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Man's gotta have his priorities...

I have about six pieces about ready to write floating around the back of my head this afternoon. I also have a houseful of chores I need to do.

But I also have this.

I'll try to get something productive done today, honest...

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Ugh! Fill your head with s... (Below threshold)
Village Idiot:

Ugh! Fill your head with something less garbage like please!

I can't comment on your tas... (Below threshold)

I can't comment on your taste in television shows because I don't watch television. But if I could comment on your taste in television shows, I'd say "BLECH!"

As long as you are at it, y... (Below threshold)

As long as you are at it, you might as well watch your complete set of Sex in the City DVD's.


If you are going to pay to watch a free TV show, do it for something good like Arrested Development or Rescue Me.

May my karmic mistake of in... (Below threshold)

May my karmic mistake of interupting Teri Hatcher be balanced by my giving blood to the needy

Are you saying your wife is... (Below threshold)

Are you saying your wife is cheating on you?

J, couldn't you have confes... (Below threshold)

J, couldn't you have confessed to something less shameful?

Like being the guy who coaches Karl Rove on how to be sneaky? Or being the guy who faxed that memo to Dan Rather? Or having hidden all of Saddam's WMDs?

Any of those would be more forgiveable...






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