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Calling in some debts

I've been coming up pretty dry for posting topics the last couple of days, and it's getting kinda frustrating. But it occurred to me that it's not entirely my fault.

I oughta have half a dozen pieces cooking right about now, and I don't because certain people don't believe in honoring their commitments. Almost two weeks ago, I accepted bids from six people to write postings on the topics of their choosing, and as of now not one of them has sent me a topic.

So I'm calling them out. Gimme your topics, people!

Greg and Diane
April Dilli

I"m still digging into my research on the World War I piece, and it's coming along quite well (I owe a special thanks to Stan Brewer, who's given me quite a bit of the precise info I'm needing), but it's gonna take a bit more time. (Good thing the war ended almost 90 years ago, which takes a bit of the time pressure off.)

Come on, folks. I'm honor-bound to do your bidding -- but you gotta actually TELL ME what that is!

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I'm mostly just a reader an... (Below threshold)

I'm mostly just a reader and observer. I'm not sure what you are looking for here. But I'll tell you what, to me, is the most important topics to me for our country and us individually.

1. Our screwed up tax system and politicions who continue to enslave us with it. Solving this one will solve %90 of our ills.

2. Our screwed up immigration policy which is ruining our country.

3.Our failure, as citizens, to get rid of "professional" politicions. This one, of course, is the cause of all the rest.

I'm not sure what you are l... (Below threshold)

I'm not sure what you are looking for here. I am mostly only a reader and observer and I post a comment occasionally. However, I am not a young man, and I think these 3 topics are THE most important for our country and all of us as individuals.

1. Our screwed up tax system which makes virtually all of us criminals, supresses capitalism, and allows politicions to steal from us and enslave us, creates a class system of hatred and envy and an entitlement society that is shameful.

2.Our immigration policy, legal and illegal, that is completely ignored or maybe even promoted by politicions in both parties. I not even sure anymore.

3. Our failure, as citizens, to remove from office ALL professional politicions. Seems to me they are the ones who are really destroying the fundamental principles upon which this country was founded.

sorry for the double post. ... (Below threshold)

sorry for the double post. Starting the first comment is much different than simply making a reply. I screwed up.

If you need material for yo... (Below threshold)

If you need material for your WWI project, check out the 10-part documentary available on NetFlix. I just watched it last week and it is excellent - even includes color photos.

Ugh! I know, I know . . . ... (Below threshold)

Ugh! I know, I know . . . I haven't forgotten. Soon, Jay, soon. I need to consult with some of my fellow M*ssholes to come up with the perfect topic. And remember, I paid the point-of-view surcharge.

How about a(nother) post on... (Below threshold)

How about a(nother) post on how more people should be reading Yippee-Ki-Yay?

Those are always good for a laugh.


That didn't come out right.

JT,If you run dry,... (Below threshold)


If you run dry, I would be happy to contribute a piece.


PBS has done a series of pr... (Below threshold)

PBS has done a series of programs on single things: hot dogs, ice cream, flea markets, sandwiches, In a similar vein, why not post on your favorite sandwich? You can go into what you'd make if you were making one at home, where you go for your favorite prepared sandwich, great sandwiches you have known.

I've done a little sandwich blogging myself and have recently come upon a new fave which I'll be blogging in the not-too-distant future. No research needed. Just pure spasm of opinion.

What kind of pieces work on... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

What kind of pieces work on blogs in general and WizBang in particular? I don't see how complex topics like taxes and immigration fit other than to elicit gripes. What many blog readers are searching for is a forum where complex issues can be thoroughly explored and a group consensus developed. Obviously, no such forum exists, so we are back to the initial question.

Hmmm. How about... (if you... (Below threshold)

Hmmm. How about... (if you're really hurting for a topic to write on) ... the effects of caffine and nicotine on technological development? When you consider the industrial revolution didn't seem to really take off until both coffee (and tea) and tobacco were available, that would seem to be a fun area to explore.

How about helping the world... (Below threshold)

How about helping the world understand the difference between global warming and the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO) that "scienists say it has triggered drought in the western US while spawning hurricanes in the Atlantic." And that living on the coast for the next 10 years may cost you $$$ and a couple of home rebuild jobs. The article is located at St. Petersburg Times online http://www.sptimes.com/2005/09/13/Worldandnation/Storm_frenzy_is_not_a.shtml

I also recommend the accuweather blog sites http://wwwa.accuweather.com/adcbin/public/promotional_redesign_blog.asp



for further understanding of what kind of havoc the oceans temperature fluxuations can cause.

Hmmm.Ok. Here's a... (Below threshold)


Ok. Here's a theory of mine that I've repeated a few times, so why not explore it here?

The application of the Theory of Evolution to American politics.

The basic reasoning is this. That political campaigns and election cycles simulate, to a varying degree, the same pressures and processes that occur in the wild. There are predators and there are prey, and they sometimes switch places. There is a struggle to survive and succeed, politically, and the price of failure is elimination. Those that succeed spawn many successors, those that fail are generally removed from politics.

Within this Evolutionary model you have many different predatory forces that act to eliminate the politically weak from the struggle. One of the biggest among these forces are the Media, which acts as a predator. This effect is both on a national and local level. Where the predation is strong, the relative quality of politicians is strong. Where the predation is weak, the relative quality of politicians is weak.

Note that this has nothing to do with politicians as human beings. It has everything to do with their political skills.

Now possible examples of this effect might be found in both the current Mayor Ray Nagin and Gov Kathleen Blanco. Both Democrats operating within a very protected environment and unlikely to face any serious predation by the Media. Another example would be Mayor Rudy Guiliani, who had to be a very good politician to survive in a very pro-Democrat NYC.

I.e. the current weakness of the Democratic party might not necessarily be due to the existing ideology, which worked very well politically under Clintion. Instead it might be due to excessively weak politicians who would otherwise have been filtered by a truly predatory Media. But as that Media has largely sought Republican victims rather than Democratic ones, the effect has been to "pollute" the Democratic Party with politically weak politicians.

Of course there are exceptions to this. Even in a weak "gene pool" there are always exceptional individuals.

A prime example of this process is Kerry in 2004. Any reasonable attack by the Media would have displayed Kerry's problems and pitfalls early in the primary campaign, and would be very likely removed him from contention. But instead the Media chose not to apply it's effect to the Democrats so they ended up with a weak candidate rather than a strong one.


So Jay, want to explore this one?

Actually ed, IMHO, you just... (Below threshold)

Actually ed, IMHO, you just did.

Yes, I've been slow - deepe... (Below threshold)

Yes, I've been slow - deepest apologies. So, here goes. You've previously gone on record supporting gay marriage. I was going to ask you to write out your principles for this position and why you feel civil marriage for same-sex couples is desirable for our republic. But you've done this in some fashion already. So, let's give it a twist. How is it constitutional, or why is it preferable, to limit civil marriage to two persons? There are religious and cultural traditions around the world that embrace multiple spouses. Some "progressives" might embrace the idea of "group marriage" where four, five, or six people are all co-married to each other. What is the compelling state interest in limiting civil marriage in this way and prohibiting such arrangements. Give us your foundations for your position on this issue.

I wonder if this will create more controversy than arguing for daylight savings time in Indiana which we proposed in the previous contest. Good luck!

Hmmm"Actually ed, ... (Below threshold)


"Actually ed, IMHO, you just did."

Still I think it needs more exploration. Frankly I'm not certain if it's true at all. It could be, but there's a lot of room between here and there.

jay check your e-mail... (Below threshold)

jay check your e-mail

Hey! i sent you my topic! W... (Below threshold)

Hey! i sent you my topic! What's up with that?


All right, dude. i've forwa... (Below threshold)

All right, dude. i've forwarded to you the last two emails I sent you a while back. Let me know if you got them.


Seems like a common problem... (Below threshold)

Seems like a common problem.






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