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Katrina Victims Surprise ABC News

ABC News reporter Dean Reynolds gathered reactions to President Bush's speech last night in the parking lot of the Houston Astrodome. What Reynolds obviously wasn't prepared for was the answers to his leading questions that these black evacuees from New Orleans gave him.

This exchange was typical of the segment:

Reynolds: "Did you harbor any anger toward the President because of the slow federal response?"

London: "No, none whatsoever, because I feel like our city and our state government should have been there before the federal government was called in. They should have been on their jobs."

Reynolds: "And they weren't?"

London: "No, no, no, no. Lord, they wasn't. I mean, they had RTA buses, Greyhound buses, school buses, that was just sitting there going under water when they could have been evacuating people."

Transcript available at Newsbusters


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Comments (20)

LOL!! I love it when MSM g... (Below threshold)

LOL!! I love it when MSM gets messed up like this!!

This lady need to run for m... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

This lady need to run for mayor of NO!

Well, of course...... (Below threshold)

Well, of course...

They obviously haven't been watching ABCNews (or any other MSM) coverage of the hurricane and its aftermath, otherwise, they would have been told what the correct response to these questions should be.

Damn them for running for their lives and not blaming Bush!

"No, no, no, no. Lord, they wasn't." - I just LOVE that part.

I want to be the first to b... (Below threshold)

I want to be the first to buy this lady the biggest steak in Texas. And when she DOES return home to New Orleans, as W promised, I want to to share a bowl of jambalaya with her, my treat. Truth has such a magical "nuance" that confounds the Bush/America-hating talking heads in their continuous hate-seeking. No hate here ABC: move along now.

You meant 'disappoint' ABC<... (Below threshold)

You meant 'disappoint' ABC

Obviously these people were... (Below threshold)
Cardinals Nation:

Obviously these people were not properly vetted. What the hell were those local producers doing down there? Where was the seething hatred? Where was the "Bush lied, we died?"

Freakin' heads are gonna roll!

Bam! I love it!Th... (Below threshold)

Bam! I love it!

The leading questions netted the opposite response, HAH!

What happened, didn'... (Below threshold)

What happened, didn't these people get the script?!? ;-)


hhhhmmmm...that was not res... (Below threshold)

hhhhmmmm...that was not responses that NPR has been playing.

Ha! ABC reporter Dean Reyno... (Below threshold)

Ha! ABC reporter Dean Reynolds went trolling for anti-Bush remarks and got very little. Next time he should pass out the hate-Bush talking points on 3-by-5 cards and then go through a couple of rehersals before going live wuth his spontaneous interviews.

Too funny.All dres... (Below threshold)

Too funny.

All dressed up and no one (on the right side of the aisle) to bash.

Boo hoo.

Whoops! See what happens wh... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Whoops! See what happens when people are unable to watch the MSM news on television? They actually think for themselves! They weren't getting the 'Blame Bush!' message drilled into them.
God bless that lady.

OK!...who forgot to hand... (Below threshold)

OK!...who forgot to hand out the 'Get Angry on TV' memo to this interviewee?

Seriously, it's like CNN is... (Below threshold)

Seriously, it's like CNN is the only professional news source anymore.

Whatever shall we do.

I love this: they (mainstr... (Below threshold)

I love this: they (mainstream media in all it's prejudicial glory) anticipated liberal prejudice and instead got honesty in a great big ole' bowl of reality with honey.

And then Greta Van Susteren has Jesse Jackson on yet again, saying the same old worn out rhetoric of what he WOULDa done and yet none of what he WOULDa done makes any sense from the present. I was trying to figure out if Susteren was being kind and sympathetic or was just treading water (no pun intended). Sometimes it's not at all kind to shake someone into getting a grip and I found myself by the visit's end wishing someone had run into camera, grabbed Jackson by his shoulders, yelled, "for God's sake, man, get a grip!" and then run out again, leaving Susteren and Jackson to sit there with eyes like saucers but clearer thinking than perhaps ever before.

Or maybe just slapping their hands together three times off camera and yelling, "you will awake NOWWWW!"

typo...should have written:... (Below threshold)

typo...should have written:

"Sometimes it's not at all kind to NOT shake someone into getting a grip..."

Wait until they get wind of... (Below threshold)

Wait until they get wind of this:

Subj: Left furious/Thomas Friedman author? of Bush Gulf Coast Education Plan
Date: 9/16/05 5:17:46 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Greerwynn
To: Greerwynn

Subj: Making Lemonade:
............Friedman supports Bush's plan for SCHOOL VOUCHERS!
Date: 9/16/05

The Left/Dems are already screaming that Bush, seeing the rebuilding
of the Gulf Coast as an opportunity, would allow private entities to build
the schools, and for the parents to be issued vouchers.

A bit of making lemonade by those who believe in school choice.

And now it looks as if Thomas Friedman of the NYT's is responsible
for this part of President George W. Bush's plan to impove education
in the Gulf States.

This is an incredible leap for Mr. Friedman and the NYT's editors
and publishers. He better stay away from a certain catsuited
red head known to slink the hall of the Grey Lady(?).

Singapore is also known for public whippings for committing such
horrors as throwing chewed gum on street. Think you can only
get gum with RX.

That would surely "focus the mind" of every student in every
classroom in our land.

Thomas must have missed the Internet Cafe where he might
have picked this up and also, the arrest of bloggers.
But it is wonderful - he will soon be considered to be another
Rovian plant, just like Pelosi, out to trap the Dems..

It almost looks as if Friedman helped to write the Bush plan. And
Karl, using Friedman's contacts, right now is recruiting education
specialtists from the Singapore's system to come over and
set up new schools in the 90,000 sq miles of destruction that
is now the Gulf Coast. Low interest loans and Fed Education
Grants available.

You be the judge, hasn't Thomas Friedman giving his blessing
to GW's plan for education in some of worst of the worst school
systems in this country.

Poor Thomas!

Still Eating Our Lunch

Published: September 16, 2005
SingaporeSingapore is a country that takes the Internet seriously. Last week its Ministry of Defense granted a deferment for the country's compulsory National Service to a Singaporean teenager so he could finish competing in the finals of the World Cyber Games - the Olympics of online war games.Skip to next paragraph Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times

Being a tiny city-state of four million, Singapore is obsessed with nurturing every ounce of talent of every single citizen. That is why, although its fourth and eighth graders already score at the top of the Timss international math and science tests, Singapore has been introducing more innovations into schools. Its government understands that in a flattening world, where more and more jobs can go anywhere, it's not enough to just stay ahead of its neighbors. It has to stay ahead of everyone - including us.Message to America: They are not racing us to the bottom. They are racing us to the top. As Low-Sim Ay Nar, principal of Xinmin Secondary School, explained to me, Singapore has got rote learning down cold. No one is going to outdrill her students. What it is now focusing on is how to develop more of America's strength: getting Singaporean students and teachers to be more innovative and creative. "Numerical skills are very important," she told me, but "I am now also encouraging my students to be creative - and empowering my teachers. ... We have been loosening up and allowing people to grow their own ideas." She added, "We have shifted the emphasis from content alone to making use of the content" on the principle that "knowledge can be created in the classroom and doesn't just have to come from the teacher."Toward that end, some Singapore schools have adopted a math teaching program called HeyMath, which was started four years ago in Chennai, India, by two young Indian bankers, Nirmala Sankaran and Harsh Rajan, in partnership with the Millennium Mathematics Project at Cambridge University.With a team of Indian, British and Chinese math and education specialists, the HeyMath group basically said to itself: If you were a parent anywhere in the world and you noticed that Singapore kids, or Indian kids or Chinese kids, were doing really well in math, wouldn't you like to see the best textbooks, teaching and assessment tools, or the lesson plans that they were using to teach fractions to fourth graders or quadratic equations to 10th graders? And wouldn't it be nice if one company then put all these best practices together with animation tools, and delivered them through the Internet so any teacher in the world could adopt or adapt them to his or her classroom? That's HeyMath."No matter what kind of school their kids go to, parents all over the world are worried that their kids might be missing something," Mrs. Sankaran said. "For some it is the right rigor, for some it is creativity. There is no perfect system. ... What we have tried to do is create a platform for the continuous sharing of the best practices for teaching math concepts

ME: Sounds like School Choice and Teacher Choice to me. Thomas even
wants to enlist a "PRIVATE COMPANY"
(NEA will be picketing NYT's as soon as they realize that Thomas Friedman
has edited out the "not" & "unity" from these lines of Pelosi/Reid press release:

"The Gulf Coast region does (not) deserve to be treated as a laboratory for political opportunism or ideological experimentation. Now is the time for (unity) big change*."

* implied from Thomas Friedman's column.

Aside: See how many Kerry/Tired Dem campaign lines you can find in this
Pelosi/Reid statement.

Thu Sep 15,10:06 PM ET
To: National Desk
Contact: Brendan Daly (Pelosi), 202-226-7616; Jim Manley (Reid), 202-224-2939

WASHINGTON, Sept. 15 /U.S. Newswire/ -- House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid released the following statement this evening:

"The President offered comforting words tonight, but the victims of Hurricane Katrina don't need just words, they need a plan that will lead the way in recovery, rebuilding, and renewal. We cannot change the past for the victims, but we can change their future and this unprecedented national disaster demands an unprecedented national response. It will take more than dollars to rebuild communities and that's why we have offered a Marshall Plan to help families get back on their feet, back into homes, and back on the job.

"It takes more than just taking responsibility to right the many wrongs that occurred over the past two weeks. The American people need answers from independent experts outside of the political arena to learn from the past and prepare and protect our nation and our communities for the future. We can and must do better.

"This region of our nation deserves our support, our cooperation, and our sympathy. We are concerned by Bush Administration initiatives this week waiving wage protections, environmental safeguards, and protections for veterans, minorities, women, and the disabled. The Gulf Coast region does not deserve to be treated as a laboratory for political opportunism or ideological experimentation. Now is the time for unity. It is a source of sorrow to our nation that so many were left behind as the waters rose. We must now commit that none will be left behind as the waters recede."


Hope all will use their real talents to put in better words than my
struggle - just wanted to give you the amazing dots here.

What a gift!

I guess the Awful Broadcast... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

I guess the Awful Broadcasting Company was expecting them all to blame George W. Bush and big buisness for not listening to the eco-freaks and the global warmming chicken littles and now they dont blame Bush too bad for the liberal journalists but the american public dont trust you scoundrels anymore

I know from other blogs tha... (Below threshold)

I know from other blogs that I've been on that Louisianians are a lot quicker to blame their local pols than those who don't live in LA - natives know about the corruption that has plagued our state for a long time now -

NPR did not air theirs live... (Below threshold)
David R. Block:

NPR did not air theirs live. They had time to cull the arena for the anti-Bush residents, tape them and air them. ABC went live.






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