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Geez, I hope the Department of Homeland Security doesn't read this entry...

I often get ideas for postings when I'm nowhere near a computer. Of late, I've been using my cell phone's voice memo function to save them for later use. I also give them short or nonsensical titles, as I'm rather lazy.

Yesterday, while on the road, I had two ideas come to me. The first was about comparing Hurricane Katrina's effects on New Orleans with a nuclear attack. Then, shortly thereafter, I spotted my third dead skunk on the highway, and dictated a quick reminder about that into my phone.

Last night, I reviewed my notes, and it occurred to me that I probably shouldn't have two voice memos on my phone with the titles "Nuke" and "Pu" right next to each other.

They're deleted now, but I hope that if my phone had fallen into the hands of the police, they'd LISTEN to the "Pu" memo before they hauled me off to Gitmo...

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Naah.Now, if you h... (Below threshold)


Now, if you had something like a blog, with the words "nuke" and "Pu" and "tritium" and "device" and "target" and "Washington," you could have some problems.

Don't sweat it, the DHS has... (Below threshold)

Don't sweat it, the DHS has already been thrown off the trail by this dude who thinks that Katrina was intentionally steered by the Japanese to avenge Hiroshima.

mcg--couldn't resist the li... (Below threshold)

mcg--couldn't resist the link. He also makes the prediction that an earthquake will happen somewhere within the U.S. within a year--really going out on a limb by predicting that it will be in the "Western United States."

Oh man! That between the C... (Below threshold)

Oh man! That between the Carnivore program and the National Recon Office you're screwed now! ;-)

Better lay off the LBJ comments about the administration.

just another page in their ... (Below threshold)

just another page in their file on you...

hey. Did you get my last two emails? (figured you weren't reading the comments in the "what should I write about" post. Ahem.)

"They're deleted now, but I... (Below threshold)

"They're deleted now, but I hope that if my phone had fallen into the hands of the police, they'd LISTEN to the "Pu" memo before they hauled me off to Gitmo..."

That's because you have no 1st amendment rights left....but we gave all that up to feel more secure. Great trade off, eh?






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