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It's days like this that the Carnival of the Vanities should be taken out back and shot.

This weeks host, Expatriots United, really shouldn't have bothered attempting to post a Carnival. The resulting mess is undoubtedly the worst Carnival of the Vanities ever.

Fortunately for COTV readers Laurence Simon stepped in and produced a version befitting a Carnival. The Expatriots United guy should really just delete the crap he has posted and in its place put up a link to Lair's version.


Listed below are links to weblogs that reference WORST. COTV. EVER.:

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» MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy linked with Bonfired Carnival of the Vanities

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Comments (12)

You know I'm angry when I d... (Below threshold)

You know I'm angry when I don't even post a cat photo.

Yeah, that's a bad version.... (Below threshold)

Yeah, that's a bad version...

Abso-fucking-lutely clueles... (Below threshold)

Abso-fucking-lutely clueless. Thank Gawd Lair knows what to do when it comes to Bad Carnivals: (1) rip the host a new one, and (2) post his own Greatly Improved Version.

Kevin, you have the best idea - just have Geoff post a link to Lair's Avignon version and delete his pathetic mess.

Maybe you should start a "S... (Below threshold)

Maybe you should start a "Super-Bonfire of the Vanities" for the worst of the blog carnival linkfests....

Rusty, Maybe this ... (Below threshold)


Maybe this could be the "'Burning in Hell' Bonfire of the Vanities".

But Laurence deserves some serious style points for the asskicking he gave that guy.


And now <a href="http://www... (Below threshold)

And now here's a third one, this time with a cat photo.

Looking at that original gu... (Below threshold)

Looking at that original guy's site, all he does is post basically a title in all caps and then cuts and pastes entire essays from other sources, thanking the author and source at the bottom. He does more than phone in a carnival, he phones in his whole blog.

Laurence Simon: you can ta... (Below threshold)

Laurence Simon: you can take a bit of respite in the fact that the blog in question was so awkwardl laid-out (that means, "designed" in overall arrangement/appearance of items on the page) that I didn't even read anything. Just arrived, tried to scan, found it chaotic, left without reading a thing other than the headline.

Mebbe you'se all should consider an editorial overview with delete function inherent for pending Carnivals in the future, to avoid misunderstanding or, perhaps, inexperienced bloggers from ruining up-and-coming Carnivals.

I can't help it--this was S... (Below threshold)

I can't help it--this was SO bad I still can't even think about it without laughing my head off!
I even went and snagged the Google cache (the post is deleted without any comment) to save it for days when I need a laugh!

Even worse: the tool just took a weak little crap in Laurence's comments! (I'm practically coughing up blood from laughing so hard!)

bad link there--<a... (Below threshold)

bad link there--

good link

::laughing too much to pay attention::

Looks like he took down his... (Below threshold)

Looks like he took down his own version.

I would have preferred that he leave it up so that people can see how NOT to do a blog carnival.

Probably took more effort to delete it than to create it.

I'm with you Beth, I about ... (Below threshold)

I'm with you Beth, I about blew Dr Pepper through my nose when I read the twit's comment over at TBIFOC. That's okay, though. Like MH, I tried looking around his site and had to bail after a few minutes. The 'All Caps' think about made me go cross-eyed, and then trying to read what teh twerp was actually saying (not much) required Google's Translate function. About all I could tell was that he got his ideas about how or whether Chief Justice Roberts was conservative or not was from reading Krugman & Oliphant. Not good choices in source material.

What a maroon!






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