread? Category, that is...still pending.

After looking over available, current film titles from the past several years, I think it's reasonable to determine that the industry is predominantly suffering from the "too much gay and too many possessions" psychology of a straggling few among our population who are very captivated by their belief that they are way too trendy for the common man.

I read about the raves for the Keith Ledger performance in this film. From what was written, "audiences" were simply wild about his leather chaps.

Kind of a sad standard, when you think about it, although I do consider him to be substantially talented as an actor otherwise.

That'd be "possessions" as ... (Below threshold)

That'd be "possessions" as in monstrous evil things parasitically infesting otherwise human bodies. While the genre was focused on alien beings as the parasites, it worked but the trend of the last few years has been focused instead on entities of the evil kind as the parasites and is long worn thin. I think that there are a few in the pipeline (films, that is) that have combined the gay thing with acts of possession, which means we'll have really terrible films about degenerate zombies -- consider that carefully -- in another year or thereabouts. I read that they're formulating a remake of "Oh, God" starring Ellen Degeneres, so I think that'll do it: "The Exorcist Contests With Pretty Colors". Something equally monstrous, anyway.

John Milius needs to write ... (Below threshold)

John Milius needs to write and produce more features, is my suggestion to zap the downward spiral in the film industry. And adapt more John Clancy novels while he's at it.

Is there anything hotter th... (Below threshold)

Is there anything hotter than two good-looking straight men kissing? (Rhetorical question - the answer is, of course, no.)

"Lee beat off competition f... (Below threshold)
BC Monkey:

"Lee beat off competition from 18 other films..."

Truly unfortunate phrasing. It seems wit isn't quite dead at the Beeb yet.

And adapt more John Clan... (Below threshold)

And adapt more John Clancy novels while he's at it.

No, they're probably just ruin them, just like they did The Sum of All Fears. That was the one where they took the novel's Arab Moslem terrorists and turned them into Hollywood's favorite bad guys, Neo-Nazis. Dumbest characterization I've ever seen.
If I were Tom, I'd be angry.

If I were Tom, I'd be fucki... (Below threshold)

If I were Tom, I'd be fucking loaded.

During the voting process, ... (Below threshold)

During the voting process, the gay cowboys came from
behind to take the victory.
As the festival approached its conclusion, the gay
cowboys said, "Let's blow this joint."

Lizzie:2 extraordi... (Below threshold)


2 extraordinarily gorgeous straight women kissing.

And I saw this on Jawa's first, I laughed my ass off because I remember the episode.






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