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More Breaking News: Tornado Touchingdown in Minneapolis

Storm spotted by citizens then confirmed with radar. Headed toward downtown Minneapolis ... Developing....

So far it looks like an all clear... Check the comments for Tony's updates.

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Looks like it's skirting no... (Below threshold)

Looks like it's skirting north of the Twin Cities proper. They are saying 75 mile an hour straight line winds though. I want to go out and look, but it's coming down pretty hard.

Shit, maybe not. Back to t... (Below threshold)

Shit, maybe not. Back to the basement.

Tony B - Best wishes!... (Below threshold)
Jim Hines:

Tony B - Best wishes!

Keep us posted.

All clear here in St. Paul.... (Below threshold)

All clear here in St. Paul. Lots of rain is all that got here just south of downtown.

Excellent!Thanks f... (Below threshold)
Jim Hinesq:


Thanks for the update.

I blame the <a href="http:/... (Below threshold)


Seriously (not that I haven't already been), here in California we had huge lightning strikes last night (dramatic, huge, great big massive lightning strikes out of a dark sky to the ground nearby, ongoing over many hours), then a rain storm.

This morning it was like the humidity and air temperature environment of Miami in July at dawn...thick air, hot and still, everything soaked and still damp. Very unusual for CA, even when it's rainy.

The storm activity is whirling around from the hurricanes in the Gulf out to the southern pacific to the west and then looping around to us in the northern west and then across the nation northernly...the storm "chain" going on right now is affecting everyone.

I'm just glad that the droughts in many parts of North America are now over. Really don't like the droughts.

<a href="http://weather.sun... (Below threshold)

See? Just look at that big thing over Minnesota...great big ball o' 'fire'...

Intense moisture and wind activity nationwide. Remarkable.

<a href="http://www.wunderg... (Below threshold)

Remarkable, wind and moisture levels...

The GOES composite IR image... (Below threshold)

The GOES composite IR image for NA is pretty amazing. (I use Solscape) Beautiful here in the NW!


epador and all...this is de... (Below threshold)

epador and all...this is definitely one of those nights before the night before when it's best to joke about the intensity, since the worst of it will be here soon enough. Rita is another monster.

And i,ll bet the eco-wacko ... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

And i,ll bet the eco-wacko green nuts will be saying its becuase of global warming. Well i live here in northern calfornia and two years ago we had a tornado touchdown in area and it uprooted trees and cuased little damage

Be thankful it's "just" a t... (Below threshold)
Cardinals Nation:

Be thankful it's "just" a tornado.

I read this topic. I think ... (Below threshold)

I read this topic. I think may be more optimistic opinion...






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