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New Orleans Officials: No Breach in Levee

I just want to make sure you all get this message loud and clear... All of you who are watching CNN or FOXNews might be under the mistaken impression that there was some sort of problem with the levees in New Orleans. There is no problem with the levees. -Who are you going to believe, the local New Orleans officals or your lying eyes.

Rita floods Chalmette again but no levee breech yet

NEW ORLEANS -- The reported Industrial Canal levee breech is not from a new break in the levee, said John Bradberry of the Louisiana Department of Transportation. The waist-deep flooding today in the 9th Ward is caused by Hurricane Rita pushing waters over the top of the levees, he said.

"The 17th Street Canal and the London Avenue breaches are secure. We do not see any flooding in New Orleans proper. It's raining in the area but there is no flooding on the lake at all from these areas."

In Plaquemines and St. Bernard parishes, there were 27 levee breaches after Hurricane Katrina, including eight imposed to help with draining.

"All have been repaired to some degree," he said. "The nature of the flooding we have today flowing into Chalmette through the breech experienced in the Industrial Canal is an over-the-top breech."

Bradberry said he expects the flooding to subside in about two hours after Rita passes and the wind changes.

Got that? There is no flooding in New Orleans and any flooding that is in New Orleans will be gone in a 2 hours. Pay no attention to the live video.

Remember when we all made fun of Baghdad Bob? "There is no flooding in the streets of New Orleans- Now excuse me while I get in my boat."

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Wow,I noticed righ... (Below threshold)


I noticed right after you told me to fuck off, you disabled all comments.


You're acting like a hystrionic moron.

And if you're going to quot... (Below threshold)

And if you're going to quote from something, why not include the time stamp from the item you're questioning:

That story was filed at 10:30 this morning (which means it was written 2 hours before then), and probably explains why this particular official, from the Louisiana Department of Transportation, didn't yet see any flooding.

Get a GRIP, dood.

Do you really believe that city officials are attempting a MASSIVE COVERUP of this flood that's being shown on LIVE TELEVISION?

I love New Orleans. Sim... (Below threshold)

I love New Orleans. Simply love it. I'm a good Catholic boy who fell in love with a great Catholic city. Love it enough I almost moved there. Was offered a wonderful job there. Took a lower paying job in St. Louis instead.

Why?? I'm a scientist by education, training, and work experience. Also was born and raised a Democrat from Chicago whose grandmother was born and raised in NO. Gamma "E' told me not to go. Said it was only a matter of time till "THE BIG ONE hit". Everyone knew it. Didn't want me there when it happened. She said the politicowhores in NO made the politicians in Chicago look like choirboys. The levees they were promised since 1927, the year my dad was born, would never be built. Too many pockets to line.

The rational scientist side of my brain knew she was right. Water flows downhill and NO ain't no Amsterdam.

Well, Paul. The big one hit, followed by a 2nd big one.Sometimes life choices turn out well, sometimes they suck.

Pucker up, stop whining, do what has to be done. Be warned though, a tiger's a tiger, a skunk's a skunk, and NO will NEVER be safe from the next "THE BIG ONE".

When you get your life back together, MOVE!!!!!!!

No job is worth what you're going through now.
Posted by KobeClan at September 23, 2005 01:58 PM

And you are a freaking idio... (Below threshold)

And you are a freaking idiot who has no fucking clue what you are talking about. I'd far prefer to be the former.

You have no clue what is going on in New Orleans but you are more than willing to tell me -a guy who has lived there all his life- how it works.

Dude, think that thru.

You admitted that you had not watched CNN and had no clue what was going on but you tried explaining to me how it worked. That's priceless.

You potificate about something you know nothing about then get pissy when I tell you that.

Grow up and get a clue.

At least Nagin had the <a h... (Below threshold)

At least Nagin had the bus ready this time.

Am I on DailyKos or Wizbang... (Below threshold)
Cardinals Nation:

Am I on DailyKos or Wizbang?

What is your point, Paul? I mean, exactly what is your point? You started off with, "It is was [sic] crime against the citizens of New Orleans and against reason and logic for the idiots at the Corps of Morons to say they were ready for Rita." and then you went to, "I don't blame them for New Orelans [sic] flooding. I blame them for not accepting as reality that it would."

So we go from the Corps not being ready for Rita to them not being prepared to accept reality. Sort of a shift from the concrete to the abstract.

And you still have not addressed my very first question; what exactly, and with detailed specificity, is your solution for keeping an area that is below sea level from flooding, both now, after a catastrophic Category 4 hurricane, and in the future?

And by the way, if you're going to tell readers to fuck off and shut the fuck up, you ought to have the courage to allow them to reply.

Hey Paul,Time for ... (Below threshold)

Hey Paul,

Time for you to get a grip, calm down, and start showing people some respect here. You are not the sole arbiter of everything New Orleans.

You have become maniacal. After reading the exchange between you and rightnumberone in the last post I'm surprised rightnumberone didn't go off on you earlier.

You are too involved emotionally. Back off, no one here is against you.

Paul,I think if yo... (Below threshold)


I think if you'll go back and reread your rant from start to finish, you'll see that I was trying to add a perspective different than yours, while acknowledging that events on the ground are rapidly deteriorating.

You decided to respond by telling me I'm an idiot and to fuck off.

You have no special insight because you live in New Orleans, and I'll grant you none. I have lived in New Orleans. You can add nothing to the knowledge I have about it. So let's just get that straight.

You, by the way, are not IN New Orleans any more than I am. You are learning about what is going on in New Orleans the same way that I am: by reading about it, or watching television. You quote news stories from 8 hours ago as if you are breathlessly breaking news?


My apologies that I don't have the luxury of sitting around on somebody else's dime watching CNN all day.

You have a lot to learn about whether you really want to tell your loyal readers and commenters to "fuck off."

I think it is you, respectfully, who is being childlike.

ditto Cardinals Nation and ... (Below threshold)

ditto Cardinals Nation and rightnumberone...

the vitriol you are flinging around is no way to get us to understand the point of your argument.

I certainly don't see why any apology would be forthcoming from us.

rightnumberone can you eve... (Below threshold)

rightnumberone can you even read? Did you read my point(s)?

They are trying to put lipstick on a pig saying the levees are "In tact."

That is just moronic.

Only someone as stupid as you thinks the levves are "holding."

[Actually, to give you -the clueless- a clue, the symantics matter in this case. It is a legal debate. The Corps is fighting off future class action lawsuits by trying to argue that "the levee held, it was the repair that failed." - I'm going to make a long post explaining it later.

But you have no fucking clue what you are talking about so you think they are making a real point. They are trying to avoid a multi-billion dollar class action lawsuit. - now get a clue]

You people are fucking clue... (Below threshold)

You people are fucking clueless.

The officials in Louisiana failed to properly inform the people of the area of the risk- then they act surprised when the inevitable happened. Meanwhile thousands of people are at risk from further flooding in areas previsouly unflooded. And they were not told told to ecavuate

Sorry if I get emotional about such trivial things. Silly me.

I mean, who cares if goverment malfeasance is endangering thousands of lives, I should really just get a grip.

Thank you all who have no clue what you are talking about for explaining it to simple me.

I feel so much better about it.






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