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Roberts Confirmation Hearing Open

Confirmation hearings for the nomination of John G. Roberts, Jr., to be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States have begun. I'd like to welcome back Townhall's Mary Katharine Ham, who has agreed to be our special Supreme Court correspondent.

In the meantime you can find summaries of opening statements from the The Washington Post's Campaign for the Supreme Court blog, and live gavel to gavel video coverage there as well. (Registration required).


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Comments (5)

Damn. I missread that as "O... (Below threshold)

Damn. I missread that as "Oral to Oral Video" and hurt my finger clicking so fast....

<a href="http://wuzzadem.ty... (Below threshold)
why don't we just save ever... (Below threshold)

why don't we just save everyone a bunch of trouble and grandstanding. Just ask him if would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade and get it over with. That is all they Dems care about. Just ask it and vote.

You can't overturn somethin... (Below threshold)

You can't overturn something unless there is a court case that even REACHES the supreme court.

people act like roe vs wade is a law. It is NOT a law. It was a policy decision by the supreme court that struck down anti-abortion laws as unconstitutional.

Um... Henry... there IS an ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Um... Henry... there IS an abortion case scheduled to reach the Supreme Court this term. It's out of New Hampshire, so I've kept half (well, maybe a quarter) of an ear on it. It's about an NH law that parents must be informed 48 hours before a minor has an abortion.

The New Hampshire law pointedly does not include a so-called health exception, which allows parental notification to be waived when a delay would threaten the health of the pregnant minor. Instead notification can be waived only if an abortion is necessary immediately to prevent the pregnant teen's death and cannot wait for the two-day notification period to elapse.

Along with the standard of review for an abortion case, determining whether a parental notification statute must include a health exception is the second question that the Supreme Court has agreed to consider.

Little odd trivia: the "Ayotte" in "Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood of Northern New England" is our Attorney General, and she was the first state AG in history to take maternity leave. Wasn't intended, though; was was #2 and pregnant when her boss had to resign, became acting AG, and was later asked to stick around.

She's one of those odd ducks of AGs; actually worked her way up to it, not a buddy of the governor, like so many are/have been.







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