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And, The Gavel Falls

Specter just gavelled the hearings to a close for tonight. That's the end of questions for tonight, but I think there may be some more in the morning from Dems. The Republicans will not do a third round of questioning.

After that, witnesses, which are listed here. The witness list consists of six panels of 3-5 witnesses. My take on the next step of the process? Man, that sounds like a frickin' lot of witnesses.

Tim says it's looking like the committee will vote on Roberts on Thursday Sept. 22.

Schumer got a lot angrier today, from what I saw, which was to be expected. I was actually surprised by how level-headed he was yesterday. He closed strongly by managing to insult John Roberts. He was addressing a memo Roberts wrote about 20 years ago in which he said William Rehnquist's attempt to revolutionize the Court's approach to (I think it was the Commerce Clause? I'll check) was not misguided, even though Rehnquist couldn't get the majority. He also called the opposition's argument based on stare decisis "lame."

Schumer asked how that fit with Roberts' calls for a "modest" judiciary. He asked if perhaps judicial modesty was just code for relying on precedent when he wanted to and ignoring it when he felt like revolutionizing one part of the law.

Roberts (paraphrased): "What you've just implied would be a grievous insult to any judge-- that he would rely on precedent only when it matched his personal feelings and discard it when he felt like changing law. That is not the role of judges, and and that's not how I approach judging."

That was as adamant as I've seen Roberts get, and a nice note to end on. His entire answer was stellar, as usual.

In related news, Michelle Malkin is looking at the SCOTUS implications of the Pledge of Allegiance being ruled unconstitutional today.

Geez, if I had read John Hawkins' predictions about the hearings, I wouldn't have had to watch all this. Come on, John, e-mail a sister.

PowerLine looks at Roberts' testimony in that lawyerly way of which I am incapable.

And, Roberts revealed his favorite movies today: "North By Northwest" and "Dr. Zhivago"

As for me, I've gotta run. I've got a shift on the Rovian Weather Machine that produced Ophelia to distract from Roberts' stonewalling.


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Comments (9)

I'm pretty sure the memo in... (Below threshold)

I'm pretty sure the memo in question was in regards to the establishment clause. Not that it matters, Shumer still looked like an ass.

As for me, I've gotta ru... (Below threshold)

As for me, I've gotta run. I've got a shift on the Rovian Weather Machine that produced Ophelia to distract from Roberts' stonewalling.

That reminds me, I'm supposed to be working on the Rovian Volcano Machine under Mount Ranier......

I made a <a href="http://se... (Below threshold)

I made a comic strip out of it.

"Dr. Zhivago" is one of my ... (Below threshold)

"Dr. Zhivago" is one of my favorite movies, too. Swell.

Are you sure you aren't sup... (Below threshold)

Are you sure you aren't supposed to be working on the Fake Rapture Project so KR can set GWB up as the Antichrist?

Hey, waitaminnit. How long ... (Below threshold)

Hey, waitaminnit. How long has Mary Katherine Ham been blogging on Wizbang? Did I miss that?

Regarding today’s Senate he... (Below threshold)
Bat One:

Regarding today’s Senate hearings on the Roberts nomination, one commenter, Jon Burrows, at Scotus Blog had this to say,

After watching this Senatorial Tour De Force, anyone thinking about restarting the term limits crusade, now's the time.
I think she's taking over t... (Below threshold)

I think she's taking over temporarily for paul (remember a few posts ago)

In the meantime, I hope Ophelia blows over soon and gets it over with. I'm flying to Norfolk, Virginia Sunday for my employment with Military Sealift Command and I hope it doesn't screw me over.

09-15-05Subject: ... (Below threshold)
Tony Valeri:


Subject: The Destroyers of America Among Us

The A: Anti- C: Christian L: Libertine U: Union supports, through their insidious and constant barrage of libertine and politically correct lawsuits, a deterioration of a moral culture, based on 5000 years of Judeo-Christian history.

The A C L U s pro-stance on Gay Marriage, Sodomy, Child Molestation, Pornography, the abolishment of the Death Penalty, Abortion (also known as Murder), Terrorist s Civil Rights, U.S. Military Bashing, Boy Scout Boycott and Socialist Government Policies is breaking down the moral fiber of America.

One of the formost and General Council former member of the A C L U, appointed by another moral reject named Bill Clinton to the U.S. Supreme Court, named Ruth Bater Ginsburg, over 12 years ago, has been instrumental in causing this massive cultural upheaval in America.

President George W. Bush, with the help of the U.S. Senate, now has the opportunity to reverse this disastrous road to ruin. John Roberts nomination to the Supreme Court is a start. May the President s second nomination be as good, or better, in helping to turn America back on to the right road of moral clarity, self-sufficiency and national strength.

Tony Valeri, Eugene, OR Telephone: 541 607-6305 ([email protected])






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