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Blanco Can't Have It Both Ways

In my post below about Kathleen Blanco not calling in Federal troop for days after the storm, Gary over at Rightpundit catches me sleeping.

The second, and most significant point that even the ever insightful Paul missed, is Governor Blanco's statement about not wanting federal troops in New Orleans because they would arrest looters disproves her spin that she thought she was asking for troops when she asked President Bush for everything he had. She can't have it both ways.

ABSOLUTELY! Not only is she incompetent and a liar, but Gary proves she's an incompetent liar.


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Comments (19)

Ok, I'll get it started...<... (Below threshold)

Ok, I'll get it started...

It's Bush's fault!!
It's FEMA's fault!!
Nagin's not a true Democrat!!

Paul, by your own estimatio... (Below threshold)
Lars Gruber:

Paul, by your own estimation, Blanco is therefore qualified for the Bush administration.

Bok Bok, Chicken Hawk

And I'll continue it.... (Below threshold)

And I'll continue it.

Chimpymcbushhitler and Darth Rove used their secret weather machine to devistate the Gulf so Halliburton can make $$$ cleaning up!

Oh, and shimmy something about Kyoto in there, too.

Not only did Blanco hesitat... (Below threshold)
Lars Gruber:

Not only did Blanco hesitate...

...but she also defunded the levee repair and sent away 1/2 the National Guard, both in support of a doomed war for oil.

Then she ran up the deficit, tanked the economy, gave away the environment to business interests, appointed a noted horse expert for head FEMA, ignored 911 attackers to go on a jihad against porn, squandered the international goodwill & sympathy from 911, and suckered the Useful-Fascists with a jesus smiley face sticker!

Did the buck stop? or just slow down a bit?

Paul - Where do these fucks... (Below threshold)

Paul - Where do these fucks come from?! I know what they are going to say and they still make me want to stab myself, repeatedly, just to make my brain quit hurting.

Bok, bok, chickenhawk ? That is what passes for discourse these days.

Hey now, watch it, bub. You... (Below threshold)

Hey now, watch it, bub. You are insulting all us incompetent liars out there. She is not incompetent at lying, which means no one believes her lies, but rather a lying incompetent. Subtle difference but important to us truly incompetent liars

don s, your killing me. ;-... (Below threshold)

don s, your killing me. ;-)

Now your picking on us incompetents! Lying or not, we represent a significant portion of the citizens of this great nation and we deserve some respect!


Rent Bent Incompetent

Oh phew -- I was wondering ... (Below threshold)

Oh phew -- I was wondering where all the moonbats had gone on this issue yesterday...now I know they've been to a retreat or something to improve upon their articulation.

Lars "Goober"" she also def... (Below threshold)

Lars "Goober"" she also defunded the levee repair and sent away 1/2 the National Guard, both in support of a doomed war for oil."Well not quite, she had her cronies stole the money for levee and flood control. And (cover your ears Lars here comes a fact) Blanco had 70% of her Guard in State when Katrina hit. more tah n enough to send in and begin rescue and security ops.

And BTW, How much Iraqi oil does your car have in it's tank at the moment?

You will also note I took the liberty of correctly spelling your given name. Goober,
I truely hope you don't mind but it's obvious you must be related, "Goober says hey."

I think the Governor Blanco... (Below threshold)

I think the Governor Blanco and the may or New Orleans should be hung up by their toenails and rot away. Anyone who votes for either should be shot.


actually, blanco's administ... (Below threshold)

actually, blanco's administration DID defund the levee repair.

it was the orleans district levee board that screwed over the levees by often using their funds to fund other projects. If you want links, I'll provide them later, but i'm too lazy to look now.

Blanco did everything she c... (Below threshold)

Blanco did everything she could to get Federal help:


As usual Steve J. you did n... (Below threshold)

As usual Steve J. you did not read the document.

"In response to the Governor's requests, it appears that the President did take the steps necessary to trigger availability of Stafford Act emergency assistance and disaster assistance, by declaring first a state of emergency and later a major disaster and authorizing specific Stafford Act assistance to be made available to the State of Louisiana to respond to the effects of the hurricane."

Also, as usual you do not understand the point being made. No one is arguing whether she made a request for disaster assistance or when she made that request.

The point is that TWO types of assistance were at issue. Disaster assistance and Law Enforcement Assistance. Each requires a separate request.

Governor Blanco needed to make a SEPARATE additional request for federal troops. See page 3 section C Utilization of DOD Resources. It says in the immediate aftermath of a disaster the Governor may request DOD assistance. Not before but after the disaster.

That second request is required due to the Posse Commitatus Act. Such a request was necessary because following the failure of the levees law and order had broken down, mass looting and violence had erupted and the police fled. This interfered and even halted rescue operations until the security situation was resolved.

The President could not send in federal troops to stop the violence and act as cops without a specific written request from the governor and she refused to give it.

In addition, her initial request requires her to be specific about her requirements for Federal Assistance and it does not stipulate the need for Federal Troops for law enforcement. Her saying on the phone "send me everything you got" doesn't qualify.

Amen!... (Below threshold)


Eric,Democrats and... (Below threshold)


Democrats and other LLL's never took Civics classes so they have no knowledge of how the government or the Constitution work.

Increasingly the Democrats and their LLL buddies are reminding me of a bunch of spoiled 5 year old brats throwing a temper tantrum. I do one of two things when confronted with a pouting, screeching, lower-lip-stuck-out, foot stomping brats. One is I ignore them. If they are creating a danger to themselves or others while throwing their tantrum I spank 'em then cart them off to their rooms where they will stay until they can behave. Will remove any "entertainment" items like toys, TV/radio and anything they might wreck or throw. Make it quite clear to them that if they want dinner they will have to behave, the slightest misbehavior gets them sent right back to their room.

The point is that TWO ty... (Below threshold)

The point is that TWO types of assistance were at issue. Disaster assistance and Law Enforcement Assistance. Each requires a separate request.

Food, water and medicine were the MAIN problems.

"Food, water and medicine w... (Below threshold)

"Food, water and medicine were the MAIN problems"

I agree. But the breakdown in order interfered with the rescue efforts and the distribution of food, water and medicine. So before that could be accomplished, peace and order needed to be established. The Governor did a horrible job of managing that. When the President offered to take that job off her hands she said, "let me think about it for 24 hrs." Meanwhile, lawlessness and chaos ruled during that 24 hrs. How many people died while the Governor tried to make up her mind?

But the breakdown in ord... (Below threshold)

But the breakdown in order interfered with the rescue efforts and the distribution of food, water and medicine. So before that could be accomplished, peace and order needed to be established.

According to Gen. Honore, this problem was greatly exaggerated:


Honoré also says help should have come sooner. First responders hesitated, he says, because they were "afraid of big crowds of poor people." It was a case of "people believing the movie." But the city was not out of control, he concluded after delivering food and seeing the streets for himsel

I've been impressed with th... (Below threshold)

I've been impressed with this guy from the beginning.

But if the threat was exageratted does that mean that crisis was exageratted? No I don't think so, but is this a case where media hype became the reality? If it was a case of "people believing the movie", who produced the movie? The media, that's who. What else did the media distort?

Also an interesting quote:
"The office had conducted a study of what New Orleans should do after a direct hit by a massive hurricane. It concluded, says Honoré, that "there would be a lot of water" but never took into account levees bursting. "

Isn't that exactly the same thing Bush said?






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