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Quote of the Day- Clueless Moron Edition

Sadly, I don't have my TiVo or I would get the name of this blathering idiot on FOX News. But the infobabe asks some weather guy how much rain New Orleans is likely to get and after giving a non-committal answer he said: (near perfect quite)

"But remember they have been going through a drought this summer and the ground is very parched.
He is right we are behind schedule on rain... but one would think 10 feet of water in the city would have at least managed to make up for it a little bit. (I think I'm going back to CNN)


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Comments (27)

That is, without question, ... (Below threshold)

That is, without question, the most egregious display of inane weatherman banter I have ever heard. Nothing else is ever going to touch that one.

Parched, was it? Not parch... (Below threshold)

Parched, was it? Not parched enough, I'd guess...

Not to mention that dry gro... (Below threshold)

Not to mention that dry ground actually absorbs water slower. Once the ground gets wet it sucks it up like a wick, but when it is dry the water has to work its way in.

""But remember they've has ... (Below threshold)

""But remember they've has been going thru a drought this summer and the ground is very parched."

The Church of Dumbassed Schmucks just knighted a new acolyte.

Hey Paul,Why don't... (Below threshold)

Hey Paul,

Why don't you close down all the threads about New Orleans. You are acting worse than the Democratic Underground. I don't think I'll ever be able to read another one of your posts without thinking how much of a child you are.

People don't agree with you, or make reasoned responses, you call them fucking idiots, morons, and etc.

To be blunt, you are embarrassing yourself and this site.

Wow Paul - your respectabil... (Below threshold)

Wow Paul - your respectability just took a big hit.

And you, Mikey, hiding in t... (Below threshold)

And you, Mikey, hiding in trollish anonymity, are a beacon of earnesty, science, and righteousness.

Or a bag of gas.
Flip a coin.

Ikkonoishi:"Once t... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


"Once the ground gets wet it sucks it up like a wick, but when it is dry the water has to work its way in."

Just a slight correction: There's a saturation "tipping point" to land when, after too much water/rain, the soil simply cannot absorb any more moisture and it begins running off; usually in the form of landslides or floods. Example: the big mudslide in Calif. last year (sorry the name escapes me).

Other than that, the weather dude (meterologist is a stretch) and Ikkonoishi are right; parched ground would indeed lead to flooding...but only for a period of time (likely during the first couple of Katrina). However, the ground would so quickly become that it would render any pervious soil parchment problem grossly irrelevant. In that regard, Paul's right, the weather dude made a pretty uninformed and hapless statement.

a beacon of earnesty, sc... (Below threshold)

a beacon of earnesty, science, and righteousness.

Thank you I agree. But trollish anonymity?? I don't think so. I've been reading and commenting on this site for over 2 years. I am hardly a troll so don't try and grab some sort of moral high ground here and toss me aside like some passerby.

Read the comments, look at what everyone wrote, you be the judge.

One of the best things about this site is that it allows uncensored comments (for the most part), but Paul has gone over the edge and deserves to be called for it. Then Paul goes and closes the comments down, forcing people to address him here, until he shuts these down as well.

Think of my what you will penguin, but what he is doing is a disservice to this site.

"trollish anonymity"... (Below threshold)

"trollish anonymity"
Equals no direct response. You're obviously online..you don't have a safety valve email?

I did not or would not toss you aside...but you would be the better by putting your ass (in the form of interaction) on the table, skippy.

And telling someone else they are doing bad service to their website is haplessly idiotic...if you own a home, and I say I think you got a POS lawn, are you immediately gonna returf?

It ranks with that.

Just opinions TC, just opin... (Below threshold)

Just opinions TC, just opinions. And everyone is entitled to them. I have an email, much the same as everyone else who posts. I type it in whenever I comment. I have as much anonymity as Paul does.

OK there chuckles?

Hey, Mike? Screw You.... (Below threshold)

Hey, Mike? Screw You.

You write a letter that talks to me.

What? You call me skippy a... (Below threshold)

What? You call me skippy and I don't say anything and then I call you chuckles and you get all bent out of shape?

Please, take it easy man. All in good fun.

Your name ain't hyperlined.... (Below threshold)

Your name ain't hyperlined. Ipso facto bang you.

Skippy, you have no idea ab... (Below threshold)

Skippy, you have no idea about what happens when I get bent out of shape.

This joint might--might, skippy--give you a clue.

His statement was poorly wo... (Below threshold)

His statement was poorly worded, but to be fair, we in western LA are in desperate need of rain. Most of the trees are brown from lack of water.

Obviously this is not the ideal way to get rain...

It offers a link the end of... (Below threshold)

It offers a link the end of the comment, but you just drop a handle.

What ever happened t... (Below threshold)

What ever happened to the weather expert they had on Fox News the evening before Katrina hit who said that people saying that the SuperDome's roof might get blown off were "idiotic?"

And even while its pouring ... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

And even while its pouring rain and the wind is gusting up to 35mph and they will still say CONTINUED SUNNY AND WARM FOR THE NEXT WEEK ahh atleast we have dopler radar and im flaying south with the rest of the plovers

yes TC, internet tough guy!... (Below threshold)

yes TC, internet tough guy!! you really put me in my place. It's your world boss.

Hey, Mike? I'm balls enough... (Below threshold)

Hey, Mike? I'm balls enough to hop on a plane and look you in the face.
You have no idea who I am.
I've eaten better tasting shmucks for lunch.
My front door address is easily accessed.
I've got yours in my pocket.
Let's play.

TC, you're way over the top... (Below threshold)

TC, you're way over the top on this. Take a look at what you're writing, it's ridiculous.

yeah, I know...it's funny w... (Below threshold)

yeah, I know...it's funny what you'll do when you're so screamingly bored enough that you look in the mirror and say "I wanna whack a moonbat" and then actually go look for one.

moonbat huh? well, can't s... (Below threshold)

moonbat huh? well, can't say i've ever been called that before. but then again, you seem to know everything about me already, and that's without even engaging me in some form of intelligent discussion. i guess it's no wonder why you haven't been right about me yet.

a shame really. keep up the good fight there tc.

Hey, Mickey? Your idiocity ... (Below threshold)

Hey, Mickey? Your idiocity just shone through. I didn't call you a moonbat. I said I was bored and went looking for one. Your response defines you as such. I just opened the door. You, walked through it.

Nice try chuckles, but I di... (Below threshold)

Nice try chuckles, but I didn't walk through anyting and my response defines nothing.

Draw your inane conclusions, think what you want, no skin off my back. I'm sure you'll see my responses on future threads. Maybe you could engage in some intelligent discussion then. You'll probably learn something too.

This whole thing is tiresome, although it's funny to see you get your panties in a bunch over this. Later.

Look, you tag a method of r... (Below threshold)

Look, you tag a method of response that goes directly to you--ie: an email address or a free ghetto blog, and we can continue this conversation. Or come to my house.

You might find this "tiresome," but the fact that I've bugged your ass hard enough to make this play out this far is priceless, skippy.






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