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Blah, Blah, Roberts Vote, Blah

Update: Roberts is confirmed, 78-22.

Update 2:

Update 3: Paul at PowerLine thinks the Dems have changed the rules of engagement.

In a hilarious illustration of the Senate's self-absorption, Harry Reid and everyone else will be talking all morning long before they actually vote on the foregone conclusion of Roberts' confirmation.

On C-SPAN right now, Reid is spouting off about how unfit Roberts is while the graphic next to his head displays the announced votes for and against the good judge:

Y=77, N=21

Here's live video of the proceedings if you're so inclined.... Right now, Harry Reid is "deeply concerned" about the memos Roberts wrote 23 years ago and the unfortunate attitude toward women and minorities exhibited therein. He's got 15 minutes to change some minds and hearts. Good thing he's such an inspiring orator.

I'll check back after the vote.


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Comments (5)

I don't think I can even mu... (Below threshold)

I don't think I can even muster an Muhahaha. But at least we know the 22 names to completely ignore in the future nominations.

They just swore him in at t... (Below threshold)

They just swore him in at the White House. Where's the damn kid! That was the part I was most looking forward to!

According to the Kossacks, ... (Below threshold)

According to the Kossacks, I thought the kid was in the closet

Yes, they've moved the goal... (Below threshold)

Yes, they've moved the goalposts, changed the rules of engagement, to their detriment. Because, by opposing Roberts and for such ludicrous, even imagined paranoias (let's see...Feinstein objects to him not talking to her, in her perceptions, "as a son, a brother, a father..." and then there was Schumer's mindnumbing venture into film titles, and the perpetual grandstanding without any sense otherwise by Biden, and...), they've opposed intelligence, a man of character, a person of great education and mature intellect, a generally all around super qualified person for Chief Justice.

If they oppose Roberts, that means they're to the Left of all that. Not a good sign but it's a bad sign about them, not about candidates and confirmations. Certainly not about Roberts -- I am vastly impressed that he maintained a mature and kind composure throughout the "questioning" and other theatricals because if he can do THAT, he can run a Supreme Court any day, and very well.

I could briefly comprehend the temperamental objections to Robert Bork, based upon his overt directness (shouldn't disqualify anyone but I can understand how Democrats would find it objectionable that someone wasn't bowing to them otherwise and Bork didn't), but he was and remains a highly qualified justice who would have brought clarity and wisdom to the Supreme Court. Instead, he was denigrated to the point of character assassination, probably most of all, because Democrats couldn't take the truth (and still can't, from how some have responded to Roberts).

Anyway, thank God for Chief Justice Roberts, thank God our country has this guy, from what I've heard him say, he's as qualified as we are ever going to find, in these days of vast differences. I'd give about anything to hear Roberts discuss future cases with Ginsburg, though I know that'll never happen (me hearing, not them discussing).

I don't think a lot of Demo... (Below threshold)

I don't think a lot of Democrats have any vision for what the future might hold if the next President is a Democrat and the Republicans maintain control of the Senate. After the Dems vile partisan display against Roberts, I don't see another liberal judge being confirmed in this country any time in the near future. Payback is going to be a bitch.

Maybe for the next appointment the Democrats will think of the consequences.






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