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Quote Of The Day - Desperate Housewife Edition

"Anger can be very, very productive, as long as it's focused and you don't lose your mind. After the London bombings [in July], someone asked me, 'Have we become complacent? Do you miss 9/11, when people had more unity?' And I say, 'No, no, no. What I miss is the anger. And the clarity. That's what I miss.'"

Debra Burlingame, whose Wall Street Journal op-ed started a movement that doomed the ill-conceived International Freedom Museum. The woman behind the Take Back The Memorial is profiled in Opinion Journal today.

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Very clear statement. I agr... (Below threshold)

Very clear statement. I agree

Yes, very clear and direct.... (Below threshold)

Yes, very clear and direct.

Debra Burlingame - the anti... (Below threshold)

Debra Burlingame - the anti-Sheehan.

jes luv it when libs get th... (Below threshold)

jes luv it when libs get their come-uppance






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