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Media Accuracy Watch

Another Katrina myth has been busted. Aaron Broussard's emotional appearance on Meet The Press has been "corrected", due to the efforts of John at WuzzaDem who didn't think the story passed the smell test.

This evening there's a new story from the UK tabloid The Mirror, claiming that tons of British aid donated to help Hurricane Katrina victims are to be BURNED by Americans.

...[T]ons of the badly needed Nato ration packs, the same as those eaten by British troops in Iraq, has been condemned as unfit for human consumption.
Leaving aside the obvious jokes about British cuisine, this story smells fishy.

Perhaps the blogosphere can shed some light on the validity of the Mirror's claims.


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Comments (23)

Broussard Busted? He just g... (Below threshold)

Broussard Busted? He just got the start day wrong (and the direction of calls) on the 4 days when this woman ended up drowning. This is a guy providing emergency services in an extremely stressful situation with limited power and communications - I'm surprised he could even tell what hour it was if not what day of the week it was.

If you want to pick on someone getting a day wrong - try picking on someone not in the heat of the action. Like Brown's boss Chertoff who even after Brown called him and said "things are breaking down here - we need a national response now" waited 24 hours to even draft a memo getting the ball rolling. http://thinkprogress.org/2005/09/16/chertoff-focus/ )

By the way - if you want to read a real story about someone who stayed in New Orleans and got out on a stolen bus - go here


"This is a guy providing em... (Below threshold)

"This is a guy providing emergency services in an extremely stressful situation with limited power and communications - I'm surprised he could even tell what hour it was if not what day of the week it was."

Um, so what the hell was he doing on TV?

*sigh*Kevin, I sen... (Below threshold)


Kevin, I sent you a link to this when *I* was the first one saying it...and like everyone else, you ignored my email.

Jesus this is frustrating. I had this story on 9/11, and not one of the people who could have helped me spread the world cared at all to even respond much less link to my post. Now everyone's pretending that Wuzzadem was first.


Sam, he didn't "get a day w... (Below threshold)

Sam, he didn't "get a day wrong." He said there were FIVE DAYS of calls coming from the nursing home, and he invented dialogue to go with it. That is WAY beyond getting a day wrong.

It's a total embellishment. We call those lies.

When I first heard this man... (Below threshold)

When I first heard this man's tearful rant, the first thing I thought was, "Why the hell didn't the guy go fetch his own mother BEFORE the hurricane?"

The second thought was, they've got phone service?!?!?

I read the FOOD BURNED BY A... (Below threshold)

I read the FOOD BURNED BY AMERICANS article on the the Mirror's rag. It does smell fishy. Not one mention of any officials name anywhere. Just a lot of conjecture. Trying to stir up some smelly stuff it looks like to me.

First, to those who are dis... (Below threshold)

First, to those who are dismissing this as "he just got his days mixed up," consider that the interview was on 9/4. His "confusion" would have him saying she died two days before the interview rather than six--simply not plausible.

Now, if I may be a little crass and unsophisticated for just a bit, when I first saw the interview, I was sickened by it. Not the story itself, mind you, but rather at the notion of a government "leader" going on national television and squawling like a baby. I've seen strong leaders get emotional--nothing wrong with that. But for someone who is supposed to be in control of a parish to be so woefully out of control of his own emotions during a crisis is inexcusable and disgusting.

And FWIW, I put Nagin's obscenity-laced rant in the same category as Broussard's breakdown.

Did any of you who watched ... (Below threshold)

Did any of you who watched him on Meet the Press believe he was being sincere? I watched it and my gut feeling was, "you protest too much". He just looked like a phoney to me. Turns out he is. CYA syndrome? I think so. Lots of that going on right now on from all sides.

Some bloggers, notably Jeff... (Below threshold)

Some bloggers, notably Jeff Jarvis, took this unlikely story and ran with it. They did so for the same reasons that Mr. Broussard made up this tale.

There are two government officials in Jefferson Parish who are responsible for ensuring that nursing homes are evacuated PRIOR to hurricanes hitting. They are:

Aaron Broussard and Thomas Rodrique

Broussard went on Meet The Press to complain that this woman died, not because of the hurricane, or the failure to evacuate her BEFORE the hurricane hit, but because of the slow federal response to the hurricane. His comments, taken in the context of his entire appearance on Meet The Press, were blameful of federal officials.

He did it, purposefully and cynically, to deflect criticism away from himself.

He is a sick, sick individual.

And to Lunacy: You are right sir. Mr. Rodrique had days and days and days prior to the hurricane hitting to evacuate HIS OWN MOTHER from that nursing home. He made a few calls to the owners, urging them to evacuate her. They didn't. He knew it. He left her there to drown rather than just going on over there and getting her himself.

Hell doesn't even deserve that scum.

I took Jeff Jarvis to task at the time for perpetuating this Democrat talking point hoax. He berated me for it. Today, he's crawfishing. He still has no condemnation for those who killed this poor woman, but if you call him out on his bogus posts, he'll definitely tell YOU to "get a life."

Read it all here:


So who can ever expect trut... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

So who can ever expect truth from a bunch of lying liberal journalists? just look at dan blather what a lie lead him into and i say the same for a few others especialy in the infalous New York Pravda(Times)

The food donated by the Bri... (Below threshold)

The food donated by the Brits is supposedly being sent to an FDA incineration plant in Little Rock (per the Sun article). I will be watching for news reports on great clouds of smoke floating over the city, carrying the scorched aroma of cucumber sandwiches and jellied eels.

Can anyone find that storry... (Below threshold)
Dwight P.:

Can anyone find that storry on the Mirror's website? The link Drudge had doesn't link to the burned food story anymore and I can't find it on their website. I wonder if someone got a call to pull the story. Drudge bumped it off his front page pretty fast too.

You have to use their searc... (Below threshold)
Dwight P:

You have to use their search function - but it's still there.

New link


I just contacted the region... (Below threshold)
Dwight P.:

I just contacted the regional Public Affairs person for the FDA for Arkansas. We'll see if she emails me back. Kevin - I emailed you her contact info.

I find it fishy that a Mirr... (Below threshold)

I find it fishy that a Mirror reporter, in New York, has info about the goings on in Arkansas that nobody (and I mean nobody) else has.
The US press, as we all know, has an established track record of bashing govt agencies when they are controlled by republican administrations. If there was even a single pallet of food destroyed, we'd likely have heard about it by now.

Just as an FYI - if you goo... (Below threshold)
Dwight P.:

Just as an FYI - if you google the reporters name you'll see that he's the same guy that got into the Palace back in 2003. Not sure what that's worth, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

I'm all over the Mirror sto... (Below threshold)

I'm all over the Mirror story. I've been stonewalled by a couple of officials, including David Acheson (Director of the Food Safety and Security) and Leslye Fraser (Director of the Office of Regulations and Policy). I'm still waiting on Sheryl McConnell at the Houston Office. Incidentally, Dr Acheson is a really nice guy. I've never spoken to any govt. official who was anywhere near helpful before.

I have been pointing out wh... (Below threshold)

I have been pointing out who the press was giving so much credence to down in Jefferson Parish for days on QandO. The day after the interview I think I suggested he was a "lying little toad." Why? Those of us familiar with Broussard (not to mention the "heroic" Harry Lee, wait until the national media gets a good gander at that piece of work)Gretna police chief Lawson and the rest of the crew running Jefferson Parish have seen this kind of story over and over.

The story smelled fishy, Broussard and co. are fishy, and how was he calling his mother anyway? Nobody had reliable phone service after the hurricane if any at all, and certainly nobody in ST. Bernard Parish.

You would think the all knowing, fact checking MSM would have checked into this guy before uncritically giving him a platform. I was wondering if when Broussard lauded Harry Lee, Russert might ask if Harry had suspended his policy of picking up blacks in white neighborhoods (this isn't some vague, intuited policy, Harry openly campaigned and gave interviews in the media saying that was his policy. Jefferson Parish, home field of David Duke, needless to say wasn't offended.) Of course the search for racism in the south ends when it is actually confronted with the real thing and it is spouting an anti-Bush line.

If only an atavistic attitude about minorities was the only problem with that bunch. The whole thing was pathetic.

There's a <a href="http://s... (Below threshold)

There's a post up at Sortapundit about the British aid refused by the US. No responce from the FDA yet, but I'll, ahem, keep my fingers crossed.

Having consumed NATO ration... (Below threshold)

Having consumed NATO rations from the UK, I can tell you that:

they have literally a pound of sugar in the form of candy, sugar packets with what looks like two tablespoons in each, and a dessert; balanced with "biscuits" (dry nasty cookies) and beans and bangers.

If the government is interested in promoting tooth decay and diabetes, it'll let the stuff through.

Apologies to the U.K., but ... (Below threshold)

Apologies to the U.K., but the mere fact that there is British beef (reportedly, and I think epador's description sounds about right as to beef and other elements) in the "food packets" from the U.K. should be carefully and awfully discarded.

It's the thought that counts. We should amply thank them for their efforts to assist (and I do, as one person, not officially speaking) but the risks are too great as to the contents AND, although fine for now and the next decade or two, it might unleash the deadly protein responsible for "mad cow disease" in the U.S./North America, if not already. But, less is better, is my point.

Maybe the U.K. should consider future food packets of biscuits with a dessert separate from other questionables and that way, "starving" people would be assisted shortterm with a carbohydrate and sugar blast and that'd push anyone through for a few days, at best and pose least risk.

The destruction of the existing packets from the U.K. is being fanned as issue by resentful liberals without consideration as to why and what the issues are that are actually a greater risk than someone in the U.S. going without food for a few days. In which case, they won't perish, but will be uncomfortable, while the alternate possibility poses hideous risks for countless generations. I don't think the potential benefits outweigh the risks, and far from it.

But, it's not a personal thing, and it's a shame that the liberal media is using this situation to so upset some in the U.K.

And, just take a look at th... (Below threshold)

And, just take a look at those two in the photo in the Mirror...those refugees/affected in/from New Orleans are anything but malnourished, not even approaching "starving" status that they should be placed at risk (and everyone else, accordingly) by even the suggestion of that damaging protein. Those two struggling in that photograph have other options, is my point, and are not on the border of perishing anytime soon from lack of food.

Water is the key issue there and at emergencies like this, fresh and clean drinking and bathing water. Going without food can be awful but it won't put you at permanent risk of perishing or even disease onset unless it's chronic, unless a person is already suffering from malnutrition and THAT only happens over the course of time, not within a few days.

About what RightNumberOne w... (Below threshold)

About what RightNumberOne writes, that was my impression of Broussard in his first and later rebroadcast performance. I perceived the guy as being theatrical, altogether suspicious. Which then indicated to me that the guy was overtly enacting inorder to deflect attention.

Now I understand the motive, but the fellow's performance was so clearly "manufactured" that I'm surprised that anyone found him believable. To those that did, they were intentionally overlooking his lack of genuinesss, eager to deflect attention to a presumed target. No one believes con artists unless they're either cons themselves or too eager to be defrauded (works to affirm a sense of vicitmization that is a useful tool for some).






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