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Saturday Sponsor Shoutouts

Do us a favor, show a little love to Wizbang's fine sponsors.

  • MyPublicInfo allows you to see all the public records about yourself from thousands of databases across the country. What you see is what any investigator doing a background check would see. You may find out that someone has been using your identity for all sorts of nefarious activites.
  • SneakyFeelings.com is a new dating site, but one with a difference. Among the unique features is that there's aren't multiple levels of membership making it hard to contact people with profiles; a very affordable price; and a feedback system for people who have been on dates. During this beta period membership is free. Did I mention membership is free? If you're single go signup!
  • Tabloid Column is always a great place to get the latest dish. Make sure you click through often!

Comments (2)

Okay, I visited them all. B... (Below threshold)

Okay, I visited them all. But I didn't sign up for the free dating account, what with the wife and all. I really liked Tabloid Column, that's a nice site.

reading your content just m... (Below threshold)

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