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Why Campaign Blogs Generally Suck

Fernando Ferrer, the Democratic candidate for mayor of New York, wrote in a September 8th entry at his blog (since changed), "I was born in the South Bronx and educated in public schools for most of my education."

Mayor Bloomberg's campaign yesterday reminded Ferrer (and the media) that Ferrer actually attended Catholic schools through 12th grade, then went to NYU.

The New York Times reports on Ferrer's damage control efforts.

"An item submitted by Freddy Ferrer was inaccurately edited regarding Freddy's education," Nick Baldick, the campaign manager, said in a statement. "We apologize for the mistake and have corrected the entry."

Yet even that explanation was not quite right. Jen Bluestein, a spokeswoman for the Ferrer campaign, said the candidate did not submit a written item but rather "passed on some ideas" to an aide, who then wrote three paragraphs and posted them in his name. The prose has a quality that could be confused with Mr. Ferrer's speaking style, but in whole it reads like a news release.

Asked why Mr. Ferrer was credited for words he did not write, Ms. Bluestein offered an everyone-does-it defense.

"This happens in political campaigns all the time," she said. "In this case he called in some ideas, and someone got a little loose with the editing."

While the Bloomberg campaign might have been laughing at Ferrer's feeble defenses, in the same article they essentially admit to doing the same thing at Bloomberg's website.
As for the authorship of "Ask Mike," Stu Loeser, a spokesman for the mayor's campaign, replied about the mayor, "It's something he oversees and approves."
My new criteria for picking candidates might have to go with the one honest enough not to have a blog...

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The prose has a q... (Below threshold)

The prose has a quality that could be confused with Mr. Ferrer's speaking style

Huh.. you learn something everyday. I didn't know that lying was considering a speaking style.

Did you actually believe po... (Below threshold)

Did you actually believe politicians were authoring their own blogs?

*considering = considered</... (Below threshold)

*considering = considered






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