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When The Sheehan Circus Comes To Town

The Cindy Sheehan and her radical leftists sponsors (A.N.S.W.E.R.) will be protesting in DC this weekend. Counter protests will probably outnumber the handful of Sheehan supporters, and the news out of Texas is sure to make coverage nonexistent. Still it should make for an interesting weekend in Washington. RedState has the details on the counter protests.

Read all about A.N.S.W.E.R.at RedState and The American Mind.


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Comments (12)

"Monday, September 26... (Below threshold)

"Monday, September 26

All Day
Military family members will meet with Senators, Congressmen, and their aides to inform them of their support for the mission of their loved ones in Iraq, Afghanistan, and around the world who are fighting the war on terror."

Taken from RedState.

Nothing is better than senators metting folks who are Pro-Iraq, especially the large numbers of families who have lost loved ones in Iraq. Its not as if family members are getting sick and tired of a piecemeal action leading to unwanton death in Iraq.

Screw both groups, I want the Bush regime to get OFF THEIR POLITICAL ASSES and do 1 of 2 things:

1st) Pull us out collectively, sorry but no Americans life is worth a fucking Hagi's life. Sorry but those bastards should have to die for their freedom like our founding fathers should. None of our children, family or spouses should have to die for Abduhl to enjoy his rights to drive a SUV and enjoy a great standard of living that he refused to fight for.

2nd) Realize that Shinseki was right, man up, let his balls drop, put in a draft and add 200,000 more boots to Iraqi soil and fix the insurgency. We don't have the troops for it there. We don't have the ammo dumps controlled by trustworthy people. We don't have the borders secured. If we are going to stay there, then damn it do it with force, not this half hearted, cost saving and by all means POLITICALLY FAVORABLE measure. And so help me god, if they do the draft, then senator sons and daughters had better be called up to.

Unfortunately, we have a half-hearted attempt going on bringing up various groups against the war. Either get out or get in. You can't be half-way pregnant, and boy is Bush keeping us half-way in Iraq.

Is sheehan gonna where thos... (Below threshold)

Is sheehan gonna where those same big red shoes and honk that idiotic horn all of the time? And enough already with the plastic lapel flower that shoots water. And that pie in the face stuff is getting pretty old....

Sheehan should add a plate ... (Below threshold)

Sheehan should add a plate of iron bars affixed with some gizmo to a belt/harness she could wear and that way, she could just make her appearances with her hands grabbing bars all the time, crying, "ohhh, wh, w-wa-wa-whyyyy". That plastic flower should help with the ongoing need for Crocodile Tears.

There: she's all set to go.

I wish she'd just shut up s... (Below threshold)

I wish she'd just shut up so the great powers that be would stop genning up hurricanes to divert attention...Rove is getting tired...

Small and odd things to tha... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Small and odd things to thank Rita & Katrina for:

1.) Blowing Cindy & Her Crazy Posse off the front pages while in Crawford
2.) Blowing Cindy & Her Crazy Posse off the front pages while in D.C.
3.) Blowing the Rove/Plame affair off the (pardon the pun) radar

So thanks, Rita & Katrina. Other than that, you're nasty bitches.

PeterF- you're not really w... (Below threshold)

PeterF- you're not really worth a response but what the heck - the wry posts about diverting attention is called tongue in cheek dude. Look it up.

You know, for peaceniks you sure are angry folks. You rail at the actual freedom fighters (our troops & their leaders & supporters) yet continue to live under their protection.
Meanwhile you put them in more danger.

Crap I just reread and real... (Below threshold)

Crap I just reread and realized Peter is a reasonable and RIGHT-thinking guy. Sorry about that. I blame my beers. As always.

But my statement about the left still stands.

I'm a little surprised that... (Below threshold)

I'm a little surprised that we haven't seen the "wide angle" lense viewpoint of Ms. Sheehan's small protests from the so called conservative media outlets -- Fox News, Washington Times, etc.

She attracts less of a following than "Free Slurpie Day" did at my local 7-11. They at least got about 50 kids to show up.

You have to admit that the ... (Below threshold)

You have to admit that the turnout for her appearances on this "(insert-clever-quip-here) Blame Someone Tour" is shockingly sparse. Surely there are more nuts than this who would willingly decorate her nougaty goodness. 30 people?!

I guess we shouldn't be surprised by the media event that she is. There must have been more press than actors. Oh, wait. Sometimes one cannot differentiate the two. Well, whatever... 30 plus or minus some dozens is a catastrophic failure despite media amplification. The Lefty star has fallen and her message melts on the sidewalk like so many empty calories. I guess everyone changed their diet and forgot to tell her.

FamilyGuy:No worri... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


No worries!

The sheehan circus will hav... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

The sheehan circus will have no clowns no animals,no trapez artists no ring master no stunt driver no bareback riders no men in ostrich costumes just a whole lot of fols running around blindfolded

Cindy Sheehan is not the mo... (Below threshold)
Drew Edmondson:

Cindy Sheehan is not the movement. The American People are the movement. In every poll we, the citizens are stating in the majority we are not "winning the war"...we are stating "bring the troops home"..we are stating "The invasion was a mistake"..the biggest swing is in Independents...even Bush's base is dropping by 10 or more points...The American people are tired of the lies...even FOX viewers understand that a preemtive invasion of Iraq based on a LIE (WMD's)is wrong...the wide spread torture where only grunts are fingered is wrong.. Bill Frist..history cause his stock deal..Delay..history cause AB-scam...Rove..history for Plamegate and Ab-scam...Bush/Cheney/Rice MIA for Katrina...Cindy Sheehan is one face...the majority of Americans are the VOICE..the majority voice will gather today in the ten's of thousands across the nation..Bush and his cronies are not America.."Pressure drop, oh pressure drop, oh pressure ganna drop on you."






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