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The thin blue line of freedom

I've often discussed the huge philosophical differences between my own New Hampshire and Massachusetts, that persistent reminder of just how things could be worse, just to our south.

But it's nice to see another take on the situation, especially when it's from a police officer.

If there's anyone with a better perception of the law as it affects the average person on a daily basis, it's gotta be a guy whose job it is to enforce it. And here are two former MA cops who moved to New Hampshire, saying just what they see as the distinctions.

Welcome to New Hampshire, Lt. Baldwin and Chief Goldstein. And thank you for helping us keep our state just the way it is.

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I really liked this line:</... (Below threshold)

I really liked this line:

"Bradshaw said these are the types of problems that are avoided by the laws of Massachusetts." ... to be replaced with a whole new, larger set of problems.

Link won't open for me. Too... (Below threshold)

Link won't open for me. Too bad, it sounds like a good one.

Me neither. I can't even fi... (Below threshold)

Me neither. I can't even find it by poring over links, or even a Google site search.

Yah, whattheheck is it with... (Below threshold)

Yah, whattheheck is it with google today and last night?

Not working for me, either.... (Below threshold)

Not working for me, either.

So whats wrong with the ine... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

So whats wrong with the inept idiots at New Orleans city hall especialy their idiot mayor nagging nagin?






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