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Biden Forgets His Manners

Wow, Joe Biden kept it entertaining by outdoing even Kennedy for pomposity and self-righteousness.

He spent eight minutes guffawing at his own jokes before he even asked a question, and then kept cutting off Roberts' answers so that he could pose more questions within his allotted time. It should be clear to anyone listening that these guys aren't interested in posing questions that get answers. They're only interested in posing questions that paint Roberts as some kind of Neanderthal.

When their time starts to run out, they forgo the formality of letting Roberts answer and cut him off so they can ask more questions about why Roberts is such a Neanderthal.

Biden also tried to rake Roberts over the coals on a position he took on Title IX in 1982. The Reagan administration interpreted Congress' law one way and the Supreme Court agreed with the administration's position, which Roberts articulated. Once Roberts pointed out that Congress had written the law that way and the Supreme Court agreed that Roberts was right about its interpretation, Biden's criticism fell a little flat.

I'll update with some of the rudeness from the Biden transcript.


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Comments (15)

McCarthy anyone?... (Below threshold)

McCarthy anyone?

You are "spot on" with this... (Below threshold)

You are "spot on" with this one. Biden, since Roberts wanted to offer more than a "yes", "no", or grunt, couldn't get out the words fast enough to restrict response or elaboration. It was like an impatient, whiny kid who only wanted to hear himself speak since he knew daddy wasn't going to cave. The repeated fallback on time restraints was pretty pathetic. Further, Biden's snark, however "sophisticated" he tried to make it sound, was tangible. When Roberts handed him his derrier on a particular issue that was initially misinterpreted by Biden (who thought he had his homework done), he said that he would revisit the question in the next round of review. Ha! Mr. Prepared was no match.

I'm by no stretch of the imagination an expert on these hearings (this is my first to observe), but that round went to Roberts. Kennedy up next. Set the bloviation detector to high. Ugh.

The arrogance of Biden is s... (Below threshold)

The arrogance of Biden is stifling.
I have never seen anyone more self-important in the Senate in my life. I thought Kennedy was a bloviating blowhard, but Biden today has surpassed the Drunk.

Don't get me wrong, Biden has always been an idiot, but today he has shown his true useless self. To steal from Manuel Miranda:

"Joe Biden of Delaware. As I noted in a previous column, Mr. Biden has a lot to gain or lose from his role. He will ask Mr. Roberts about the commerce clause of the Constitution and be downright angry that the Supreme Court has dared to strike down some laws he has sponsored. Mr. Biden graduated near the bottom of his law school class, and he will show it in two ways: He will spend more time posing his questions than listening to the answers, and he will mention terms like "constitution in exile" as if he were a scholar."

Truer words were never spoken.

" Biden steps up to ... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

" Biden steps up to pose questions... Plays on Roberts' baseball analogy from yesterday. Says his analogy "is not very apt... Because you [Roberts] get to determine the strike zone."

I guess Biden is a dumbass about baseball, too, if he thinks the umpire doesn't determine the strike zone.

Roberts has more political ... (Below threshold)
Lew Clark:

Roberts has more political sense than I do, that is probably, among a few other things, why he is the nominee and not me. If it were me, I'd have made my opening statement and then asked to be excused while the Senators made their campaign speeches, because I had a lot of important things to do and already had their speeches on tape from the last election.

I thought Bush's mid-easter... (Below threshold)

I thought Bush's mid-eastern babbly-toning-pal conference was quite JARRING in the break until Biden -... well, let's face it ...I was prepared at any moment after about ten minutes, to suddenly see him jump down on all fours and start barking!

How ‘bout some irony from somebody
you might easily describe as “liberal” ?
Wathching today’s Tuesday Roberts hearing
Kudos for republicans !
[ Rasberry (sound) ] for (to) democrats !
The three standout senators of day one-round.
Specter Kennedy Biden

Specter ---- cool.
Kennedy ---- Uggh (Yicch.)
Biden ----- Bow. Bow wow wow
Arf Arf !
Thumbs up for Republicans !
Thumbs down for Democrats !
(And if you don’t think I qualify as describably “liberal”, just try me.)

Biden was way out of line. ... (Below threshold)

Biden was way out of line. The total and complete lack of respect he showed Roberts was sickening.

You imply that Biden had ma... (Below threshold)

You imply that Biden had manners to begin with. I have seen him lose his cool on many occasions. The man is an arrogant, pompous, self righteous soap box whore. Yes, he WAS way out of line, but we all have to agree...the liberals in general take these opportunities to grandstand...they have no interest in what the interviewee has to say anymore than Saddam cared about how the Kurds felt when he was summarily executing them. Liberals are only in politics for self proliferation and advancement and they really could care less about public interest or true justice...

Joe Biden is, and always ha... (Below threshold)

Joe Biden is, and always has been, a horse's ass.

Joe Biden is a horse's ass.... (Below threshold)
Ted Kennedy Stole Granny's Old Douchebag:

Joe Biden is a horse's ass. Somebody ougth to tell Joe that it doesn't how much he postures - he has as much chance of being President as Ray "The Cable Guy" Nagin does.

Did you guys here how Biden... (Below threshold)

Did you guys here how Biden got in trouble with the IRS? He tried to deduct the total cost of his hair plug treatments (over $5,000) as a medical expense.

Satirizing these hearings s... (Below threshold)

Satirizing these hearings should be red meat to The Daily Show. Do you think Jon Stewart can pull his head out of his ass and notice?

Did Joe make up his own mor... (Below threshold)

Did Joe make up his own moronic questions or did he plagarize them?

It stinks that I can't make... (Below threshold)

It stinks that I can't make a joke without misspelling it! I meant to say "plagiarize"

It stinks that I can't m... (Below threshold)

It stinks that I can't make a joke without misspelling it!








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