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HELP WANTED: CDL Drivers Needed

If you've got a CDL, then you've got a job waiting in New Orleans. Just start on the west side of town and go east. Look for the hand painted signs everywhere. You don't need your own truck, we've got plenty... Well except for the water delivery company who had 47 of them stolen but that's another story.

Just get yourself down here and you'll have a ride in under an hour.

Laborers needed too.. Just get into town and look for the cardboard signs. There's a few thousand to choose from. If you have an RV or a trailer bring it... We are kind of short on houses down here.


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Comments (13)

Just thought that I would t... (Below threshold)

Just thought that I would throw some kindling towards a fire that I would like to see built. That is if you are willing to pay the EXTRA $$ to get your CDL renewed. My brother-in-law brought it to my attention that nowadays, if you want to renew your CDL, you have to fork over money ($75 if my memory serves me) for the DHS to do a background check on you. I know that it is not a lot - but it's not like truck drivers are making $100k+/yr. Kinda angers me that there is a shortage of drivers for driving tanker trucks - as in the trucks that fill up our local gas stations - and those that have the license, are made to pay for the gov't. to look me up on their own databases. FWIW

uh....send me an e-mail. I... (Below threshold)

uh....send me an e-mail. I have a CDL (class B) and really hate my current job. I'm in Austin, and I just need to know what y'all need. I can't do much manual labor, due to a recent operation, but, I can drive, and I can lift a lot of light stuff for a long time....

Seriously. Send me something. I've been looking for a way to help.

Devildog If I told... (Below threshold)


If I told you that there are 1000 drivers needed in the area, I don't think that would be an exaggeration. You don't need email from me... Every street corner in the "industrial" parts of town have spray-painted signs on them begging for drivers. Heck you even see it in the residential areas.

If you really need directions, go to Jefferson Highway in Metairie (which is a suburb of New Orleans) and there are (no joke) 100 signs out.

Tell ya what.. I'll google something up... There is a 10 foot banner on this corner offering full time or part time with benefits. You simply can not imagine the people begging for drivers. I don't know how most local drivers get paid but it is a drivers market right now.

Businesses have product they want to sell and they have orders for it but they can't get anyone to drive the truck.

"Will feed for work"<... (Below threshold)

"Will feed for work"

Seriously, though, this much trucking must mean a need for forklift drivers. News forwarded to my son, last heard from in Kansas City and used to traveling rough.

I'm sure CDL holders are as... (Below threshold)

I'm sure CDL holders are as badly needed in Mississippi & possibly Texas. Consider going there rather than NO. I have started designating my donations to hurricane relief to those states only. Not one dime of my money will go to NO. Sorry, but the corruption in LA plus all the Bush bashing media have made me so angry that I pray that NO never recovers. As far as I can tell we would be better off if the whole corrupt state sank into the gulf.

The problem, ME, is that no... (Below threshold)

The problem, ME, is that not everyone in Louisiana is corrupt, or even a Democrat. Hell, not everyone (formerly) in New Orleans is a Democrat.

Follow your conscience, of course, but recognize that you're not just withholding your contributions from corrupt Democrats, but also from honorable Republicans.

And just for the sake of completeness, honorable Democrats and corrupt Republicans, as well.

Paul -- when did you get ba... (Below threshold)

Paul -- when did you get back to Metairie? When we talked you were in Memphis. Did you lose much property? Are you staying there or eventually moving away?

Boyd, I am not withholding ... (Below threshold)

Boyd, I am not withholding contributions at all, I am just directing them to where I feel they will do the most good. From what I have seen anything that goes into NO is subject to confiscation by the authorities. Seen any of the reports where cops etc. were found with supplies meant for people in need? As far as I am concerned most of the evacuees are no longer in NO anyway & they may benefit from donations to MIssissippi, Texas etc. more than they would if the donations were sent to NO. I just don't care to have my money misspent by the likes of Nagin & the other corrupt officials.

Umm for those to whom CDL m... (Below threshold)

Umm for those to whom CDL means California Driver's License, could you refresh us on the meaning in the rest of the country. Commercial, or something like that?

Floppington,CDL do... (Below threshold)


CDL does in fact stand for Commercial Drivers License. There are three classes of CDL: A, B, and C. A and B permit you to drive/tow vehicles of a higher GVWR than the standard Class C license (what you get when you turn 16). The Class C CDL is for when you are transporting enough HAZMAT to require placards. The answer to your question is yes. CDL stands for Commercial Drivers License.

I am thinking of coming dow... (Below threshold)

I am thinking of coming down with a quad axle dump truck looking to find work in NO.
Is this a good idea ? If i find work is there a place i can find to stay? And if so will i have a problem getting paid by the person who hires me and my truck ?
And last but not least is there anyone interested in working for me with a class b cdl that will be responsible and show up for work?
Just wondering,Thanks

I have a class A CDL with d... (Below threshold)
Jason Jackson:

I have a class A CDL with doubles and triples end 6 years exp with no wrecks or fatalaties. No tanker, but I could get one if needed. Unfortunately I can't just show up with no place to stay to look for work there. I need confirmation of a sure thing. Email me a [email protected] with info. Thanks, J

My is a CDL driver and has ... (Below threshold)

My is a CDL driver and has HazMat endorsements. He went down to NO looking for a job. He even got his ID badge and went through the shots and screenign for right of entry. We became very hesitent to come down though from all the rumors of coruption and the fear of not being paid. Noone would sign a contract worth the paper it was written on that we could trust. Any idea of a contact that is repupable that you could sign under and trust. You have to sign under someone. First Tier Phillips and Jorden and so on down the line. Email me if you have info






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