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The Left "Unbuttoned" Over Bush


Is there a full moon out?

There's already several hundred comments about whether or not President Bush's shirt is button properly in the picture above at Crooks and Liars.

Perhaps the "reality based community" should join the "job based community" and wear a real dress shirt for once in their lives - you know the kind that doesn't have a button down collar...

Update: The Democratic Underground gets into the act regarding VP Cheney's upcoming surgery. Photo proof in case it disappears, or if you just don't want to wade into the DU swamp...


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Comments (72)

Do these people have no vis... (Below threshold)

Do these people have no visual skills whatsoever? Look at the length of each side of the collar. Now mentally align them side by side. Guess what? - they are the same #[email protected]% lenght! Which means... *waits for it* it's fecking buttoned properly!

As for the DU thread, I hope karma is a real bitch.

As they say... small things... (Below threshold)

As they say... small things amuse small minds. Who can take the left seriously nowadays? It's impossible.

Let them be. The more they... (Below threshold)
Cardinals Nation:

Let them be. The more they froth over the inane, the more they ignore their utter lack of organization, message, leadership and strategy. They will find themselves in '08 much the same as they did in '04 after spending 4 years screaming about '00; forced to support a compromise candidate espousing a compromise agenda.

Besides, its just so much fun to watch them.

Actually if you look at it ... (Below threshold)

Actually if you look at it visually, it DOES look off-balance. But as one who leans left, even I'll agree it's something that is silly to make fun of. But then again, everyone needs something to lighten the mood and perhaps that is all they are doing. :) Just as the right does when they have the opportunity. No difference really.

And I even used a ruler, one side is longer than the other. Now it could be the way his head is tilted. Hard to say really.

If there's no substance to ... (Below threshold)

If there's no substance to your complaints you have to rely on crap that like or quit whining. The left isn't about to quit whining so they go on the offensive over buttons. Pathetic, but that's nothing new.

So... let me get this strai... (Below threshold)

So... let me get this straight.

First, people are sniggering that Bush actually has to take a bathroom break during a meeting...

...and now they're checking out if a shirt is buttoned properly?

Is this for real? I mean, has Karl Rove become an absurdist or something?

Bush: "Okay, I'm going out ... (Below threshold)

Bush: "Okay, I'm going out there. How do I look?"
Rove: "Hmmm... lemme adjust your shirt."

Is there any wonder the Lef... (Below threshold)

Is there any wonder the Left isn't taken seriously by anyone outside their echo chamber?

First the Bush bathroom note, now buttoning his shirt. The Norwegian media is having a field day with John Ellis Bush being arrested for drunk driving.

It sure is a good thing the Left is keeping its eyes on the prize and discussing things of substance and how to lead the USA and the world forward.... button by button....

See my comments about Ms.Lo... (Below threshold)

See my comments about Ms.Love (next story)

"Real" Democrats can't poss... (Below threshold)

"Real" Democrats can't possibly want these desperate imbeciles in their camp... can they? Truth is stranger than fiction in this idiotic perpetuation of propaganda to demonize/criticize Mr. Bush a lá Dr. Evil.

What a load of fools in the... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

What a load of fools in the left-wing groups their so blown out of place by this i mean the full moons out and their growing facial ahor and fangs annndd iimmm ggrrooowwiinngg feather a beak and wings iimmm SQUARK SQUARK

Its probably been Photoshop... (Below threshold)

Its probably been Photoshopped by Reuters.

Angie, if you look at his s... (Below threshold)

Angie, if you look at his shoulders, the left one is raised up a little higher than the other. That'll make any shirt collar look off-kilter.

Then again, the people making such a big deal about it would see it as off-kilter if it were perfectly straight, because they're off-kilter.

But I'll take the point about how maybe they're just looking for something on the lighter side to talk about. Lord knows they haven't had much good news lately. Even the New Orleans flooding and FEMA's miscues haven't worked out very well for them...

Perhaps the reason the Pres... (Below threshold)

Perhaps the reason the President's shirt looks a bit off is because it is most likely not your typical dress shirt (bulletproof). Also suspect he has body armor on underneath.

Hmmm ... very interesting, ... (Below threshold)

Hmmm ... very interesting, this Ms Cyr330, who wishes pain and death upon Mr Cheney. A Google search reveals she is a nurse in San Francisco. Or at least, what are the chances that two different people use this same posting handle and are both in San Francisco. I haven't read many of the posts Google found, I haven't the intestinal fortitude this early on a Saturday. But if it is the same person, it is quite disturbing. A nurse ... who wishes pain and death on anyone should not be a nurse.

Wow, good sleuthing, LissaK... (Below threshold)

Wow, good sleuthing, LissaKay!

Yes - is there no bottom to the depths these haters can sink?

JATO: your button joke re Ms Love was hilarious!
Angie, get your ruler out again :)

The thing I find quite amus... (Below threshold)

The thing I find quite amusing about the DU post on Cheney (and DU in general) is that it has NINE HUNDRED AND FORTY-FIVE COMMENTS -- 945!!!!!

Imagine how many nuts there have to be on that site for so many to put their two cents (overvalued) in on such a deranged post!!

Duh, its the "Rove Radio Re... (Below threshold)

Duh, its the "Rove Radio Receiver, strapped to his back. No doubt intentionally strapped asymmetrically to divert the attention of the collectivist rocket surgeons from his real message.
(Hint: it’s a series of coded blinks)

You people are taking yours... (Below threshold)
zoot suit:

You people are taking yourselves waaaay too seriously. The post about GW's shirt was supposed to be FUN, not serious stuff. FUN. You remember fun, don't you? Perhaps not...

I can't decide which is sad... (Below threshold)
pitter patter:

I can't decide which is sadder, the left for mocking the length of a stupid shirt collar or this site for getting its panties in a wad over the left for doing that. Now look who seems to be foolishly obsessing about the ridiculous or should I say ludicrous.

Uhh ... zoot and pitter, we... (Below threshold)

Uhh ... zoot and pitter, we are LAUGHING at the looney left. I don't see anyone shorts in a wad, or anyone taking anything too seriously. (The death-wish nurse is a bit disturbing, however ... but typical for moonbat land).

As the inestimable Robin Williams once said, "Joke 'em if they can't take a f***!"

Oh wow ... did I just tell my age, or what? ;-)

What's even more absurd is ... (Below threshold)
the radical center:

What's even more absurd is how you rightwingers freak out whenever the lefties have some fun snickering at the prez. Have you never heard of political humor, or are you so profoundly insecure right now??

RC ... just WHO is freaking... (Below threshold)

RC ... just WHO is freaking out? No one around here, except maybe zoot and pitter. It would seem that the looney left is doing all the freaking ... I mean, c'mon, the Prez has to pee and his shirt gets off kilter and the DUmmocrats go wild. That is what I call pathetic. There's plenty to pick on Bush about, things that are of real concern, but his shirt??? Puh-leeze!

oh, kiss my black ass.... (Below threshold)

oh, kiss my black ass.

I sure don't see you posting any of the hate-filled filth from Free Republic.

You all just have no sense ... (Below threshold)

You all just have no sense of humor. The shirt is CROOKED, twits. You all just can't stand the fact Bush has been exposed as a massive failure and fraud and international laughing stock once again. Not the "lefts" fault you all have been masturbating furiously over "Bush the great Protector" for 5 years now and it was NEVER TRUE. Now, watch the massive Bushco corruption unfold in the Gulf coast, watch Rove try to Swift Boat(demonize, smear and distract) ANYONE they can come up with, to take the focus off the bumbling Busco Regime of Idiot Cronies. Keep whining, whiners.

This is more proof that eve... (Below threshold)

This is more proof that even though there message and core values make more sense than ours, they will never get anything done.

there=their... (Below threshold)


Junior can't button his shi... (Below threshold)

Junior can't button his shirt and has to ask permission to go to the potty.

First person to get photographic evidence of his velcro-closure shoes gets an extra pudding pop for dessert.

Imagine how many nuts th... (Below threshold)

Imagine how many nuts there have to be on that site for so many to put their two cents (overvalued) in on such a deranged post!!

Posted by: wavemaker

Enough to take back Congress AND the White House and fix this country. ;-)

Have a nice weekend all!

now, if he could just find ... (Below threshold)
honk if you are jesus:

now, if he could just find his ass with both hands

The smoking gun. Read the ... (Below threshold)
Wild Weasel:

The smoking gun. Read the emails from FEMA staff that were ignored by higher-ups:

http://www.npr.org/templates/ sto...storyId=4849706

Bush is starting to apologi... (Below threshold)

Bush is starting to apologize for its mistakes. Shouldnt this blog do it as well since they misunderstood a joke on another page?

and the bathroom note, come on thats just hilarious.

<a href="http://w... (Below threshold)
Wild Weasel:

http://www.npr.org/templates/ sto...storyId=4849706

These are all non-issues.</... (Below threshold)

These are all non-issues.

There are actually alot of serious issues that can be debated.

As dumb as THEY are for doing it, its even dumber to waste time thinking about it.

Can there be anything more ... (Below threshold)

Can there be anything more mindless than complaining about what you believe to be inane comments? Sure the comments are bad. But this thread about them is just plain pathetic. You guys need to get a life and America needs to get a new President.

Oh yeah. As for Cheney's "e... (Below threshold)

Oh yeah. As for Cheney's "elective surgery." I didn't get to vote in that election. I vote no. We can't afford it right now. Cheney can sit on top of the White House praying he doesn't die before NOLA is rebuilt. If he's lucky someone will take up a collection to have his leg amputated above the knee.

What's with the update? Is ... (Below threshold)
Full Flavor:

What's with the update? Is the fella who wrote that nasty post the same guy who buttoned up George's shirt?

where's the right's sense o... (Below threshold)

where's the right's sense of humor? geez, pull your panties out of your crack.

Seems the wingnuts are all ... (Below threshold)

Seems the wingnuts are all bunched up over something called "Friday Fun".

Not only are you docile sheep loyal BushBots but your sense of humor is sorely lacking.

What a shame, if you're so friggin' ignorant you cannot see the trainwreck this administration is and their disastrous policies, both foreign and domestic, you can't even have a little levity when whoever dressed Dubya found a shirt three sizes too big.

Maybe it was all for some "street cred" with those most unfortunate refugees. Ya think?

HO-LEE Crap! Talk about a s... (Below threshold)

HO-LEE Crap! Talk about a serious humor deficiency! Either that or a bad reading comprehension problem. You lefties can't see that the rightwingers are LAUGHING at you? Laughing AT you?

No wonder the Democratic party can't be taken seriously anymore. No wonder people, like me, are leaving that party in droves. You people are seriously disturbed. I don't like many, if not most, of Bush's policies and politics ... but that does not blind me to reason, logic and humor. I may not agree with rightwingers on everything, but at least they derive their opinions from facts and reality, not wild assumptions and conspiracy theories. I also see far less intolerance and racism from the right than I do the left. The Kos Kids and DUmmies are a bunch of hateful, intolerant slimy turds. They bring shame upon everyone who ever called themselves a liberal.

You sufferers of Bush Derangement Syndrome really should get professional help ... perhaps there is a medication for what ails you.

You wingnuts once again pro... (Below threshold)

You wingnuts once again prove you have no sense of humor. Why don't you try to see the lighter side of life for a change.

Who here can honestly say t... (Below threshold)

Who here can honestly say that if Clinton gave a speech in which his shirt was misbuttoned, the jokes would not come in fast in furious? (and over half of them would probably involve oral sex)

Watching the speech, I did notice that his shirt was misbuttoned, and I have to admit I was amused. I'll defend Bush when he does right, but I won't defend him like my best friend, so if other people want to make fun of him...I say, whatever makes them happy...

I have been following this ... (Below threshold)
Nicole St.Denis:

I have been following this discussion and as a Canadian I am neither for or against Bush but all the radio shows(Limbaugh) and Fox news and right-wing blogs seem to be the ones who are spewing hatred. Laughing at Bush's shirt is just an exercize in democracy and meant to be light-hearted so people please lighten up!

What does "job based commun... (Below threshold)

What does "job based community" mean?

I do not give a shit... (Below threshold)
not stupid:

I do not give a shit about all of you, but have to endure you all for my legacy. You are all my enemies, and I am the greatest. I had to show up here because the polls in America are low but I know I can fool those people as I have done many time before. My legacy will be the greatest, more than Alexander and Caesar.

It is unbelievable that this nominee has wasted time on trivial question, play games and saying nothing remembering a lot of decision but at the end it was all bull.

When it came to questions about his decision on the last case present in front of him that he decided to go with the government????????????/ He did not rescues himself Well be should have.

The liberals are dead. The... (Below threshold)

The liberals are dead. The poor are poor because they are lazy and stupid. John Roberts will not only reverse Roe v Wade but will have Gonzalez arrest anyone who has had an abortion since the decision was made. Once us Republicans have control of all three branches of government the US economy will move along without interruption, crime will be a thing of the past because all the criminals will be in jail or deported, and one by one each whining stupid powerless liberal f*ck will wither and die watching his pirated copy of "Farenheight 911"

Bye faggot liberals. You had your moments and you blew it.

I do not give a shit about ... (Below threshold)
not stupid:

I do not give a shit about all of you, but have to endure you all for my legacy. You are all my enemies, and I am the greatest. I had to show up here because the polls in America are low but I know I can fool those people as I have done many time before. My legacy will be the greatest, more than Alexander and Caesar.

Wankers, <a href="http://wi... (Below threshold)

Wankers, The Wizbangblog

Kevin, You really ... (Below threshold)


You really struck a nerve with this one as it would appear you've stimulated those autonomic responses. Kudos Dr. Hfuhruhurr.

So Kev....What does ... (Below threshold)

So Kev....
What does "job based community" mean? I want to laugh along with you but first I need to know what "job based community means".

There’s room enough for lun... (Below threshold)

There’s room enough for lunacy on both sides of the aisle! I have to say, getting caught up with minutiae when there is so much that needs to be done, is rather self-defeating. I don’t care about the Presidents clothing; really – the man can dress himself in pajamas – I am only interested in how he’s doing his job. There were too many Americans left without support following Katrina. From what I hear and read – FEMA still hasn’t got a handle on the situation. This, by any standard, is wrong; and must be corrected, before any other American’s die. To me, that is important.

I have noted a tendency towards puerility on both liberal and conservative blogs – an ‘I don’t like you, so I’m going to call you names, so there!’ kind of attitude. Our country (and yes – we do all live here) needs help to get through one of our most trying times. So I’m wondering – can we put down the cudgels – or will immaturity rule the day? With so much yelling going on, how is it possible to hear a damn thing?

Reading over LissaKay's com... (Below threshold)
ex-pat in the uk:

Reading over LissaKay's comments: 'that does not blind me to reason, logic and humor', she declares. Then a breath later, she adds, 'The Kos Kids and DUmmies are a bunch of hateful, intolerant slimy turds.'

Yes, I see. Rightwing reason and logic with a good sense of humour. Hm. You've convinced me, scoot over, can I share your poisoned apple?

well I think this thread is... (Below threshold)

well I think this thread is at an end -- with the posts from NOT STUPID (is that ironic or what) and KEVERAMA, neither left nor right can get any loopier.

Drooling idiots: This was a... (Below threshold)
Hey Morons:

Drooling idiots: This was a joke to begin with.

Kill yourself and fuck the body. Please.

You have to wonder if he's ... (Below threshold)

You have to wonder if he's gone back to drinking heavily. It would explain a lot.


Do you rebid 'hate all that... (Below threshold)

Do you rebid 'hate all that/who dare to challenge' right wing types know ANYTHING of parody? Obviously, if the DUH0byuh fan who got so outraged at this posting had bothered to read the title, you'd know it was a JOKE! Just like your blind allegiance to a corrupt bunch of bastards who care NOTHING for the majority of you supporters because you aren't wealthy enuff to rate notice or concern! Did any of you not find it distasteful, the amount of excitement on the left, concerning the Resident's last speech and all the commentary on how it would IMPROVE HIS NUMBERS?
Isn't that a little sick that the man, and his supporters are MORE worried about the optics of his speeches and photo ops and how they;ll secure his position INSTEAD of what put his administration in hot water in the 3rd, (already has TWO major fukkups under his belt), place?:
Their CRIMINAL negligence/indifference to the crisis in the south?
No wonder that the rest of us living on this planet,look with such disdain on Bushitler, his cabal, and his base are allowing to happen in the world.

LisaKaye is a real asshole,... (Below threshold)

LisaKaye is a real asshole, isn't she?

Typical rightwing bitch.

"The Democratic Party is dead".

Yet the right brings it back to life every time they need to blame someone for their ineptness and incompetence.

I am not an asshole. I am a... (Below threshold)

I am not an asshole. I am a bitch, and that is Ms Bitch to you. As a proper redheaded bitch from hell, I demand respect, and that includes spelling my name correctly and addressing me by my proper title.

Get it? Got it? Good!

Now if you had even rudimentary reading comprehension skills and approached at least second grade literacy levels, you would already know that I am not a rightwinger. I am a disenchanted former Liberal and Democrat. I voted for Gore, Clinton twice, even Mondale. But since the loonies have taken over the left, with all their conspiracy theories and wild accusations bordering on schizophrenic delusions, I have totally disassociated myself from that. I am now with the majority of Americans, somewhere in the middle, and thoroughly disgusted with both political extremes.

You're just pissed off because you all have made fools of yourselves and are being laughed at. Pitiful little people you are.

Psst...hey Teen, your hypoc... (Below threshold)

Psst...hey Teen, your hypocrisy is showing:


Can't wait to hear why that was joke worthy and this it not. Probably we'll just hear more sophomoric insults, which is what your side resorts to when exposed.

keverama-dong-dong:<p... (Below threshold)


"...have Gonzalez arrest anyone who has had an abortion since the decision was made."

Now THAT's funny. Besides losing a large number of "conservatives" in my social circle to the hoosegow, this would have a marvelous unintended consequence of removing millions of republicans from the voting rolls, due to, I presume their newly minted "felon" status.

Big Al for AG for life! (pun intended.)

Hey, hey, LissaKay...... (Below threshold)

Hey, hey, LissaKay...

Since you seem to be a proud and properly credentialed "bitch," it seems to me you're letting the sisterhood down: the man can't button his shirt, nor hire competent fluffers who can spot the error. And what's all this about "...that poverty has roots in a history of racial discrimination"? Seems somebody's gone all wobbly. According to the Bitch Bylaws (Conservative addenda) I have here in front of me, that's not funny, that's heresy. Add in his New Deal Marshall Plan and you've got something to bitch about till Hillary stumbles into the '08 race.

Which reminds... If you voted for Clinton both times, as a then-supporter, were you appalled at the right's "pitiful little people" fascination with $1000 haircuts and airport runway delays that weren't? Of course you were.

LissaKay-As we say i... (Below threshold)

As we say in the south,
"Lighten up, darlin'. Your bunched up panties are showing."

Lighten up? Oh hell ... I a... (Below threshold)

Lighten up? Oh hell ... I am rollin' on the floor at the idiocy the lefties are displaying here. How can I lighten up anymore? I may just piss myself if the stupidity levels get any higher.

Fouro? WTF are you talking about? Attributing statements I never made to me? Try harder, dear. It matters not one whit whether Bush's shirt is on correctly or not, or if he needs to pee. I laugh at those who even bring it up. I laugh harder when those I am laughing at get all bent out of shape and make these ridiculous posts.

Honestly, people. Aren't there more important things in the world to discuss other than Bush's wardrobe?

I won't be back to this thread, it is beginning to bore me with all the ignorance and delusions. Let's go find something of significance to discuss.

LissaKay,You've go... (Below threshold)


You've gone out of your way to prove that not only are you a bitch, but a pompous idiotic one at that.

Why are you going off on the left because that idiot can't walk and chew gum at the same time, much less button his own damn shirt?

I remember Al Gore addressing MoveOn.org in a auditorium with no air conditioning. Subsequently, he sweated a great deal.

That's all we heard from your side.


Pettiness and viciousness only applies to Democrats, is that it?

Yeah -- you guys are SO above that.

Point out how stupid Bush is, and it's "Stop being petty -- aren't there more important things to discuss"????

Yeah, right.

Like that thousand dollar haircut Bill Clinton allegedly held up airport traffic for.

You guys make it up as you go along.

And that makes you hypocritical, lying morons.

Funny, I see both sides wit... (Below threshold)

Funny, I see both sides with plenty of examples of idiocy.
Why don't you?
THAT'S the part to lighten up about. You seem to have grabbed a set of blinders. All else on here don't claim a past allegiance to another side, but you do.
Makes me a might suspicious, that's all. It seems your view of who is"little," ensnares yourself.
But that's just one opinion.

All television news has mov... (Below threshold)
Port Huron Statement:

All television news has moved away from reporting journalism to entertainment, spectacle, and selling. Neil Postman discussed this movement towards entertainment, not exclusive to news, twenty years ago when he stated, “[o]ur politics, religion, news, athletics, education, and commerce have been transformed into congenial adjuncts of show business, largely without protest or even much popular notice, the result is that we are a people on the verge of amusing ourselves to death.”

Hey Keverama-small-ding: Y... (Below threshold)

Hey Keverama-small-ding: You would have LOVED Nazi Germany, or maybe Russia during the 30's. Maybe under your utopian view of America, we can bring back detention camps too!!

As for Bush's wardrobe malfunction, Karl is a busy guy, he can't be around to button Bush's shirt for EVERY public appearance. People need to back off.

I just don't get why all of you right wingers Hate America.... You must Hate America, given what you and your party have done to us the last 6 years. What sort of disasters should we expect the last two?

LissaKay, dear...Y... (Below threshold)

LissaKay, dear...

Yes, I'm sure you'll post no more, but that raging narcissism will have you lurking for ages just to see how we take note of you. Well, we don't, much, excepting for the sport of it. You are common, but anoying specimen: the convert. Whether politics or nicotine, one is consumed by the need to atone and evangelize others out of their silly wicked ways. Perhaps we have the provenance for your preferred title now, no doubt bestowed by those who once thought you bearable.

As for misattribution, well it just shows how little you were paying to the new FDR's speech as well as his stage presence. The quote was not implied to be yours, but was Bush's, and with the shirt snafu and stopped clock in the background, more metaphorical evidence there is no there there. Maybe that explains your riding in on a white horse to fend off the man's detractors. Seem's he's always relied on the kindness, firmness and backbone of women to substitute for his own. He's your kind of guy--he makes you feel useful, perhaps?

Yes, dammit! Why can't the... (Below threshold)

Yes, dammit! Why can't the looney left pay attention to serious campaign issues the way the grownups of the GOP do? You know, like whether or not the candidate windsurfs.

The jewish pig, the black s... (Below threshold)
white xross:

The jewish pig, the black snail, the dirty homosexuals. In our neighbourhoods. We must join and fight.

Meep:Define "Snigger... (Below threshold)

Define "Sniggering". Or is this just another way that Elitist white people like yourself can slip in a Racial Epitaph? It is people like yourself that keep the racial divide in this county as wide as you can. What would you do if one of "The Girls" decided to date or even marry a member of the African American Race? Scary thought for you I am sure. A little experimenting in college is good education.

You "reds" should lighten u... (Below threshold)

You "reds" should lighten up. C&L was making fun of the President's shirt. So-friggin'-what? For the record, it looks to me like he buttoned it correctly. But jeez, folks, get a sense of humor!






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