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To the losers go the spoils?

Laurence Simon is usually a pretty astute guy. He catches a lot of things others miss (and then points them out in his uniquely vile manner). But he failed pretty miserably this time. He only got half the story.

Apparently Lair's blood pressure has been too low lately with the crappy job and the brush with Hurricane Rita, so he went reading up on Arab News -- where he discovered this article. Lair rightly points out how the author discusses Israel's pullout from Gaza and recent military strikes on Hamas, but somehow failed to mention the literal dozens of rockets Hamas fired into Israel between the two events -- and their prideful glee in announcing it. According to Ms. Heard, those acts of war simply never happened.

But Lair misses the real point of Ms. Heard's piece:

Formerly optimistic politicians and commentators, who perceived the Israeli exit from Gaza as a first step toward implementation of the "road map" must surely be disappointed.

This is a flagrant attempt to redefine the Road Map. The evacuation of Gaza was about the third or fifth step Israel has taken on the Road Map. And in stark contrast, the Palestinians are refusing to even consider fulfilling their own First Step: an end to Palestinian violence.

The whole Palestinian attitude towards the peace process reminds me of a couple of historical precedents. Ronald Reagan once described the Soviets' attitude towards arms negotiations as "what's mine is mine. What's yours is negotiable." But even more, it sounds like the "The People's Peace Treaty" John Kerry helped draft to end the Viet Nam war.

In that agreement, the United States agreed to withdraw completely from Viet Nam, the North Vietnamese would "discuss" releasing all prisoners. Not actually release them, but talk about them.

Likewise, the Palestinians' approach to the Road Map seems to be once Israel completes all the stages of its commitments, it'll "consider" meeting its own. Once Israel withdraws from Gaza and the West Bank, releases all Palestinian prisoners, allows the "Right Of Return" of those who left Israel over the decades, and (I'm speculating here) pays appropriate "reparations," then they'll consider things like stopping terrorism.

This attitude is not unprecedented. In fact, it has a long and distinguished history, even in the United States as recently as 1945. It's called "unconditional surrender."

The only problem here is, it's usually granted to the winner of the conflict. Those who fight and lose don't get to impose it on the winners.

The Palestinians have one defining national characteristic: they are losers. Whenever given the chance, they will cheerfully and passionately choose the losing side in any conflict. When the Arabs told them to get out of Israel while they drove the Jews into the sea back in the 40's, they voted with their feet -- and they're still waiting. They've backed every single Arab war with Israel, and watched as the Arabs lost every single one. When Saddam invaded Kuwait back in 1990, they cheered him on. When Al Qaeda struck us on 9/11, they danced in the streets.

One common definition of insanity is "doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results." The Palestinians have consistently backed anyone who attacks Israel and the US, and each time they end up losing even more ground. Hell, they say that Israel was the worst thing that ever happened to them, but Jordan killed more Palestinians in "Black September" than Israel ever did.

But nonetheless, the Palestinian Authority seems to think that it's in a position to dictate terms to Israel.

And it amazes me how many idiots are so eager to support that.


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Comments (7)

I would not consider the Ha... (Below threshold)

I would not consider the Hamas rocket attacks as acts of war.

They are no less than a combination of war crimes, genocide, grasping at the opportunity of a Second Holocaust, and cold-blooded burder.

As Roger L. Simon put it, imagine if Mexicans were just randomly firing rockets into San Diego from Tijuana. How long would the US put up with that?

I, for one, think that Tijuana would be razed to the point that the last Marine sucks down the worm and spits it onto a VD-infested hooker's corpse.

<a href="http://randomnumbe... (Below threshold)

Hamas' own constitution vows not to stop until Israel no longer exists. They have no intention now and never had any of following the roadmap.

It's the same old thing tha... (Below threshold)
Ron Wright:

It's the same old thing that Jessie Jackson earns his keep from victimization.

Always finding fault in others and living to right wrongs of the past is a perscription for failure.

Just why hasn't decent new housing been built in the PLO refugee camps since the 1950s? Could it be their leaders have no motivation to do so, all the while pocketing the billions in foreign aid that has been funneled in the region.

Now why do you suppose the Israelis have prospered and whooped butt since then? Could it be the PLOs leaders and ideology just plain suck?

Dr.Phil has a term for this, "Now how's that working out for you?"

I think you're both getting... (Below threshold)

I think you're both getting to the same point from different directions.

One side can be counted on to keep their word, the other can't. Oslo has been a bad joke for way too long. The charade that Bush and the State Department act out, and Clinton before them, is akin to treating an adolescent as if he were a responsible adult.

As my father told me--just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.

Linda Heard is a twit--or s... (Below threshold)

Linda Heard is a twit--or something with a minor vowel change. Read her columns if you must, but it's really just some sort of masochistic masturbation to do so. She's reliably content-free, though you get tons of attitude and Marxist platitude for your effort.

Actually, I thought the fir... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

Actually, I thought the first step for the Palis was to recognize Israel's right to exist. A simple thing, a few words on paper. And they've been working on that one for, what, 25 years now...

Cousin, they're stuck on th... (Below threshold)

Cousin, they're stuck on the definition of "exist." Apparently the Israelis are stubbornly insisting that the past tense doesn't qualify.






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