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President Bush Addresses The Nation On Hurricane Katrina


The full text of the President's address is available from the White House, via AP.


Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to summarize the speech in one sentence. Enter via comment or trackback. A selection of the best entries will be highlighted below.


  • ReidBlog: "Sorry Black people... want some cash?"
  • Reaganite: "Good people of America... be ready... to open your wallet because my FDR/LBJ side is coming out!"
  • Norm: "Smart folks should buy some Haliburton stock now..."


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Comments (39)

We are going to spend a tri... (Below threshold)

We are going to spend a trillion dollars on this mess

Good people of America... b... (Below threshold)

Good people of America... be ready... to open your wallet because my FDR/LBJ side is coming out!

Reaganite wins the contest.... (Below threshold)

Reaganite wins the contest.

I'll see you at Mardis Gras... (Below threshold)

I'll see you at Mardis Gras, 2006!

unsubscribe/wizbang.... (Below threshold)
wally wally:


The Gulf coast, especially ... (Below threshold)

The Gulf coast, especially New Orleans, is uniquely American, and we MUST rebuild it as Americans always have; so let’s all work together and make it even better than it ever was before.

OT - new development re Abl... (Below threshold)

OT - new development re Able Danger: WND article, 9/15/05:

"An employee of the Defense Department says he was ordered to destroy documents identifying Mohamed Atta as a terrorist two years before the 2001 attacks on the U.S., Rep. Curt Weldon, R-Pa., announced today."

"According to the congressman, the employee is set to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee next week and will name the person who ordered the documents destroyed."

[Bolding added] - and I wonder who that could be.

Money; Federal money; Comp... (Below threshold)

Money; Federal money; Compassionate conservatism means spending money; don't worry, it's "federal" money -- not yours.

Is that one sentence?

Bush is transmogrified into... (Below threshold)

Bush is transmogrified into LBJ right before our eyes -- guns and butter, no fiscal restraint, not a single sacrifice asked of the American people.

"And I promise you, the peo... (Below threshold)

"And I promise you, the people of New orleans, that I will loot the pockets of the American people to rebuild the walls higher, wider, and stronger, irregardless of the complexocity of the successery of the plan."

Smart folks should buy some... (Below threshold)

Smart folks should buy some Haliburton stock now...

The soft blue wash was a ni... (Below threshold)

The soft blue wash was a nice touch. (sorry just had to throw that in)

We are going to pay for tra... (Below threshold)

We are going to pay for travel for families to reunited?

That's a pretty broad sweeping statement. I want to know how so many parents were seperated from their children. I saw a number of 2700 children missing parents this morning. How the heck do you lose a kid?

My bet is most of them we living with their Auntie not their parents.

Rebuild New Orleans ... (Below threshold)
Ethan Rudd:

Rebuild New Orleans before the evacuees fill Houston and turn Texas into a blue state!

No. the bush twins will not... (Below threshold)

No. the bush twins will not be on the next "girls gone wild: hurricane Katrina. Stop asking.

I hear you and feel your pa... (Below threshold)

I hear you and feel your pain, Ok it`s my fault. Are you fucking happy Teddy?

I'll be adding select summa... (Below threshold)

I'll be adding select summaries to the post in the morning. Keep 'em coming...

Successery! Good one JimK.... (Below threshold)

Successery! Good one JimK. ;)

I want that on a poster of an soaring eagle in my office.

I spent a trillion dollars ... (Below threshold)

I spent a trillion dollars and all I got were these lousy Mardi Gras beads.

I'm not really the presiden... (Below threshold)

I'm not really the president but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last naight!

The Federal Government will... (Below threshold)

The Federal Government will not stand in the way during the reconstruction...like we did during the destruction.

The Federal Government will... (Below threshold)

The Federal Government will not stand in the way during the reconstruction...like we did during the destruction.

Not a fan of the spending... (Below threshold)
mark m:

Not a fan of the spending at all...but nobody called to ask my opinion....BUT....did anybody see the interview afterwards on ABC???. It was set in the Superdome Parking lot....well, I think this link has the video. It wasn't the train wreck I thought it would be.


"Hey, how'd you like the Gu... (Below threshold)
Rachel Edith:

"Hey, how'd you like the Gulf's Shock And Awe? The fun's over. Now it's time for less Shock and more Awwwwwww.""

Since self-reliance is a th... (Below threshold)

Since self-reliance is a thing of the past, Uncle George is going to take care of you.

"I'm going to spend so much... (Below threshold)

"I'm going to spend so much money that even the Democrats will be happy and STFU once"

Don't blame me...I was havi... (Below threshold)

Don't blame me...I was having a Ted Kennedy moment when those levees broke!

We must stay the course and... (Below threshold)

We must stay the course and spend whatever it takes to rebuild what has been destroyed in order to honor the memory of those who have died.... crap, that's my Iraq speech... ooh, I hope I didn't just offer to rebuild New Orleans, hey, can I get me a bathroom break...

Doug or Reganite win!... (Below threshold)

Doug or Reganite win!

This guys spends money like there's no tomorrow, and never gives a thought about cutting spending to pay for it. I thought the country elected a Republican.

"Blow me John Birch!"... (Below threshold)
Jim Hines:

"Blow me John Birch!"

Billions and billions of do... (Below threshold)

Billions and billions of dollars.

You've been poor your whole... (Below threshold)

You've been poor your whole life because you're black, here's some money to start a business.

Enjoy the electricity while... (Below threshold)

Enjoy the electricity while you can, it's gone once I'm out of here.

"As a nation we're too stup... (Below threshold)

"As a nation we're too stupid to figure out that a city below sea level and in hurricane alley has no business being rebuilt."

See: Discussions on alternatives to rebuilding New Orleans

You thought we learned some... (Below threshold)

You thought we learned something from this disaster? HAH! Bend over, taxpayers, here it comes again.

Porkopolis,Just li... (Below threshold)


Just like L.A., Northridge, and San Fran should never have been rebuild on the San Andreas fault line, right?

Cybrludite:I would... (Below threshold)


I would not have rebuilt the examples you noted at the taxpayers' expense. If individuals/private enterprise want to take on that risk, by all means.

Would you be apposed to a national referendum on the question after the pros/cons were discussed?

Sorry...meant opposed</b... (Below threshold)

Sorry...meant opposed instead of apposed

Decoding Bush's speech....D... (Below threshold)

Decoding Bush's speech....Due to his inability to say the truth, he decided to encode all the truth in his speech.

"We need to cut the budget(children, those poor old folks, and Iraq veterans) to help fund the rebuild of the gulf coast(my oil rigs offshore and my refineries). I affirm that I will not increase the tax (of course not, my friends at Halbriton and Cheney will kill me.) Michael Brown has been doing a heck of a job. (Thanks Mikey for taking the role of escape goat for me, I will remember your proof of loyalty, let's get him on board of Halbriton). I take full responsibility for the slooowww response from the federal government.(meaning don't blame me, I am just a politician, man!!)"






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