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A Jetson Christmas

Available in the new Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog

The M400 Skycar - the worlds first vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. Developed by Moller International, the Skycar travels at 350MPH and achieves an environmentally friendly 21 miles per gallon on alcohol, a cleaner fuel than gasoline.

Price: $3,500,000.00 (shipping extra)

Comments (18)

Hmmmm.Don't buy it... (Below threshold)


Don't buy it, it's bullshit.

The thing has been "planning for untethered flight" for the last twenty years or so. At this rate I'd have a flying car faster if I bolted on a JATO unit to my Chrysler.

*Nitpick Alert*It'... (Below threshold)

*Nitpick Alert*

It's the first personal vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. The military has had them for years. And apparently, helicopters don't count as "aircraft" anymore.

Four big-ass engines and it... (Below threshold)

Four big-ass engines and it only hits 350? What a ripoff.

Has one of these ever actua... (Below threshold)

Has one of these ever actually, you know, flown?

Are they trying to get development funds this way? "Hey, give us $3.5 mil now, we give you a Jetsons car in three years." Three years later, there's no money AND no car.

Hmmmm."Has one of ... (Below threshold)


"Has one of these ever actually, you know, flown?"

It's only "flown" with a tether. I.e. a cable connecting the vehicle to the ground. And it's "flown" that way for about twenty or so years now.

So far though it has been very successful. Not in producing actual vehicles but in separating investors from their cash.

Everybody's so grumpy about... (Below threshold)
Literally Retarded:

Everybody's so grumpy about this. Popular Mechanics promised me something like this back in the '60's, and I want it. I have a right. It's in the Constitution.

ed has it right. this thing... (Below threshold)
Opinionated Vogon:

ed has it right. this thing is older than the internet ;) Every few years I see a new press release, but its only for him to raise money IMO. This time I see some new marketing, tee shirts and scale models heh.

What you should be able to ... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

What you should be able to do is press a button and have it fold up into a breif case

No thanks, I still want a p... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

No thanks, I still want a pony.

They do get points from me ... (Below threshold)

They do get points from me for using rotary engines.

Forget the pony! I want a ... (Below threshold)
D. Doré:

Forget the pony! I want a PETA Cat!

...Or at least a blonde in traditional bavarian clothes hefting a heavy pint!

Just try to get them to giv... (Below threshold)

Just try to get them to give you a delivery date on one of those rotary engines, Joe. I started trying to buy 2 from them over three years ago and finally gave up in May of this year. I wanted to try them on my air boat, I ended going with Rotax engines.

We are living in the... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

We are living in the future,
I'll tell you how I know,
I read it in a magazine,
15 years ago.

-John Prine

From the headline, I though... (Below threshold)

From the headline, I thought you were announcing a new
Jetson's cartoon or movie. Then, I see it is only some
dumb ol' personal aircraft. Don't do that!

Kind of reminds me of a TWI... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Kind of reminds me of a TWIN POD CLOUD CAR from the star wars film THE EMIPRE STRIKES BACK

Why does the marketing make... (Below threshold)

Why does the marketing make it look like it flying across the Moon?

Fueled with alcohol, eh? Ap... (Below threshold)

Fueled with alcohol, eh? Apt.

Very, very apt.

Hey maybe the pony is drivi... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Hey maybe the pony is driving it






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