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Wizbang Errata

Here are a couple stories I'd been meaning to mention, but couldn't quite find a hook start with. Perhaps you might have more luck...

  • Ashley Smith, the woman held captive by Atlanta courthouse killer Brian Nichols, was a crystal meth addict at the time she was held hostage. Amazingly she gave Nichols "ice" during her ordeal. Her story is told in a new book, Unlikely Angel
  • Jessica Cutler is a blogger! I know that might not sound shocking, given that she's best known as the blogger behind Washingtonienne. She's actually got a new blog called Jessica Cutler Online. In addition to her book, she's a columnist for Capital File magazine and has a book review in today's Washington Post. Who says there's no money in blogging?
  • The Army gore-for-porn scandal lasts all of one day. The subject first came up in a Eastbay Express article (graphic gore warning), but after a one day investigation the Army has declined to pursue the allegations, for now.
  • Elisabeth Berkley's pool sex scene in Showgirls was recently named named the worst sex scene in the history of cinema British-based Empire Magazine. "It's supposed to be the best sex in the world but, as Berkley thrashes around in the water, it looks more like the first ten minutes of Jaws," the magazine said.
  • British fashion model Kate Moss, caught on film snorting cocaine at a nightclub, (she is reportedly now in rehab) probably will have learned a valuable lesson from the whole affair - don't sue a paper when what it printed is true.


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Comments (7)

Thanks, Kevin, I bet I can ... (Below threshold)

Thanks, Kevin, I bet I can write on at least one of these. But how come you titled this post "Wizbang Errata"? An erratum is an error which has been published. But this is not a post about errors. Did you mean "miscellanea" or something?

Hmmm."Who says the... (Below threshold)


"Who says their's no money in blogging?"

Well there's demonstrably money in blogging + anal sex. Whether there is any money in blogging per se, is still rather up in the air.

Don't get it twisted: Not e... (Below threshold)

Don't get it twisted: Not everyone gets paid for anal sex.

Jeff Gannon did ...does (an... (Below threshold)
Drew Edmondson:

Jeff Gannon did ...does (anal sex that is between pretending and gaining access) ...Ya know ..no matter our feeling on the war ...Torture is and should be a WAR Crime ... it is simply wrong that only lower level troops are being held accountable... it is and has always has been the grunt that dies or does horrible actions in a war while those knowingly creating confusion are immune. I support the site where troops post their dead body/parts ... we need to know have we again (as a Nam vet I know, severed ears in a box) reached a point where human body parts are treated like deer/fish trophys?

ah Ashley..."Jesus saved me... (Below threshold)
Drew Edmondson:

ah Ashley..."Jesus saved me"... what kind of moron would give a drug that increases paranoia to a. .. KILLER ...again the media bought it ... Jesus sells ...only a moron uses meth in the first place... Thank you for posting these under reported stories... see we agree ... the hook ?? She was just speeding up his arrest!

I have a question for Drew ... (Below threshold)

I have a question for Drew Edmondson: Here in Oklahoma, our attorney general goes by the name "Drew Edmondson," and he is a Vietnam veteran. I was just wondering, are you by any chance he?

In the minds of liberals gu... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

In the minds of liberals guns should be banned but dope should be avalible to everyone who wants to get all spaced out






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