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Bad day for incompetent criminals

Three stories in the news reinforced my long-held belief that crime, as a general rule, just doesn't pay.

In Rochester, New Hampshire, a local dirtbag had reportedly been trying to break into neighbor's homes for some time now. Over the weekend he decided to ignore one neighbor's "Gun Control Means Using Both Hands" bumper sticker and climbed in the guy's window. He left the house a while later, zipped into a body bag.

In Lynn, Massachusetts, a guy abducted a 13-year-old girl in his car. But he spotted some buddies of his on the way to commit whatever vile actions he had planned, and hopped out to chat with them. The gutsy kid noticed he'd left the keys in the ignition, so she took off in his car and drove herself home. The police were called, tracked down the car's owner, and arrested him.

And in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, a guy got cut off by a high school football player. Overwhelmed by road rage, he chased the kid all the way home. And when the kid got out of his truck and ran for his house, he hit him with his car, knocking him up on to his hood. After landing on his feet, the six-feet-tall, 300-pound athlete punched the guy twice in the head, knocking him unconscious. He later died.

I hope the kidnaper in the second case gets a nice, long jail term. And in the other two cases, there should be no charges. The guilty parties have already been punished.

(McGehee has his own take on the New Jersey story, which is where I first heard of it.)


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Comments (9)

Well, yeah-ahh!~;-... (Below threshold)

Well, yeah-ahh!


That is "yeah-ahh," not "yeeehaw."

That's one of the advantage... (Below threshold)

That's one of the advantages of living a 10 minute boat ride from 1000'+ deep water and owning a fast boat, no paperwork when one of these unpleasant incidents pops up. I hope the kid not only gets cleared of this, I hope he gets an award.

Hmmmm.The guy in t... (Below threshold)


The guy in the last story might not get prosecuted, but whether or not he broke the law is a bit of a gray area for me. The general rule is that you can only use force to defend your life and if escape is impossible. If there's any chance of escape, then you are required, here in NJ, to use that chance and try to escape.

It really depends on the local prosecutor. I'm sure there will be a civil suit though, this being NJ of course, so this will drag out for some time.

Well, as for force/getting ... (Below threshold)

Well, as for force/getting away...they man was in a car, the boy, already hit once, was a 300lb'er on foot. Not gonna be a long chase, in that case.

I am conflicted about that one. No, he didn't take a crow bar an beat the man, but a human (for whatever his faults) died.

Unfortunately story 2 takes... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately story 2 takes place in Mass. The girl will be cited for grand theft auto and driving without a license. The kidnapper will probably be forced to recieve training from how to properly dispose of unwanted girls by Senator Kennedy.

who knows what stupidid lie... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

who knows what stupidid lies in the hearts of idiot crinimals the plover knows squark squark squark

I have no doubt New Jersey ... (Below threshold)

I have no doubt New Jersey law sees it differently, but as far as I'm concerned the kid didn't do a damn thing wrong. He may have saved somebody else from getting run down by that maniac.

"but a human (for whatever ... (Below threshold)

"but a human (for whatever his faults) died."

I'd say, that is a matter of some dispute.


The use of force rule about... (Below threshold)

The use of force rule about retreating is usually applied to the use of DEADLY force, not one's bare hands -- and I think the guy can handily argue that, having been pursued onto his own lawn by a man bent on killing him with 2000 pounds of steel, he was JUSTIFIED in using REASONABLE FORCE to stop the man from trying again.






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