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The real cannibalism story out of New Orleans

One of America's greatest strengths in the past has been our ability, in the time of great national crisis, to set aside our differences and pull together as one nation. I think the last time we saw it demonstrated was after Pearl Harbor, when nearly everyone united behind President Roosevelt and we (essentially) took on the world -- and won.

In the case of Hurricane Katrina, we are seeing just the opposite. Instead of trying to help those who have been devastated by arguably the greatest disaster in our nation's history, far too many have rushed to make political hay out of the situation. It's a temptation I've caught myself succumbing to on occasion.

But some rare few have managed to look beyond and hear the cries of the people over the howling mobs.

I freely admit I never thought much of Donna Brazile. She's a political hack, whose main claim to fame has been her key role in more failed Presidential campaigns than anyone I know (Carter '80, Mondale '84, Dukakis '88, Gore 2000, Kerry 2004). That might not be fair, because she also worked on the only successful ones of the last 30 years (Carter '76, Clinton '92 and '96) as well. I always thought of her (when I bothered to think of her at all) as sort of a Mirror Universe Karl Rove: black instead of white, female instead of male, inept instead of supremely competent.

But I received an e-mail this morning from a fellow named Jim Hall. He pointed me to this op-ed piece in the Washington Post by Ms. Brazile. It turns out she's from New Orleans, and she is publicly offering to help out President Bush in any way she can in rebuilding her city. Further, she's openly praising and thanking him for his speech and his commitment to the city and people of New Orleans. She freely admits her past animosity and opposition to him, but she's putting that behind her for the good of her neighbors. It's one of the classiest things I've seen from a politician from any party in a very, very long time.

Naturally, this has driven some on the Left into frothing, raving fits of rage. "Rob in Baltimore" from Americablog.com immediately played the "victim card" on Ms. Brazile, saying she must be in some kind of shock and suffering from a "Stockholm Syndrome" effect to even THINK of saying anything DECENT and RESPECTFUL and APPRECIATIVE about Bush. And of the 108 comments posted by the time I write this, there's only one single voice of sanity in there. Meanwhile, others toss around such wonderfully enlightened terms as "N*****" and "C***" to describe her.

In the early days of the disaster in New Orleans, there were reports that things had gotten so bad, there were incidents of cannibalism. Those were later discovered to be unfounded, but it appears there was a bit of prescience in that. In the wake, at least some on the left are starting to turn on their own.


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Comments (23)

It always amazes me that th... (Below threshold)

It always amazes me that the left, supposedly so non-racist as to be colorblind, is the first to start screaming "Uncle Tom" or less euphemistic terms as soon as a black person sides with conservatives/the right/Republicans.

Good for her. I hadn't rea... (Below threshold)

Good for her. I hadn't realized her long history in Dem campaigns. She probably knows where a lot of the bodies were buried over the years, figuratively speaking. I would encourage her to continue speaking...

Oeeee, maybe she knows who ... (Below threshold)

Oeeee, maybe she knows who forged the Killian memos...

I hate to be cynical, but i... (Below threshold)

I hate to be cynical, but it's easy to be magnanimous, as Brazille is in her article, when the damage has already been done to your opponent. I don't seem to remember Ms. Brazille trying to defend Bush while he was being savaged 24/7 by the MSM and the Dems just hours after Katrina hit.

I would take her at her word that she wants to help, but with some caution. Remember all the kumbaya stuff after 911 turned pretty partisan shortly afterwards (does anyone remember Hillary holding uo the front page of the NY Post on the floor of the Senate with the headline, "HE KNEW").

The loonie moonies are like... (Below threshold)

The loonie moonies are like chickens...when one is different they peck it to death...

Dame Donna is either with H... (Below threshold)

Dame Donna is either with Hilliary in 2008 or she is nowhere. The crazies of the left certainly won't elect the next President.

Hillary is hedging near the middle - she said of Katrina "investigate the response" and that FEMA shouldn't have been put in Homeland Security.

But hell, anyone knew there would be investigations and FEMA would be adjusted. So Hilliary had a gimme on those issues. True, she didn't get exactly the investigation she wanted (so far). But so what?

Now Bush is sending billions to Democratic pols in La. And kicking him hasn't worked well. So Donna puts on her "make nice" hat and snuggles up to her biggest chance of a payoff in 2008.

"Stockholm Syndrome... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

"Stockholm Syndrome"


I just checked, and there a... (Below threshold)

I just checked, and there are now 295 comments.

I've seen people on the Web refer to "Bush Derangement Syndrome", and I've heard others say that there is no such thing. Those who disbelieve should check out that thread. And for those people who say "Republicans do the same thing", I have never seen anything that bad.

For example, I disapprove of Senator McCain's tendency to abandon his party at certain times. But I would never refer to him as "a self-hating whore who laps up any small crumbs of approval thrown at [his] feet".


They just rescued some 89-y... (Below threshold)

They just rescued some 89-year-old (or something past eight, at least) from a flooded house in New Orleans and he hadn't eaten a thing in eighteen days (I heard this in the background so forgive if I've remembered the stats wrong, could be twelve days, but I THINK they said eighteen days, but either way, it's still remarkable) who only had a small amount of water to drink the entire time.

The guy said he stayed behind so he could "go to church." And then he was caught inside a house when the flood waters rose and stayed there the entire time, no food, small amount of water, two, three weeks later, he's rescued.

No cannibalism there!

On the other hand, Arianna Huffington's blog was going on and on and on about "cannibalism" in New Orleans after only four, five days of flooding.

My response to that is no human is driven that mad for food after only four or five days. Hungry, yes, but an act of cannibalism is an act of hunger beyond a mere five days' motivation...my point being that if, in fact, those acts of cannibalism occured in New Orleans (hey, it was reported in Arianna's blog!), that whoever engaged in cannibalism was a cannible before the Hurricane, not after, that depravity was familiar to them apart from the fact that there was flooding in New Orleans and they'd been isolated from humanity-with-available-food for longer than four, five days.

Meanwhile, we have this kind eighty-something who managed to survive without yelling, screaming at anyone, blaming the government, stealing, looting, attacking anyone, or otherwise freaking out, for two/three weeks on only a small bucket of water. God is with him.

About Donnah Brazille, I do... (Below threshold)

About Donnah Brazille, I don't know. I've never found her appealing politically or personally based upon her own statements and positions. Consequently, it's reasonable to examine whatever she's now saying with caution and objectivity.

I'd never go so far as to refer to her (or anyone) by pejoratives, and particularly about issues such as these, so important and significant to so many.

But reaming her just because she's grateful, respectful (my best hopes here) and appreciative of helps is degenerate. Surely irrational.

** UPDATE **The he... (Below threshold)
Jim Hall:

** UPDATE **

The head wacko at AmericaBlog is promising more ridicule of Brazille on the morrow. The feeding frenzy goes on.......


<a href="http://news.yahoo.... (Below threshold)

76-years-old, sorry.

Jiminy, that link, Jim Hall... (Below threshold)

Jiminy, that link, Jim Hall: exhausting to try to read the comments. It took them all of about a dozen to get into homosexuality, to no surprise.

What is it that Democrats represent and seek? I mean, do they have ANYthing else to rant about?

I now feel sorry for Donnah Brazille, a statement I am utterly surprised -- nearly aghast -- in expressing.

I don't get it. What is it... (Below threshold)

I don't get it. What is it that the dems want? The President said he wants to rebuild New Orleans, to fight the exposed poverty with bold action, to give incentives to minority business owners to name a few. A democrat stands up and says I want that too, I will help you, and she gets lambasted? So they DON'T want to rebuild New Orleans or fight poverty with bold action, etc.? If democrats were really what they say they are, then every one of them should be standing up with Donna Brazille, willing to help.

This abhorrent reaction to Donna Brazille by the dems is only making our case that they are nothing but frauds.

It's not that they don't wa... (Below threshold)

It's not that they don't want NO rebuilt, writeaway, it's that they don't want the evil ChimpyMcHalliburtonBechtelShawHitler or anyone that's ever been associated with him in any capacity whatsoever doing it.

Of course, just WHO is supposed to do it, that has the resources, planning ability and capability to do it... is always left unanswered.

Perhaps the Good Disaster Fairy (who probably looks a lot like Ted Kennedy or John Kerry) will swoop in and clean things up with no effort on their part... if they wish really hard!

You forgot Bob Schrum 0-8 ... (Below threshold)

You forgot Bob Schrum 0-8 in presidential elections including Kerry.

Its not that they don't wan... (Below threshold)
Jim Hall:

Its not that they don't want to rebuild it is simply that they cannot let up on the president or their masses of drones that get their instruction ONLY from the liberal blogs might open their eyes and see that president Bush is NOT the Frankenstein monster they have been proclaiming him to be.

For the sci-fi minded among us today the liberals can be compared to the Borg in the Star Trek series. They all check in to the core to get their thoughts for the day.

These folks would rather have the issue of New Orleans than the recovery of New Orleans.

The official spin on the le... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

The official spin on the leftist sites is they can't believe Chimpy is gonna do all that stuff because he never does what he says, like:
He said he was gonna cut taxe
He said he was gonna kick the Talibans ass
He said Afghanistan was gonna have free elections
He said he was gonna kick Saddam's ass
He said Iraq was gonna have free elections
etc., etc.
you just can't believe a word he says.

Reading some of the comment... (Below threshold)

Reading some of the comments, I'm amazed at how those folks rationalize the world. They really think that their numbers are the political majority. And the only way they can construct that reality is to dismiss all logic and fact.

The "reality-based" moniker is proving to be rich humor..

That's all well and good...... (Below threshold)

That's all well and good...but I'm not sure that I would give her too much credit. Her offer to "help Bush" seems to me to be based on a very selfish motive, namely that the place in the country she identifies with has been hurt.

Would she have reacted the same way if she hailed, instead, from Wisconsin? Where would she be if a monster earthquake placed (the conservative, and hence a small) part of CA into the Pacific?

I don't know the answers to those questions, but her offer strikes me as analogous to an actor suddenly deciding that disease X is worthy of their $$ and personal help...right have s/he comes down with disease X. Result: Good. Motivation: Questionable.

Tom,I see your point... (Below threshold)
Mary in (the other) LA:

I see your point. However, it might also be the case that having her home city utterly flattened has opened her eyes, the way the eyes of some other New Orleans soon-to-be-former Democrats have been opened. Sometimes it takes "being hit where you live" to change a person's world-view.

I say, let's be charitable and assume she's saying what she really thinks. If we get bitten again, well, it won't be for the first time, and if not -- it will be interesting to see if Ms. Brazile or any more high-profile Democrats pull a "Zell" and start supporting the President in situations where they agree that he is doing the right thing.

I always thought of her ... (Below threshold)

I always thought of her (when I bothered to think of her at all) as sort of a Mirror Universe Karl Rove: black instead of white, female instead of male, inept instead of supremely competent.

So, like the alternate Spock, she's supposed to have a goatee?

Mary,You're absolu... (Below threshold)


You're absolutely right. I am sure she is being totally honest and that she really thinks this disaster is a cause worthy of working with the 'other side' of the political spectrum.

I suppose I could be more charitable and assume that her new attitude is universal and not just specific to this incident. Time will tell.






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