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Mel Brooks: History of New Orleans Part 1

I'm sure for many of you, understanding how the situation in New Orleans could be this screwed up must be hard to grasp. I can't blame you, it is bizarre.

Simply put, it's the people we elect. Marie Antoinette could take lessons. It might not mean much to people outside New Orleans, but this story from the Political Teen perfectly captures political life in New Orleans.

Watch the whole video.(to the very end) And as you do, repeat to yourself... "It's good to be the king." "It's good to be the king."

Whatever you do.... Don't miss the last 15-20 seconds. That just says all there is to say about life in New Orleans.

"It's good to be the king." "It's good to be the king." ...


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Comments (18)

When I first heard this sto... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

When I first heard this story, alas, I wasn't surprised. This seems to be the norm for many politicians these days.

Also, there is NO doubt that the materials in the suitcases, laptop, and box were directly related to the criminal probe. He was worried that federal officials would beat him there and find his stach.

Wait... Jefferson set up a ... (Below threshold)

Wait... Jefferson set up a trust fund for his legal defense in the aftermath of Katrina while thousands of people have had everything they own destroyed?


Could you just imagi... (Below threshold)

Could you just imagine if this was a Republican, like, say, Tom Delay?

You would see a media blitz the likes of which you'd never had witness..

Did I understand Jefferson ... (Below threshold)

Did I understand Jefferson right? Did he say that the National Guard men went down the street to look for people to rescue and that he waited for them to return? Is that what he said??? If that's true, how the hell did they go since their truck was stuck from waiting on him? He waited for them to return???

This is exactly what has been wrong with new orleans and louisiana politics.

Taxpayers will get the bill... (Below threshold)

Taxpayers will get the bill for damaging the lawn, breaking windows, etc. It will be tens of thousands and be paid without inspection.

And why not - isn't he a victim of the storm too?

OH, but didn't you know, si... (Below threshold)

OH, but didn't you know, since he was elected, he is granted those "rights" by the peasants, oops, people in his state. How very SAD that a UNITED STATES CONGRESSMAN would MIS-USE military assets to do this. Even IF it was "innocent" HE SHOULDN'T HAVE DONE IT! If he has nothing to hide, he could have requested to do this another way, maybe the FBI could drive him so he can SHOW THEM he is not hiding anything, but that would be a violation of his "right to privacy", wouldn't it. Only thing I would ask, since so many people have now fled NO and other parts of LA, how will this affect next years mid-term election?

>Wait... Jefferson set up a... (Below threshold)

>Wait... Jefferson set up a trust fund for his legal defense in the aftermath of Katrina while thousands of people have had everything they own destroyed?


Is this guy a piece of work or what? And he runs basically unopposed because he wins with 80% of the votes. It's good to be the king.

It reminded me of Mel Brook... (Below threshold)
Mrs. Davis:

It reminded me of Mel Brooks too, but Blazing Saddles:

Governor Le Petomane is incensed: "We've gotta protect our phoney-baloney jobs, gentlemen, we must do something about this immediately!"

I think Mel really understood it's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, even though he had nothing to do with it.

For what it's worth, Willia... (Below threshold)

For what it's worth, William Jefferson is one of the Louisiana delegation that, although nominally Democratic, votes Republican frequently.

[Paul had to edit this abject stupidity. Clearly this commenter is insane. The spin is that any Dems who Fucked up... and let's review it was all of them, "Well, they vote like Republicans anyway."

Bill Jefferson probably votes in the Dem party line in the high 90% -HIGH 90%. Anyone who says he votes like a republican is simply lying. I was going to delete this but instead I'll leave this comment (edited of course) to show how the average liberal works. When truth gets in your way just invent a lie. Life is so simple that way.]

I wondered if he took anyth... (Below threshold)
Lew Clark:

I wondered if he took anything he wasn't supposed to also, so I called someone in the Democrat Party that knows about such things, and Sandy Burger assured me that he did not.

I'm looking forward to the ... (Below threshold)

I'm looking forward to the reports on how many "personal" government helicopter rides Trent Lott took in the past 2 weeks. I know for a fact it was more than 5.

Honestly, don't you think the real interesting scandals are going to be around how the $60 billion gets spent? A whole new generation of investgative reporters will cut their teeth on this one.

"Black Elites Behaving Badl... (Below threshold)

"Black Elites Behaving Badly"

Subj: Donna Brazille on CNN;s Situation Room brags Blanco got her whole family out - (Tale told on 9/6/05 see my email below)

Captain's Quarters:
September 13, 2005
LA Congressman Hires Starving Guardsman Movers
While thouands of New Orleans residents waited for rescue from Hurricane Katrina's devastation and the rising flood waters from the levee breaks, a Louisiana Congressman tied up National Guard resources for over an hour so he could retrieve his belongings from his house in the beleaguered city. ABC News reports tonight that Guardsman tell them of the use of their time and resources on September 2nd to work as personal movers for Rep. William Jefferson (via The Anchoress and CQ reader Alicia G):

.Be nice to add this to the Wm Jefferson story- shame Brazille not Clinton Mgr
headlines: Wm Jefferson, Clinton Mgr -----Gore-- not same ring.

Hope video still accessable.
(SITUATION ROOM OF 9/6/05 -my email sent after midnight)

Subj: Donna Brazille on CNN;s Situation Room brags Blanco got her whole family out
Date: 9/7/05 1:23:46 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Greerwynn

I hope someone has already picked this up.
She is native of LA and began her story that her sister, who is in personal
care facility was said to have refused to leave.

She went into where other members of the family were scattered.

But, it is the Brazille way that they all either went together or none would leave.

OK. She then became very joyful that the Governor arranged to have the individual family members picked up, in addition to the sister and got them all together to evacuate.

She was speaking as if Blanco were Mother Teresa. That this showed what
a great lady and governor she is. You can envision Wolfless's smiling glow
hearing such a lovely tale .....

.......... skimming Gateway Pundit re Jessie Jackson
I see the "foreigners to front of line" item and I hope that someone has already
reported on this show of hubris. (BY BRAZILLE AND BLITZER)

All these state employees out gathering up members of the selfish, think
"we should get special treatment" family.

CNN has been running several mother's looking for their children or babies.

Wonder how many people the Gov musters each time she sees one of these
sad stories?

Of course that Black Women was not a Gore campaign manager.

Can you imagine what would be made of this is it was Karl Rove trying to have
his family rounded up to all leave together - or they are staying.


Snips from post: GatewayPundit of Sept 7, 2005:
It is interesting how Jesse puts all of this on President Bush and his administration and gives Mayor Nagin a pass (see Hugh Hewitt today).* It was Mayor Nagin who appeared not to have a plan or to follow one. Does this make the black mayor racist?

* Because the mayor let foreigners go to the front of the line and evacutate from the city before the locals; does this make the mayor racist?


[email protected] Jack... (Below threshold)


@ Jack

"I'm looking forward to the reports on how many "personal" government helicopter rides Trent Lott took in the past 2 weeks. I know for a fact it was more than 5."

Really? Did Lott use a helicopter to get his luggage?

The issue isn't the ride, it's expected that politicians will do stuff like riding around a devastated area to show they care. What is rather unexpected is the hour-long stopover to pick up baggage. And having the enlisted men load it for him is a nice touch too.

BTW I watched a couple interviews on CNN with the esteemed Representative. Aaron Brown let him say that he "only took a couple minutes" and insinuate that it was the truck getting stuck that took the hour.

*shrug* CNN, at least they're consistent.

Hmmmm.Oh and evide... (Below threshold)


Oh and evidently this whole "load my luggage boy" thing happened at night.

No offense to anyone but consider that these LANG troops had to work all day, then cart this fool of a politician around at night and then pick up, and load, his luggage.

It's the laptop that the FB... (Below threshold)

It's the laptop that the FBI missed that interests me.

What you mean the people WE... (Below threshold)

What you mean the people WE elect, kemosabe? This is NO's screw-up, plain and simple.

But there is one great piece of news about Katrina. When we as tazpayers get through throwing hundreds of billions of dollars at NO, they'll have no crime, an education system that is the envy of the world, a flood-control system that is state of the art and bound to protect the city for 10,000 years, and a dedicated, responsible and responsive group of elected officals who see themselves only as stewards of the publics property.

I mean, we've been told for years that all NO's (and ny other failed big city's) problems were caused by poverty (certainly not the other way around!), right? Well, I for one am happy that NO will be that shining city on a, er, in a hole.

Or will NO still be safe only in about 20 square blocks, riddled with xcorruption, and its schools still be virtual garbage dumps? I predcit the investigations into where all the money went should be starting up about 36 moinths from now.

From <a href="http://undert... (Below threshold)

From http://underthenews.blogspot.com ...

Perhaps you have wondered, like me, why New Orleans' newspaper is the Times-Picayune ... especially since the word picayune means "of little importance or value." Or maybe you haven't.

But, frankly, if I worked for a newspaper whose flag declared boldly it had little importance or value, I'd want to investigate further. So I went in search of an answer, and here's what I found, courtesy of word-maven Michael Quinion:

"An odd name for a newspaper, you may feel. But when its precursor, the New Orleans Picayune, began life on 25 January 1837, the main sense of the word was that of a small coin. It was at first applied in Florida and Louisiana to the Spanish half-real, worth just over six cents; in the early nineteenth century it was transferred to the US five-cent piece. The proprietors of the new newspaper gave it that name because that’s what a copy cost.

"The Beeville Bee-Picayune in Texas took its name from the New Orleans newspaper more than a century ago as a sort of homage. Could this be true also of other journals that include the word in their titles? The town of Picayune, Mississippi, was given its name by Eliza Jane Poitevent Nicholson, the owner and publisher of the New Orleans Daily Picayune, who grew up in nearby Pearlington.

"Scholars are less than totally certain about where the word came from, though the immediate origin is the French picaillon for an old copper coin of Savoy (in modern French, picaillons is a slangy term for money). In turn that derived from Provençal picaioun. Here the trail peters out, but that might have been taken from Italian piccolo, little or small, or more probably from Provençal piquar, to clink or sound."

I was really wishing someon... (Below threshold)

I was really wishing someone would find that segment of the Sept 6th "Stituation Room"

Brazille is so smug and she and Wolfless deserve
a real come-uppence.

"Black Elites Behaving Badly" needs this segment.

If we want to remind the black voters that judging
candiates by the color of their skin is not very bright.






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