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Mayor Orders Evacuation of New Orleans (Take 2)

Sigh- Here we go again:

Mayor Suspends Reopening of New Orleans

Bars, restaurants and shops had just begun showing signs of life when the mayor suspended the reopening of the city and ordered nearly everyone to leave town again as a new hurricane headed toward the Gulf of Mexico. ...

The mayor reversed course even as residents began trickling back to the first neighborhood opened as part of his plan, the lightly damaged Algiers section.

"Now we have conditions that have changed. We have another hurricane that is approaching us," Nagin said Monday. He warned that the city's pumping system was not yet running at full capacity and that the levees were still very weak.

Nagin ordered residents who slipped back into the still-closed parts of the city to leave immediately. He also urged everyone already settled back into Algiers to be ready to evacuate as early as Wednesday.

The city requested 200 buses to assist in an evacuation. They would start running 48 hours before landfall from the downtown convention center and a stadium in Algiers.

OK this ceasing to be funny.

We left home with mostly nothing. Since we've been gone we have bought sheets, blankets, clothes etc. Since we only have one car with us, we had more "stuff" than we could take home in one trip. So over the weekend I drove 12 hours to check out the house and bring home our family pictures and assorted personal momentos.

Now I have to figure out whether to drive 12 hours to go pick them all back up or to take a gamble on the hurricane. Sigh.


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Comments (24)

Paul, again my heart goes o... (Below threshold)

Paul, again my heart goes out to you. We are currently getting some rain bands from Rita (Orlando) but nothing big.

I used to write intervention letters personifying the storms as having various dysfunctions. I did this as a way to break my own tension with pending storms. After Katrina...they aren't funny in the slightest anymore.

Nagin has to be the bigges... (Below threshold)
mark m:

Nagin has to be the biggest richard bag to gain office. I can't believe he's bickering with FEMA field guy for talking directly to the people of N.O.. Unbelievable.

That is a hell of a decisio... (Below threshold)

That is a hell of a decision to have to make, Paul.

What's scary is that Rita doesn't have to be nearly as severe a storm to F up the program royally, particularly in New Orleans.

I really hope her track ultimately takes her away from your area. As for your decision on whether or not to go back for your things again, I am not in your shoes, and nothing I can think up could probably make me understand it fully. It just sucks.

So now we have to pay for A... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

So now we have to pay for ANOTHER evacuation? We have to divert troops and resources from other disaster areas to evacuate N.O. again? If the rescue workers didn't have to waste their time evacuating N.O. AGAIN, wouldn't they have been helping others?

"The city requested 200 buses to assist in an evacuation." Will the city use those school buses we've all seen in the news lately? If they are not usable, exactly why are they not usable?

Paul, whatever you decide t... (Below threshold)

Paul, whatever you decide to do, please be careful!

sigh..here we go again..<br... (Below threshold)
Drew Edmondson:

sigh..here we go again..
Bush puppet Allawa's Defense Min. to be arrested for over $1bn fraud (our tax money)....David Safavin..Head of Procrument for OMB has been arrested as part of Aberamoff(see Delay)investigation...and from the same folks who gave us FEMA Mike(Brownie)Brown we get Julie Meyers as new head of the U.S. IMMIGRATION AND CUSTOMS..her background? Her uncle is Gen. Meyers and she married to Chertoff's Chief of Staff. Do you really want to start pointing fingers at BOZO's? Which is worse, the mayor of NOLA inviting people back?(Remember the rich nerver really left they just hired security guards) or Bush telling us Iraq is going well?

OK, Drew. Put down the koo... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

OK, Drew. Put down the kool-aid and step away.

What in the world does any of that have to do with Paul's dilemna about going back to New Orleans? Granted, mark m made some remarks not directly relevant but at least they were about the situation in NO and not some BushCheneyHalliburtonrulestheworld nonsense.

And Paul, it's looking more and more like the track of the hurricane is going to take it into the mid-Texas coast between Galveston and Corpu Christi. I would keep an eye on it, but I think you may be safe this time.

Leave it up to blame Bush p... (Below threshold)

Leave it up to blame Bush people to blame Rita on Bush...

And Drew, have you actually talked to someone that has been to Iraq or are you relying on the MSM's for all of your info....

Yes, Drew, clearly if every... (Below threshold)

Yes, Drew, clearly if everybody had the financial ability to hire private security guards, then we would be immune from the dangers of a natural disaster. Also, didn't you just go off the moonbat plantation saying the rich stayed. If you look back at your talking points, only the poor stayed. The rich could afford to leave.

Either way, it is always refreshing to see that much moonbattery wrapped up and presented to the world so concisely. Who needs parody when we can just use your own words ?!

RE: Drew Edmondson's divers... (Below threshold)

RE: Drew Edmondson's diversion (September 20, 2005 12:46 PM)

While the mention of Meyers as highly questionable appointment is valid (see M. Malkin's coverage for a nice review), what does your post have to do with Paul's blog entry? Paul is expressing the frustration of being caught in the middle of nature's whim. He has not criticized anyone or taken sides on this entry.

I understand that you are just salivating to bash the administration, whether rightly or wrongly, but just have some patience. The powers that be will get to the topics in due course. The Right has no reservations about critiquing "their own". Further, they have no reservations about ignoring the foolish.

Personally, I think Drew is... (Below threshold)

Personally, I think Drew is just Karl Rove trying to make the Loony Left look bad.

No, wait, since he's so smart, he wouldn't have done such a poor job of it.

No, wait, he'd do that just to throw people off his scent.

No, wait...ah, nevermind.

Hmmm.1. Frankly Pa... (Below threshold)


1. Frankly Paul I think I'd go back and get them. It's a 12 hour ride, but I assume these are things that are literally priceless to you. If they're priceless, then there's no question about going back.

As a side note after my parents divorced my mother asked me what she should do with a bunch of old photos my dad had taken years before. Being a rather young snot-nosed know-it-all I told her to dump them since my dad didn't want them. I regret not saving them to this day, and every single day. These photos were taken by my father during his service in Vietnam as an engineer on Army tugboats transporting barges of food, fuel and muntions.

If I could spend 12 hours of my life to get them back, I would willingly do so without hesitation.

2. I wouldn't move back to New Orleans until Ray "Naggin" Nagin actually moves his family from Dallas back to New Orleans. Until then, it's simply not safe.

3. I think Nagin and Blanco are politicially dead and quite possibly the Democratic Party as well in Louisiana. A lot of pro-Democrat voters are simply not going to come back. And those that do come back won't be guaranteed to vote Democrat anymore.

ed that is pretty compellin... (Below threshold)

ed that is pretty compelling. I am sorry for your loss. Go get your stuff Paul.

Paul:Sorry for eve... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


Sorry for everything you and your family have been through.

By all means, go get those familiy momentos and keepsakes while you still can, but do it now and be safe! God bless!

Yeah I know- (life sucks) <... (Below threshold)

Yeah I know- (life sucks)

Not to whine but after giving it some thought, it is a 24 hour drive. If I go get that stuff, I still can't bring everything back in 1 trip so that means I have to make 2 more 12 hour drives.

And I can't ship any of it because you can't ship into New Orleans right now... We don't even have postal service much less UPS et al. (heck the garbage man passed the other day and people were dancing in the streets)

I'll probably be back in town for a week before I could ship it to myself.


Paul, Rita will not be the... (Below threshold)

Paul, Rita will not be the last hurricane of the year. Put a trailer hitch on your car and buy or rent a trailer to carry around your "stuff" so this question won't bother you when the next 'cane comes. There are "bet's" out there that there will be a Hurrican Beta before the end of the season!

Best wishes for the right a... (Below threshold)

Best wishes for the right and safest decision, Paul...but mine would go something like this, if in your shoes at this moment:

drive back, retrieve the most unreplacable items (family photos, documents, inherited items of greatest sentimental worth, pets and plants if they are still there, anything else of worth that can/could be resold if necessary later, empty any edibles remaining to limit bug and mold infestations), and then drive to wherever safe/temporary home was and find a storage facility that was clean, secure and air conditioned and store the best of the unperishables for as long as necessary.

And then go back to the temporary place and rethink the return options.

I still think that living in that area is not a good idea, since you may have to go through this same process many times in the future/near future. I'd ask myself if it didn't make sense to permanently relocate to anywhere else a tad less affected by floods, storms, riots and bad local government.

My mother owned a house in ... (Below threshold)

My mother owned a house in the Florida Keys and lived there with her husband for many decades, through Hurricane Donnah (that dodged her home Key at the last moment and skipped out to sea) and only opted after Hurricane Andrew plowed throuugh Florida to the north of where they lived. Although still safe and sound out on their ocean-front home, they decided that "there are going to be a series of very intense hurricanes in the next decade and so we're moving."

I always wondered how my mother knew that but it looks like her forethought was based on sense, of whatever intuitive or perhaps meterological insight she had at that time.

She explained to me when she told me of this forethought those years ago, just before they sold their home in the Keys, that a friend of hers worked with the Hurricane/Weather advisory/whatever it's called and that he'd studied the weather in Africa (this was back about 1993 or so) and determined that the outcome would be that in the next two decades, there would be increasing hurricane force and occurence affecting North America/the Gulf.

Guess my mother and her friend were right.

"Now we have conditions th... (Below threshold)

"Now we have conditions that have changed."

No, Mayor, nothing has changed except your fuzzy little brain, blowing this way and that in the political breeze, like a dandelion gone to seed.

Paul,You and your fa... (Below threshold)

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I agree with the idea that you need to pull everything back out and just plan to stay in your temporary housing for 6 months to a year. Don't try to rush back into New Orleans. Please, for your safety...wait and see what happens. Mayor Nagin is a FOOL and cannot be trusted. That is evident by the fact that he is now living in a home in Dallas...with no evidence of plans to go home.

Paul,I don't live th... (Below threshold)

I don't live there, but my internet-informed view is that this storm will only result in at most 5 or 6 inches of rain in NOLA. The weather won't be bad enough to require the evacuation of the Army Corps guys, and my guess is that they will do their level best to respond to any weak levees, and man the pumps to increase the pumping capacity as each day progresses.

My point is that you should evaluate two main issues:

1. How low is the elevation of my house, and how vulnerable is it in relation to published information on weakened levees and canals?

2. How secure can I make the item in my house?

If you can secure the items reasonably for a two week evacuation period, and your house is not particularly vulnerable according to #1, I would make one trip to get the really irreplacable personal items, and secure the rest.

My feeling is that this storm is unlikely to result in much more flooding.

And I am only referring to ... (Below threshold)

And I am only referring to NOLA and closeby regions.
The Texas coast is another story altogether!

Bush: Rita is New Orleans M... (Below threshold)

Bush: Rita is New Orleans Mop-Up Operation

NEW ORLEANS - President Bush announced today that Hurricane Rita, likely to make catastrophic landfall near Houston, was his "mop-up operation to finish exterminating poor and black New Orlinians who fled to Texas."

Read more at: http://bilges.blogspot.com/2005/09/bush-rita-is-new-orleans-mop-up.html

Hmmm.Couldn't you ... (Below threshold)


Couldn't you find a post office or UPS store outside the affected area around New Orleans to ship the items?






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