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Like Peas And Carrots

Catcams and Cat 5 hurricanes...

Laurence Simon is wisely bugging out of Houston, but he's leaving one of the Catcam's on a UPS and focused outside. Maybe we'll get lucky and see Anderson Cooper blow by...


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Comments (6)

Yeah...anderson cooper blow... (Below threshold)

Yeah...anderson cooper blowing david gregory....

That's pretty good! I try t... (Below threshold)

That's pretty good! I try to not be too outspoken about "our" media, but I gotta admit, they are ALL pretty shameful.

If one or a few were to "fall" during their "coverage" of events, I cannot say I would be sad. They have lost all perspective about what real news coverage is. Or maybe I am just too critical. But I think not!

Good luck getting ou... (Below threshold)
Bill Cook:

Good luck getting out. My parents have been on the road for more than 14 hours, and are barely a third of the way to College Station. After the the first 11 hours, they had managed to get only 44 miles. Traffic is BAD.

Now, they are running out of fuel and all of the gas stations are dry. I do not at this point know what they are going to do.

So while you guys are praying for New Orleans, pout in a good word for my Mom and Dad.

You got it! I and my family... (Below threshold)

You got it! I and my family send you and yours our prayers! Pray to the Lord God and your common sense that God gave you, that all of you will come through with the best.

I have lived through several hurricanes living on the coast of NC and I promise you that most people do not have a clue what a Cat 5 would be like.

I humbly send our family prayers to you and yours.

Looks like they are ... (Below threshold)
Bill Cook:

Looks like they are gonna make it. Managed to buy them a ticket to some random place with a hotel at the other end, and they had just enough gas to get to the airport.


Hey, all I see are cat toys... (Below threshold)
Cardinals Nation:

Hey, all I see are cat toys and a blanket! That's not exciting. That's not the kind of news I've come to expect. I wanna see some talking head tell me all about the pain that's going through the heart of millions of displaced poor people, who are not refugees. I wanna be shown the thin vail of the hypocrisy that is our social fabric torn asunder by the ferocity of divine winds caused by the rapprochement of a dying planet. I wanna see some talking head tell me all about how my government has miserably failed me to the benefit of Halliburton! This is not fair! I want my BlameTV!

Oh, sorry. I just realized with Rita coming ashore Saturday, I'll get all that starting Sunday.

My bad.






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