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Speculation, SCOTUS-Style

Anna Nicole Smith presents during the 32nd annual American Music Awards in Los Angeles, November 14, 2004. REUTERS/Mike Blake

Update: The U.S. Supreme Court will hear an appeal from Anna Nicole Smith this term, which is important only because I found this ridiculous picture to post.

The vote on Roberts is Thursday at 11:30 a.m.

After that, we're hearing in the office that Bush's next nomination should come no sooner than Friday at 11 a.m., but my co-blogger Tim thinks it will likely be the beginning of next week before we hear anything.

Now, for the speculation. Here are some of the names on the table:

Widely mentioned candidates include federal appellate judges Janice Rogers Brown, Edith Brown Clement, Edith Hollan Jones, Emilio Garza, Alice Batchelder, Karen Williams, J. Michael Luttig, J. Harvie Wilkinson, Michael McConnell and Samuel Alito. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, former deputy attorney general Larry Thompson, lawyer Miguel Estrada and Maura Corrigan, a member of the Michigan Supreme Court, are also considered possibilities.

Confirm Them is wondering if Roberts cleared the path for an Estrada nomination, citing Estrada's benign work experience and personal charm.

I only saw Estrada speak once, at a Heritage Foundation panel after the Supreme Court term of 2004, but he didn't have the same sort of charm as Roberts does. It's not that Estrada's not charming. I think he's hilarious, but he's definitely more of a Scalia wit. As I remember, during the question-and-answer session, he wasn't shy about letting on when he thought certain decisions were idiotic. Come to think of it, I wonder what part that transcript could play in a nomination process. Carol at Confirm Them has the same impression of Estrada as I do.

Many think Priscilla Owen is the gal (Novak says she met with the Prez), but Erick is hearing that Alberto Gonzales is being pushed by Rove. That just doesn't make a lick of sense to me unless Rove has some ingenious plan in which destroying the majority he worked to create ends up being better for everyone in some way he can see but we can't. Hey, come to think of it, maybe he's trying to reduce spending by getting rid of some Republicans in '06.... (Rove's plan all along has been to turn this administration/Congress into a fiscally conservative one. Brilliant!)

PowerLine notes the WaPo's strategy for Bush:

The Post helpfully provides the administration with the names of women and minority candidates "worthy of consideration." The Post's lack of good faith is reflected in the inclusion of Judge Jose Cabranes, initially placed on the federal bench by Jimmy Carter and elevated to the court of appeals by Bill Clinton. Clearly, the Post is seizing on the clamor for a minority and/or female Justice in order to promote its agenda of keeping the Court from moving in a conservative direction.


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Comments (13)

There's nothing wrong with ... (Below threshold)

There's nothing wrong with that picture that I can see.

At least you'd have Ruth Ba... (Below threshold)

At least you'd have Ruth Bader Ginsberg behind the Smith nomination. And if pheremones equal charm, she's got the Roberts slam-dunk on that one, too.

Hmmm.Sure she's a ... (Below threshold)


Sure she's a skank, but "fat bottomed girls make the rocking world go 'round". So to speak.

Personally I expect Bush to do anything other than nominate a solid conservative to the Supreme Court.

Does Anna Nicole get to que... (Below threshold)
Lew Clark:

Does Anna Nicole get to question the nominee during the committee hearings. I saw the Dems question Roberts, and I've seen her express her wit and wisdom, pretty much a toss up on who puts on the best show.

Regarding Anna Nicole Smith... (Below threshold)

Regarding Anna Nicole Smith - It turns out that her name is as fake as her breasts. FOX News reports that her real name is Vickie Lynn Marshall.

Memo to Bush--nominate the ... (Below threshold)

Memo to Bush--nominate the best person, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, adopted kids (in which the NY Times who will try to dig into the adoption papers), as long as they truly have proved to uphold the Constitution. This will give the Dems on the confirmation committee a fresh chance to make total asses of themselves.

so, um... you start out thi... (Below threshold)

so, um... you start out this initially amusing post about whether or not some large breasted bimbo (redundancy?) has a federal claim on a garden variety probate court matter, and then we have LEAVE the topic for a SERIOUS discussion of pending nominees?

And The Choice may affect the Anna Nicole appeal how?

What were we talking about?... (Below threshold)

What were we talking about? For some reason I got distracted...

'FOX News reports that her ... (Below threshold)

'FOX News reports that her real name is Vickie Lynn Marshall.'

No kidding!?!? A stage name in showbizzness - unheard of!

Nothing could have set-off ... (Below threshold)

Nothing could have set-off this post better than your pic that screams "I'm A Vapid IDIOT!"


What? They are FAKE? You'... (Below threshold)

What? They are FAKE? You're kidding!

Does Anna Nicole get to ... (Below threshold)

Does Anna Nicole get to question the nominee during the committee hearings. I saw the Dems question Roberts, and I've seen her express her wit and wisdom, pretty much a toss up on who puts on the best show.

Good point. If there's going to be someone falling all out of a low-cut dress during senate hearings, I would rather have it be Anna Nichole Smith rather than Chuckie Schumer.

Anna Nicole may appear to b... (Below threshold)

Anna Nicole may appear to be dumb, but she got a very rich man to marry her, and last I heard, he died very happy. I think she deserves a portion of his money. The son is just unhappy cuz he couldn't get any. I think most blondes play up the dumb image because it sells on TV. I personally adore Ana and nominate her to replace Ruth really-badder Ginsburg!!!






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