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Could Ted Koppel be succumbing to the dark side?

There's an old saying: "once could be an accident, twice a coincidence, but three times is a trend."

Last week, Nightline ran a story on a Louisiana Democratic Congressman who, under the guise of "inspecting his district," managed to recover a bunch of his personal property from his own home -- in the process getting the National Guard's truck stuck in the mud of his front yard and prompting the dispatch of a helicopter and another truck to rescue him and his escorts.

Then, Thursday night, after President Bush's speech, Nightline sent a crew to the parking lot of Houston's Astrodome to get the reactions of evacuees. And those evacuees, almost to a one, all praised Bush's speech and blamed their state and local officials.

Could Nightline looked at its own ratings, then looked at Fox, and decided to test the waters a bit themselves?

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I dunno they were looking f... (Below threshold)

I dunno they were looking for Bush hostile people but did not find any... that reflected more on the people than Koppel


Hee, Jay Tea, subtle and pe... (Below threshold)

Hee, Jay Tea, subtle and perceptive point.

Foxnews can say: If our enemy starts sounding like us, we've won.

I didn't see the broadcast.... (Below threshold)

I didn't see the broadcast. Were the Astrodome reactions broadcast live, or canned and edited? Because if they were live, I think I agree with Paul: Nightline was hoping to "balance" the president's speech with hostile reactions from evacuees, and accidentally aired pro-Bush sentiments. If, however, the Astrodome reactions were edited, then I think Jay Tea is on to something.

I don't think so. Liberals... (Below threshold)

I don't think so. Liberals tend to think of themselves and so superior to those around them as to never be wrong or among those with a minority opinion.

Did you see the film of that guy asking the people in the parking lot whether they blamed president Bush? He was mortified that they didn't go into a complete anti-Bush rant.

Just my 2 cents.

They occasionally will do o... (Below threshold)

They occasionally will do one story which portends objectivity, like the congressman's foray into his house-the speech reaction had to take them by surprise. This 30-year running "smugfest" will never change. Koppel's bad but the absolute worst is Chris Bury-by far the most arrogant (without reason) "reporter" on the planet. If I were President Bush, I would name Bury the Head of Homeland Security, just to watch him flail around. Ain't it great to have a job where you don't have to actually do anything-just bitch and hold forth on everyone elses "mistakes."

I still say Rove used his m... (Below threshold)

I still say Rove used his mind powers to force those people to speak positively about Chimpy McBushhitler and Company. Should've used a bit more tinfoil, guys.

Not a chance.... (Below threshold)

Not a chance.

You're making it sound like... (Below threshold)

You're making it sound like the fact that Nightline accidentally interviewed people who didn't blame Bush was an act of good on their part. That's like saying a serial killer has turned his life around because one of his victims escaped. In the case of the serial it was still attmpted murder, in the case on Nightline it was still attempted character assassination. Don't worry though, they'll still keep trying.

Oh by all means send in the... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Oh by all means send in the National Guard to save your gold plated golf clubs and your saddle to your polo pony whats this idiot trying to do send in the natioanl guard to save his personal belongings? whats this jackass trying to prove?

spurwig plover: answer to ... (Below threshold)

spurwig plover: answer to your question is that he was trying to prove that he was a Democrat in elected office. Gotta' make a show, save himself and HIS POSSESSIONS first, put others' lives at risk, use whatever taxpayer dollars were necessary to service his interests...

Onve is happenstance. Twice... (Below threshold)

Onve is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Thrice is enemy action.

Or so said Mr. Waverly.

Dagnabbit! ONCE is h... (Below threshold)

ONCE is happenstance.
My apologies for being keystroked out.

As others have demonstrated... (Below threshold)

As others have demonstrated elsewhere, Mr. Jefferson is under investigation by the Feds (personally, I think it's a job requirement for Louisiana pols: "Welcome to Congress, Sir. Here's your briefing pack, including a handy list summarizing the temptations of misusing the Office for money, sex, and power; a list of ongoing investigations by various authorities; but since you're a Democrat, locals will think you're a Hero, and the Press will never ask you any hard questions").

So Jefferson had to leave his house in a hurry, like everyone else, when the flood waters rose. Except he had the LANG to get him back to his house in time to grab a LAPTOP...hmmm.

Curse you, BlogDog! Now I'l... (Below threshold)

Curse you, BlogDog! Now I'll never be able to convince anyone that I had a good reason for sitting through those *distasteful* Neve Campbell body double-Denise Richards nude scenes in "Wild Things."






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