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Britney Dubs New Offspring PMS Federline

On the occasion of the birth of Cletus Federline-Spears Junior it seemed like an opportune time to bring back A photo we retired in April.

LOS ANGELES (New York Daily News)- Pop princess Britney Spears popped out a baby boy yesterday, according to a magazine report.

The belly-baring 23-year-old singer delivered her first child by Caesarean section around 1 p.m. yesterday at UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica, Calif., Us Weekly said.

"I'm gonna be a hot mom," Spears recently declared, hinting she'll still wear halter tops and Daisy Dukes when she's pushing the tot's carriage.

The singer's backup dancer husband, Kevin Federline, 27, reportedly was by her side when the newborn - expected to be named Preston Michael Spears Federline - made his debut.

Since 'ol KF has a pretty poor record as a "baby daddy," we expect that he'll be back to being an unemployed backup dancer in no time.

Of course we'll keep you posted...


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Comments (22)

From what I hear in Los Ang... (Below threshold)

From what I hear in Los Angeles, it appears as if Britney didn't have a baby boy at all -- but instead she has faked the entire birthing process with expensive movie-magic-esque faux pregnant belly acoutraments and has just adopted another one of Federline's illegitimate children.

Take it for what it is, a rumor - but I think we know where the truth lies.

I read somewhere last night... (Below threshold)

I read somewhere last night that having a c-section meant this is the first boy the popslut wouldn't spread her legs for.

Seeing that picture again r... (Below threshold)

Seeing that picture again reminds me of that line from Desperate Housewives... only amended to fit the situation:

Discussion of awkward moments at the dinner table - "Well, Cletus here cries after he ejaculates"

And after seeing that photo, is there any man who wouldn't cry if they had sex with her... just sayin'.

Hey, the kid is lucky, it's... (Below threshold)
Lew Cark:

Hey, the kid is lucky, it's a lot better to grow up trailer trash with lots of money than being poor trailer trash.
Look at Ted Kennedy.

More corruption in the gene... (Below threshold)

More corruption in the gene pool...

Bullwinkle, that was just w... (Below threshold)

Bullwinkle, that was just wrong. Wrong I say!

Hey, I didn't think come up... (Below threshold)

Hey, I didn't think come up with it, I just wish I had.

It looks like she's passing... (Below threshold)

It looks like she's passing a stone the size and shape of an oyster shell.

I know this is slightly OT,... (Below threshold)

I know this is slightly OT, but we are talkin' 'bout SEElebrities.

Just heard that Gwyneth Paltrow doesn't want to live in the U.S. anymore.

Dear Gwyn,
Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

The belly-baring 23-year... (Below threshold)

The belly-baring 23-year-old singer delivered her first child by Caesarean section

Makes me wonder how tightly they had to restrain her before they cut that belly.

Where did you get the pic o... (Below threshold)

Where did you get the pic of Tammy Faye Baker???

Oh Flog,They do th... (Below threshold)

Oh Flog,

They do the C Section before the last 3 weeks to avoid the majority of stretch marks. Its the new Hollywood "thing"
She was actually preserving her belly at the peril of the child.

The surgeon can do a "bikin... (Below threshold)

The surgeon can do a "bikini-cut" for the C-section. A horizontal incision not visible when wearing low-cut jeans or bikini bottoms.

susan makes a good point which leads to the question: how many weeks gestation was the baby? I thought it strange that I couldn't find a birthweight for the baby. Makes me think the boy was indeed 36 weeks or so gestation.

No birth weight announcment... (Below threshold)

No birth weight announcment strikes me as funny.

Rumor has it she likes the name "London Preston".


You all are saying horrible... (Below threshold)

You all are saying horrible things. I am happy for the Federline's! It doesn't matter what they do, they can't please everyone! Be happy for them because they deserve it!

Someone else suggested a C-... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Someone else suggested a C-section was required as the normal birth canal was being "used" at the time. Please remember I did not say that.

Britney...now, officially a... (Below threshold)

Britney...now, officially a MILF.

MILF? Not even with a rente... (Below threshold)

MILF? Not even with a rented uhhh, Federline, yeah that's it.

She's still a slut.... (Below threshold)

She's still a slut.

At least she gave the baby ... (Below threshold)

At least she gave the baby a real name, instead of Apple or something equally stupid.

P.M.S. Federline.T... (Below threshold)

P.M.S. Federline.

That kid's going to grow up hating them both.


I was hoping for baby Cletu... (Below threshold)

I was hoping for baby Cletus.






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