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Quote Of The Day - You Are Stuck On Stupid Edition

"You are stuck on stupid. I'm not going to answer that question."
Lt. Gen. Russel Honore, at an afternoon news conference on the threat from Hurricane Rita to New Orleans. The receipient of this soon to be legendary verbal smackdown was a reporter couldn't stop asking about evacuation efforts (or lack thereof) before Katrina. Full transcript, audio, and commentary at RadioBlogger and video at The Political Teen.


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Comments (14)

I'll nominate that quote fo... (Below threshold)

I'll nominate that quote for Oliver Willis' new blog tagline: "Oliverwillis.com -- Stuck on Stupid."

This is a bit amusing to m... (Below threshold)

This is a bit amusing to me. I think that quick evacuation must imediately be undertaken. This will save from us from the situation like the aftermath of katrina.

[URL removed]

I absolutely love it -- Hey... (Below threshold)
Bill M:

I absolutely love it -- Hey KOS Kiddies -- you are "STUCK ON STUPID!"

I think this one has legs!

Possibly stuck on stupid: "... (Below threshold)

Possibly stuck on stupid: "Amber"'s comment above looks to be subtle comment spam, of the fr33 lan gua ge trans then lation variety. (I refuse to push up the google keyword ranking!)

This guy should run for LA ... (Below threshold)

This guy should run for LA governor when he retires from the military. I'd vote for him. And I live in NYC!!

It looks like the Lt. Gen h... (Below threshold)

It looks like the Lt. Gen has been watching Greta on NHNN. One of the talking head shysters there have used that expression for months.

Vivi,This is Louis... (Below threshold)


This is Louisiana, you can!

PenDragon beat me to it!</p... (Below threshold)

PenDragon beat me to it!

Bush: Rita is New Orleans M... (Below threshold)

Bush: Rita is New Orleans Mop-Up Operation

NEW ORLEANS - President Bush announced today that Hurricane Rita, likely to make catastrophic landfall near Houston, was his "mop-up operation to finish exterminating poor and black New Orlinians who fled to Texas."

Read more at:

Honore for President!... (Below threshold)

Honore for President!
Say no to PC-BS :)

Adding my own version of th... (Below threshold)

Adding my own version of the DGSOS Tee!

I realize it's time to wors... (Below threshold)

I realize it's time to worship Gen. Honore, but a couple of things bother me here. First, he got a lot of attention for saying "Stuck on stupid" and now it looks like he's going to trot it out like a kid who says something that makes people laugh and then you can't get him to shut up.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all in favor of having a tough, focused guy running things. But one problem with having a general in charge is that he's not used to people questioning him. If he doesn't want to dwell on what happened during Katrina while he's trying to deal with Rita, fine. But when a reporter says "when the people get on the buses where will they go?" and he says "None of your business," that's bullshit. It is our business. And you can belittle reporters all you want, but if they weren't asking questions, these guys would never tell us anything. I know a lot of guys love seeing the press bullied, but they're the only ones who get to ask these questions. Why should a public official be immune from providing information to the public?

To Chris: Whe... (Below threshold)

To Chris:

Where will the evacuees go? Anywhere alive is better than drowning in their own houses or beds.

Hey! How about they take em to YOUR house.....

Didn't think so....

The Republicans have a new ... (Below threshold)

The Republicans have a new campaign slogan. "Don't be stuck on stupid"

"If you are still voting for Demcrats, then you are Stuck on Stupid"






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