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O.J. Simpson To Attend Slasherfest In Los Angeles


O.J. Simpson's never ending quest to find the real killers has taken him from one Florida golf course to another. This weekend it takes him back near the scene of the crime for a shameless publicity stunt at a sci fi comic convention.

NORTHRIDGE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 28, 2005 --As unbelievable as it seems, O.J. Simpson and his good friend and former teammate Al (A.C.) Cowlings will both make a public appearance in Los Angeles this weekend at the NecroComicon in the Los Angeles suburb of Northridge, Calif.

Simpson will sign autographs and pose for pictures for a fee starting at $95.00 per signature. Coincidentally, Simpson's appearance will coincide with the 10th anniversary of Simpson's acquittal for double murder charges.

When asked why Simpson chose now to make this appearance, Co-promoter Thomas Riccio stated: "Why not now?! O.J. Simpson is arguably the best football player who ever lived. He's a Heisman Trophy Winner, a former All American, an NFL M.V.P., and a Pro-Football Hall Of Famer. There are thousands of collectors out there who have been waiting for more than a decade to meet O.J. and add his autograph to their collection. If they come to the NecroComicon they'll get their opportunity to not only get an autograph, but to also pose for pictures with this living legend. If they can't make it to the show they can pre-buy autographs at NecroComicon.com and we'll send their autographed items to them after the show."

The NecroComicon is not your ordinary Comic Convention. This show features a Spooky House, Haunted Theme Park, Live Bands, Collectible & Memorabilia Vendors, Movie Screenings, and Q&A Panels with the stars.

The Red Cross is also scheduled to hold a Blood Drive at this event to help victims from recent national tragedies.

One thing is for sure -- this first public appearance of O.J. Simpson in Los Angeles for more than twelve years makes this NecroComicon an event that will go down in history.

The celebrity guest list is a who's who of B-movie slasher and soft-core porn flicks. Simpson and the guy who played Jason in Friday The 13th should get along famously..

Via California Conservative and SoCalLawBlog.


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Comments (12)

Thanks for the link! ... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the link!

The last I heard he had tea... (Below threshold)

The last I heard he had teamed up with Robert Blake and they were checking golf courses all over the U.S. for the real killers.

Are you kidding, Kari Wuhre... (Below threshold)

Are you kidding, Kari Wuhrer is going to be there.

I shall never forget the sp... (Below threshold)

I shall never forget the spectacle of blacks cheering from overpasses as OJ with his white Blazer, gun, and money was (for all they knew and thought) making a break for it, after murdering two white people.
After many many years of hoping and believing that the black community was reachable, I decided then that, for the GOP to reach out to them as voters was not only a complete waste of time, but undesirable as well!

I did not follow the OJ tri... (Below threshold)

I did not follow the OJ trial myself, but a friend who observed the actual court proceedings told me recently - he could not believe how slanted and false the media reports were compared to what actually took place inside the courtroom. He heard much the same as the jury, and agrees with the not-guilty verdict in the criminal case. When he hears the press still asserting the generally accepted myths today, he gets quite upset! (In light of the recent blogosphere scrutiny and exposure of MSM lies, I wonder if people might have a more positive view of OJ today if the blogosphere existed then.)

BR...several people who wer... (Below threshold)

BR...several people who were on the O.J.Simpson jury later said that they would have voted to convict Simpson had they been made to know (presented with during the trial) some of the proven information that the press reported but which the prosecution was not allowed to include at trial. Their statements were aghast in nature, as in, "if we'd KNOWN (some facts here), we'd never have found him not-guilty, but we didn't know and we ruled on what we were presented with at trial" to that effect.

Meaning, Simpson had a skilled defense team, the prosecution had it's failings and Simpson was not convicted legally, although most people reasonably conclude he is and was responsible for the two horrid murders.

One FACT that was not allowed to be included at trial (I have no link but it was reported during the trial by media but not allowed for some reason I am not aware of at this time as to why it was not allowed by the prosecution), anyway, one fact about Simpson was that just weeks before the murders occured (well, a short time prior to, anyway), Simpson had just completed Navy Seal training, supposedly for an acting job, including how to kill with knives in hand-to-hand combat.

And, Simpson had a collection (was commonly known about him) of Swiss Army knives that he had all neatly arranged in their boxes, displayed in his house. On the night of the murders, one of the boxes was empty.

There are other issues and while I agree the media was nutty during the trial, the trial also was as nutty as money can buy. I still find it nearly ridiculous that anyone on the jury, much less the majority, were not revulsing when Cochran said, "if the gloves don't fit, you must acquit." Or that no one believed the gloves did NOT fit. I mean, I watched Simpson on television and I found his performance less than stellar, as with Cochran's. I never believed Cochran for a second but then again, I'd have convicted Simpson with nary a blink of the eye what with the blood evidence alone.

Another thing, about the ti... (Below threshold)

Another thing, about the timing involved (Cochran used this to persuade as to Simpson's lack of ability to have had time to commit the murders)...a human being can run/jog from where Simpson lived (Rockingham estate, since torn down, but the street and location are still there), a human can run from the Rockingham address to the Bundy Drive condo address where the murders took place in about fifteen, maybe twenty minutes, depending on fitness.

In a car, middle of the night, very little traffic, it can be driven in about seven minutes, less if you avoid most stops, don't even slow down. Simpson was seen (also not allowed at trial because the witness had previously spoken to US magazine or some TV gossip show or something) by a female in his white Bronco, glaring and yelling out at her as he forcibly drove through an intersection without stopping, forcing past her vehicle, looking angry and sweaty and "wild" in expression, at the time the Nicole Simpson's dog began howling (time was established by several other witnesses).

The point is, he had more than enough time if he drove very quickly over very familiar terrain (Bundy Drive to Sunset Blvd., turn left, right on Rockingham, up the tiny hill by one block and home) to get in the shower even, and still meet the limo driver as and when he did. I've lived in that very neighborhood and know it well and the area is very near-in between where the murders occured and where Simpson used to live, that Rockingham house in the Palisades. It's easily driven, as I wrote, in just minutes when there is little traffic, as there is past rush hour through to morning.

Great scott whats he trying... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Great scott whats he trying to pull this time? sounds like O.J. has gone off the real deep

This is about as loud and l... (Below threshold)

This is about as loud and literal a confession as you are likely to ever get folks.

LEts not forget how much th... (Below threshold)

LEts not forget how much the judge was in love with the news cameras. Ito allowed the defense to run rough shod over the already out classed prosecution.

'Course maybe he's just goi... (Below threshold)

'Course maybe he's just going to be near all the babes in bloody makeup that will be there, or to stand elbow to elbow with Marilym Chambers and Meyer's Girls...

"NecroComicon DOES NOT CHAR... (Below threshold)

"NecroComicon DOES NOT CHARGE or take a percentage of ANY autograph sales. All autograph transactions are between the Celebrity and Customer."

Now, what does that remind you of?

BTW, all the links in the COTB post above use the nofollow tag. Should those on the other side use that tag as well?






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