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Al Qaeda Claims Marine Captives

Somehow this seems oddly reminisent, though I can't quite put my finger on why...

DUBAI (Reuters) - Al Qaeda has kidnapped two Marines in western Iraq and issued a 24-hour ultimatum to U.S. forces to release female Sunni Muslim prisoners, a statement posted on a Web site said on Sunday.

"Al Qaeda soldiers succeeded in kidnapping two Marines ... and Al Qaeda is giving the infidels 24 hours to release female Sunni Muslim prisoners ... or they (Western forces) should not bother to look for their children," the statement said on a Web site generally used by the group.

A spokesman for U.S. forces in Iraq, Lieutenant Colonel Steve Boylan, said: "I have not heard anything about any of our folks being taken. I would suspect that these are unfounded rumors, as that is what has happened in the past."

Don't miss the exclusive captive photos released by Al Qaeda below.


Now I remember...


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Comments (8)

They keep asking for female... (Below threshold)

They keep asking for female prisoners, and we keep saying we don't have any! Apparently reading comprehension is low on their skills list.

I bet if we actually do hav... (Below threshold)

I bet if we actually do have any female prisoners and they really are Sunni they'd prefer to be in our custody than al Qaeda's. The terrorists managed to kill 110 Sunnis in 2 days earlier this week. It's hard to believe they've suddenly developed a whole lot of love for the people they kill on a daily basis for no other reason than their religion.

We hold at least two, both ... (Below threshold)

We hold at least two, both PhD's. One was the big shot in their chem weapons program and the other in their bio weapons program.

That's why they want them released.

Ya beat me Chuck, not sure ... (Below threshold)

Ya beat me Chuck, not sure on the numbers, but there are two very notorious ones...

Well, if the Marines they c... (Below threshold)

Well, if the Marines they captured are anything like the last one the captured we don't have to worry....until they pull that string in their chest. Normally, they are tough and can take all sorts of abuse, but once you pull that string they just blab on and on and on....

What do they care about fem... (Below threshold)

What do they care about females?

or they (Western forces)... (Below threshold)

or they (Western forces) should not bother to look for their children

Yep, Cindy Sheehan's moonbattery is having an effect.

Just prove they are uncivil... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Just prove they are uncivilized and backwards a caveman is more civilized then these bunch of radicals






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