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Thursday Cat Blogging

We don't make a habit of animal blogging at Wizbang, but just this once we're offering some lucky reader within driving distance of New Haven, CT the chance to adopt this healthy Siamese cat.


Details on the cat's story are available at Right Thoughts.

Comments (8)

Thank guys! I really appre... (Below threshold)

Thank guys! I really appreciate this, and I think the kitty will too! :)

Wow! What a beautiful cat.<... (Below threshold)

Wow! What a beautiful cat.

Would Chicago be considered "driving distance" from Connecticut?

She's so pretty in person..... (Below threshold)

She's so pretty in person...a deep, deep tawny to chocolate fur with dark, ricg brown tips. And those eyes! Pale and bright at the same time. If one of my boy cats wasn't a young little terrorist who rules the house through fear and abuse...I'd snap her up in a minute. She took to me, a stranger, in three seconds flat.

When do ferrets get their d... (Below threshold)

When do ferrets get their day? Huh? When?

Kind of reminds me when we ... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Kind of reminds me when we had a siames cat

Not interested in the cat s... (Below threshold)

Not interested in the cat shown, but please put my name down for adopting the cat in the caption contest. If selected, please call me. And if my wife answers, hang up. I want the adoption to be a secret uhm surprise. No need to let the cat out of the bag now is there.

IT'S A TRAP!All Si... (Below threshold)


All Siamese are crazy.

John you beat the rest of u... (Below threshold)

John you beat the rest of us to it. Dang. Though I might want to declaw that kitty before letting it out of the cage...






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