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Weekday Caption Contest™

Every now and then, a photo comes out just too late to be used in the Weekend Caption Contest, and we here at Wizbang beat our heads against the wall at the missed opportunity.

Not this time.

This time, the photo was so damned great, we decided to hold the very first Wizbang Weekday Caption Contest.

Senators Christopher Dodd, left (D-Conn.), Joseph Lieberman, center (D-Conn.) and Edward Kennedy, right (D-Mass.), all speak on their cell phones during a news conference in the Riverwalk area of downtown New Orleans on Friday, Sept. 16, 2005. They and other senators are touring the Gulf Coast to view hurricane damage. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

Winners should be announced Thursday.

Update: Comments closed, winners announced here.


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Comments (119)

Fat Bastard conference call... (Below threshold)

Fat Bastard conference call.

"Can you hear me now? Good!... (Below threshold)

"Can you hear me now? Good!"
"Can you hear me now? Good!"
"Please delivah one dozen frozen margaritas to..."

There HAS to be a liquor st... (Below threshold)

There HAS to be a liquor store open SOMEWHERE in this state...

Makes me want to puke!... (Below threshold)

Makes me want to puke!

Where is Sirhan Sihran when... (Below threshold)

Where is Sirhan Sihran when we need him?

"Nope. No signal here, eith... (Below threshold)

"Nope. No signal here, either.

"No, Teddy, we don't know w... (Below threshold)
Charlie (Colorado):

"No, Teddy, we don't know where a stripper bar is open, and we're right behind you for God's sake."

No babe, these guys are a b... (Below threshold)

No babe, these guys are a bunch of pussies.three drinks and they want to call a taxi.

As soon as they saw the moo... (Below threshold)

As soon as they saw the moonbat symbol beamed onto the clouds overhead the three immediately called Commissioner Soros for instructions.

Three blind mice, three bli... (Below threshold)

Three blind mice, three blind mice...
See how they run, see how they run...
They all ran after Roberts' life...
Who cut off their tails with a logic knife...
Did you ever see such a thing in your life?
As three blind mice?

The Icy Hot Stuntaz haven't... (Below threshold)

The Icy Hot Stuntaz haven't aged well at all!

Tryouts for the new Clint E... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Tryouts for the new Clint Eastwood movie.

The Deaf, The Dumb and the Drunk

Municating, verb; de... (Below threshold)

Municating, verb; definition:

Three fat white men, with white hair and polo shirts, (I, You and He She or It) unable to speak to each other.
Conjugate: I municate, You municate, He She or It municates.

the "sandwhich" predator se... (Below threshold)

the "sandwhich" predator senators close in a new type of victim ...the male species. has fat-ted (the swimmer) and his bar buddy chris dodd had a glass too many or is senator lieberman starting to look a little like bit like angela joli?

Whispers - "Hi Teddy. This ... (Below threshold)
Rachel Edith:

Whispers - "Hi Teddy. This is Joe. I'm eavesdropping on Chris Dowd and he says forget the Pats, that with the point spread, bet is on the Steeelers this week."

Lieberman: "Yeah, it was Ro... (Below threshold)

Lieberman: "Yeah, it was Rove... again! Him and that damn glue gun."

I don't know how these othe... (Below threshold)

I don't know how these other two guys feel, but I feel like I am surrounded by " A Confederacy of Dunces"

Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest... (Below threshold)

Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest

Pssst, hey Chris, you think... (Below threshold)

Pssst, hey Chris, you think Teddy can swim?

Feeling frustratedly haples... (Below threshold)

Feeling frustratedly hapless, three ETs try phoning home in unison to boost their signal.

The three main reasons "Con... (Below threshold)

The three main reasons "Congressional Casual Day" was cancelled.

Do I make you randy, baby?<... (Below threshold)

Do I make you randy, baby?

Finally, evidency to prove... (Below threshold)

Finally, evidency to prove that Ted Kennedy is not always on the left!

"Yes Hillary -right away"</... (Below threshold)

"Yes Hillary -right away"

Once again Joe (the handwri... (Below threshold)

Once again Joe (the handwringer) chooses to be a centrist!

Your Senate at work - Anoth... (Below threshold)

Your Senate at work - Another typical morning meeting - getting the talking points from the NYTimes., Soros, and Michael Moore!

'Casting call' for the 2006... (Below threshold)

'Casting call' for the 2006 movie release modernizing the old nursery rhyme--

"Winken, Blinken, and Nodded off with his face buried in some hooker's crotch after 2 bottles of Chivas."

'Buy as much Haliburton as ... (Below threshold)

'Buy as much Haliburton as you can find.'

"Can't you guys get ANYTHIN... (Below threshold)

"Can't you guys get ANYTHING on Roberts? There's got to be something!"
Apparently the networking for dirt on the new Supreme Court nominee wasn't going well. Insiders saying the biggest problem being, most of their contacts were too busy cleaning up Ted Kennedy's old messes, to get much else done.

Ok, the first one to get th... (Below threshold)

Ok, the first one to get through to Dean's parole officer let the other two know...

Dodd: "blah blah blah...."<... (Below threshold)

Dodd: "blah blah blah...."
Lieberman: "blah blah blah..."
Kennedy: "You heard me right. I said the hookers are back to work down here. Now bring me my heart medicine."

"Lost Three, this is Lost O... (Below threshold)

"Lost Three, this is Lost One. Are you Lost Two?"

Judge Roberts we thought of... (Below threshold)

Judge Roberts we thought of some more questions we want to ask you.....

Kennedy: "What are y... (Below threshold)

Kennedy: "What are you wearing?"
Dodd: "A green polo shirt, no pocket. Why do you ask?"
Kennedy: "Er, sorry. Force of habit."
Lieberrman: "Can you believe there isn't a kosher muffaletta to be found in this G-dforsaken place?"

Sent to evaluate damage in ... (Below threshold)

Sent to evaluate damage in the area, three homesick New England Democratic Senators spent hours trying to find a restaurant in New Orleans with a twin lobster special.

Ted's PR hack calls for the... (Below threshold)

Ted's PR hack calls for the forth time to advise him to steer clear of any part of New Orleans still under more than six feet of water.

Shilling for Cingular to dr... (Below threshold)

Shilling for Cingular to draw PAC contributions, Senators Dodd, Lieberman, and Kennedy display their choreography for "Mobile Macarena".

Of course the phones weren'... (Below threshold)

Of course the phones weren't doing anything. They were in "Demo" mode.

Dodd, Kennedy and Lieberman... (Below threshold)

Dodd, Kennedy and Lieberman inadvertantly become the new Three Stooges by answering their phones at the same time:

"Hello, Hello, HELLOOOOOOO!"

It's amazing how many senat... (Below threshold)

It's amazing how many senators have "Haveh Nagileh" as a ringtone.

Hello roundtable i want a b... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Hello roundtable i want a big big pizza with everything on it and delivered to a the corneof fourth and elm you,ll see us there when you arive

1. Technology at its worst:... (Below threshold)

1. Technology at its worst:- Calling each other when they are together.

2. Nationwide Free calling:- Even Senators can use

3. Don't worry I will not tell Ted and Dodd

Ted:"No, Chris, I don't wan... (Below threshold)

Ted:"No, Chris, I don't want a Joe sandwich!"

Kennedy:What do you mean th... (Below threshold)
chilly willy:

Kennedy:What do you mean they evacuated all the hookers!
Liberman: Oye Veh!
Dodd: Jesus, If Ted doesen't get his hooker this is going to be a looong trip.

During the confirmation hea... (Below threshold)

During the confirmation hearings for Judge Roberts the democratic senators received a note saying please call this number for a recorded message from the President:


Senator Kennedy uses his mi... (Below threshold)

Senator Kennedy uses his mind control device on the last two sane Democrats and says, "The cycle is complete, now I am the master."

Budget Cuts: Free mobile to... (Below threshold)

Budget Cuts: Free mobile to mobile minutes.

What is the frequency,Kenne... (Below threshold)

What is the frequency,Kenneth?

Winkin' Blinkin' and Dodd</... (Below threshold)

Winkin' Blinkin' and Dodd

whasup!WHasuuppp!<... (Below threshold)




Lieberman: Like, Oh My God... (Below threshold)

Lieberman: Like, Oh My God, Dodd, did you see that outfit that Blanco was wearing....totally not fetch! Did she loot that from the flooded Walmart or something?!

Dodd: I totally agree. I mean, like, what was she thinking? Those shoes with that blouse? I sooo wouldn't want her to be in charge of this disater. She can't coordinate anything...

Kennedy: Come on girls! I hear you can drink on Bourbon Street if you're under 21. Do either of you have one of those new camera phones? I want my picture taken drinking a Hurricane!

In harmony...Chris: ... (Below threshold)

In harmony...
Chris: hello
Joe: hello
Teddy: hello...

And in case that flies under the radar
On a conference call with the DLC: No, no. Teddy was with us the whole time. No. None of the floaters were anywhere near his car. Dont worry Chris has the keys now, and once we find some Chivas, we'll drop Teddy in his room, and get some work done.

OK, I didn't see Tom B's en... (Below threshold)

OK, I didn't see Tom B's entry... Damn you Blogical!

What's that...What do I thi... (Below threshold)

What's that...What do I think of Roe vs. Wade? Hell, I don't care how they got out of New Orleans!

(in unison) "So what do you... (Below threshold)

(in unison) "So what do you want me to say next, Mr. Rove?"

Hey! Are you guys in line ... (Below threshold)

Hey! Are you guys in line for the new phone porn too? I've been on hold since last Tuesday and I need a drink.

The New York Slimes is inte... (Below threshold)

The New York Slimes is interviewing the three fat blind mice.

The three blind mice gettin... (Below threshold)

The three blind mice getting their marching orders from Cindy Sheehan.

Chris Dodd: Not now April <... (Below threshold)

Chris Dodd: Not now April
Teddy: Oh no it’s Mary Jo
Leiberman: No Al, I don’t want to play second banana to your losing ways again.

"Yes Mr. Rove. We await tod... (Below threshold)

"Yes Mr. Rove. We await today's instructions on destroying the Democratic party--we hear and we obey."

Joe: Shalom Hadassah. Yeah,... (Below threshold)

Joe: Shalom Hadassah. Yeah, it's me. I've got clowns to the left of me and jokers to the right. I'm so glad that I'm stuck in the middle with you.

(gotta go with what got me here).

"No, you gotta' list... (Below threshold)

"No, you gotta' listen carefully, these newfangled cell things are useless; it's spelled C-H-A-P-P-A-Q-U-"

"Hi, Hadassah""Yea... (Below threshold)
Upset old guy:

"Hi, Hadassah"



"No, I'm standing right between them."

"Yeah, it makes me feel like the pastrami in a cheap deli sandwich."

1)How do you determine the ... (Below threshold)

1)How do you determine the number of senators in this picture? Count the man-boobs and divide by two.

2) [Voice of offsite liquor store owner]: "I'm sorry, Senator Lieberman, but I've got two other guys on the line who just ordered enough scotch to float a battle ship from here to Fredericksburg.

3) [Kennedy]: "Dodd and I want to order a waitress sandwich. Wait. Lieberman, you in? Make that a waitress dagwood sandwich."

Senators Dodd, Leiberman an... (Below threshold)

Senators Dodd, Leiberman and Kennedy attempt to demonstrate the flotation devices that will be handed out to New Orleans residents and can be worn under normal casual clothing. Although the devices appear to be a bit saggy and loose, they can aid in...wait a minute. Nevermind.

Opening Scene from "The Man... (Below threshold)

Opening Scene from "The Manchurian Senators:"

Senator Dodd (D-Conn.): "Yes Karl!"

Senator Lieberman (D-Conn.): "Yes Karl!"

Senator Kennedy (D-Mass.): "Yes Karl!"

"Hey, that Bill O'Reilly wa... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

"Hey, that Bill O'Reilly was on to something. I've got my page boy groaning and moaning like you wouldn't believe..."

A trio of nerds looking for... (Below threshold)

A trio of nerds looking for a party, no luck so far...

I was going to submit one, ... (Below threshold)

I was going to submit one, but then I read #9 by bullwinkle. Now I'm going to have to get all this stuff off my screen and out of my keyboard .... I mean, the image of those three in shiny, skin-tight leotards ....!

(BTW, #5 (... Sirhan ....) seems more like what I'd expect at another site beginning with the letter "k")

Hello, eera, um, Chappaquid... (Below threshold)

Hello, eera, um, Chappaquiddick Police Dept?
Eera yes, eera, um I'd like to report an accident involving, ah, um, my cah!
When did it occur, you ahsk? Well, eera, just a, ah-ah, short, um, time ago, um, ah....If I was to, eera, venture a guess, ah-ah-um, I'd say just about 35 to 36 years ago, give or, eera, take a few minutes.

Nabisco trots out their new... (Below threshold)

Nabisco trots out their new "Asshole Oreo".

Kennedy: Mr. Scott - three ... (Below threshold)

Kennedy: Mr. Scott - three to beam up! Hurry man, giant crawdads are attacking us!

Leiberman: 911 dispatcher, yes hello, say my friend Teddy is hallucinating. Yes, I can hold.

Dodd: Yes is this the Chris Owens Club on Bourbon Street? Yes, I'd like to get a table reserved for three. Yes front row!

Teddy: "This is the last ti... (Below threshold)

Teddy: "This is the last time I call a numba I find on a terlit wall."

Joe: " Do you serve matzo ball soup, not Cajun style?"

Dodd: "Yes, mix up a pitcher of Hurricanes to go!"

Three to beam up, Captain D... (Below threshold)

Three to beam up, Captain Dean.

Well no...it's not the same... (Below threshold)

Well no...it's not the same SHADE but it's the same damn shirt and I'm not happy about it at all...it's an embarrassment.

Kennedy: “Row, row, row you... (Below threshold)

Kennedy: “Row, row, row your boat, gently down the steam. Merrily, merrily, merrily, Life is but a dream.”

Lieberman: “ Gentile, down the steam. Merrily, merrily, merrily, Life is but a dream. Row, Row, Row your boat, gentile, down the steam”

Dodd: Propel, Propel, Propel, your craft, placidly down the liquid solution. Ecstatically, ecstatically, ecstatically, existence is but an illusion.

Proof that tecnology is gre... (Below threshold)

Proof that tecnology is great. Talking points get around so much faster these days.

Yes, you have reached the N... (Below threshold)
Charles Versteege:

Yes, you have reached the Nancy Pelosi's Personal Porn Hotline and boys I am hot! I am really really hot and been waiting for your conference call.......

To limit bombast, the chair... (Below threshold)

To limit bombast, the chairman ruled that committee appearances by some select senators must now be made by teleconference, with no rollover minutes.

OK, we got the photo-op. N... (Below threshold)

OK, we got the photo-op. Now get us the he** out of here!

"Yeah... uh huh... I'm the ... (Below threshold)
OC Chuck:

"Yeah... uh huh... I'm the guy standing on the corner with the white hair talking on the cell phone."

Three U.S. Senators listeni... (Below threshold)

Three U.S. Senators listening to voicemail from colleague Hillary Clinton. Fox News has just obtained a secret transcript: "Listen up you losers, votte for Roberts and quit embarassing our party. My chances are slipping away. By the way, any of you seen Bill? He owes me some money."

Teddy: "Some local just tol... (Below threshold)
OC Chuck:

Teddy: "Some local just told me that I don't know my a** from a hole in the ground. Could you guys, you know..."

Joe and Chris: "You want us to do WHAT???"

Teddy: "Well, I think it st... (Below threshold)
OC Chuck:

Teddy: "Well, I think it still works, let me check. Just a sec..."

Joe: "I shouldn't have eaten that third helping of gumbo, it gives me such gas. OY!"

Chris: "You know, something just doesn't smell right here."

Teddy: "I don't give a sh--... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Teddy: "I don't give a sh-- if his phone is busy, put me through to Lieberman, now!"

Ted "Yes, Hilary...they are... (Below threshold)

Ted "Yes, Hilary...they are trying to find him now...yes, we called McDonald's... He was there but didn't want to wait for the fries...Yes, they're checking Burger King... What? Bring you back a whopper....hee hee, well I've told a few...oh, I mean I've had a few... OK, OK, no mustard on yours...and NO I told Kerry we've stopped doing carry out for him...and tell him to quit asking..."

Orders from Kos... (Below threshold)

Orders from Kos

(On conference call with Pr... (Below threshold)
Lindy R. Dole:

(On conference call with President Bush):
Dubya: "Before we get started I'd like to tell you a joke, There were these three liberals. . .
Teddy: "Just to remind you Mr. President, the three of us are all very liberal, are you sure you want to go ahead with the joke.
Dubya: "uh, I guess not, not if I'm gonna have to explain it three times."

TK: No honey, really, the ... (Below threshold)

TK: No honey, really, the hearings are over and we're deliberating now. Sigh...no, I don't plan on driving over any bridges, very funny. Look, the other Senators don't have to got through this every time THEY stay in Washington for the weekend.

The view from Monica's "ber... (Below threshold)

The view from Monica's "beret-cam" as she prepares to "interview" for the role of Senate intern.

Buffet? Buffet?? Buffet??... (Below threshold)

Buffet? Buffet?? Buffet??

Dodd: "Damn - is that Sean... (Below threshold)

Dodd: "Damn - is that Sean Penn going by?"

Lieberman: "Ayuh. Does he realize what a tool he looks like, using that little red cup to bail out his boat? Oy."

Kennedy: "Bail? Whaddaya mean, bail?"

The Three Stooges are calli... (Below threshold)

The Three Stooges are calling for bids at three different escort services to see who has the better price.

Lieberman and Dodd patientl... (Below threshold)

Lieberman and Dodd patiently "hang on the line" waiting for Senator Kennedy to prove that you really can "conference" cell phone calls.

"Pork.""Pork."... (Below threshold)



"More Pork."

"Angels, this is Charlie - ... (Below threshold)
Master Shake:

"Angels, this is Charlie - I have another assignment for you...."

I don't know about you guys... (Below threshold)

I don't know about you guys, but mine is waaaaaaay too much hand and not enough mouth.

"Are you SERIOUS?! Howie s... (Below threshold)

"Are you SERIOUS?! Howie said WHAT?!"

Three Blind "Demo-rats"...<... (Below threshold)

Three Blind "Demo-rats"...

Meanwhile, back at the A... (Below threshold)

Meanwhile, back at the Astrodome, a young evacuee stumbles upon Papa Doc’s voodoo dolls and starts playing make-believe fat-cat.

Teddy: Rita's comin'? Man, ... (Below threshold)

Teddy: Rita's comin'? Man, now we're talking. Rita's a Hot Chick name. Every Rita I knew was smokin'. The Latina ones especially.

Lieberman: When's tomorrow's dress code memo coming out. These damn golf shirts show off my man boobs a little too much.

Dodd: Evacuees in Westport my ass.

Three reasons why partial-b... (Below threshold)

Three reasons why partial-birth abortions should be legalized.


Proof that genetic cloning really is a bad idea.

Dodd: Hi, can I have a pepp... (Below threshold)

Dodd: Hi, can I have a pepperoni pizza?

Lieberman: Do you have any bagels left?

Kennedy: Okay, write this down. 2 bottles of gin. 3 bottles of whiskey. 20 jello shots. $900 worth of FlashDancers "Funny Money". The red head from Continental Escorts. The blonde from BackBayBeauty Escorts. Viagra. A funnel. Every pint of Guinness in a 5 mile radius. And a limo - with a chaffeur. I'm not driving this time around!!

"So what if we DO have the ... (Below threshold)

"So what if we DO have the physique of an egg, it was still inapprropriate of your hookers to laugh at us..."

For today's random attack o... (Below threshold)

For today's random attack on the president, press one.

To learn how to pretend to support the troops, press two.

For tips on how to call Bush a racist based on hurricane relief, press three.

For voting instructions on the Roberts nomination, press four.

For directions to the Senate office building, press five.

GOV. BLANCO said she needed... (Below threshold)

GOV. BLANCO said she needed 24 hours to "THINK" it over.

Cost to the taxpayers for 3... (Below threshold)

Cost to the taxpayers for 3 Senators to go to New Orleans to mug for the cameras…….$300,000
Dodd/Lieberman working with the engineers to help plug the levees.."can we use Teddy…he's like a big sandbag"….$0
3 Fat white Senators who followed Gov. Blanco's plan to get a photo op with Sean Penn's New Orleans' lifesaving boat tours….Priceless

Three senators phone home f... (Below threshold)

Three senators phone home for a clue

Donkeys gone wild.... (Below threshold)

Donkeys gone wild.

3 Congressional Pork Barrel... (Below threshold)
Cliff Chappell:

3 Congressional Pork Barrels

Hey future president, call ... (Below threshold)

Hey future president, call your wife!

Teddy: Hey Dingy Harry, let... (Below threshold)

Teddy: Hey Dingy Harry, lets see if we can funnel some of that Katrina money to Boston.

Leiberman to Dodd: Lets get some that Katrina scratch into Hartford. One of us is bound to get re-elected to the Senate.

After the government succes... (Below threshold)

After the government successfully shut off the pipeline of counterfeit Viagra, Levitra and Cialis, heavy users, known on the mean streets as "e.d. junkies", tried desperately to find a source of supply...

Can you hear me now No<br ... (Below threshold)
why not:

Can you hear me now No
Can you hear my now.. No
Can you hear me now? What?

Chris, Joe, & Ted call for ... (Below threshold)

Chris, Joe, & Ted call for a quick hurricane delivery to New England.


Which of the three isn't calling for a hooker?

Monkey see; monkey do.... (Below threshold)

Monkey see; monkey do.

Imagine, you are walking do... (Below threshold)

Imagine, you are walking down a deserted street, one normally filled with happy, partying tourists; a street where every corner has a street performer or jazz trio playing, and there, suddenly, you come upon a trio of three white fat guys harmonizing Andrew Lloyd Webber tunes. You’ve just entered the Twilight Zone – one inhabited by a society of tinhat-moonbats.

All three blind micein unio... (Below threshold)

All three blind micein unionisn: Whadda ya mean by saying that the Navy closed down all of the whorehouses

Duck, Duck, Goose.... (Below threshold)

Duck, Duck, Goose.






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