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Mayor Nagin to White people: Screw You

Mayor Nagin, who owes his term in office to support from most of the white community in New Orleans, has officially told them to go to hell.

Lakeview has 18,000 upper middle class homes in it. -- I'm sorry, Lakeview HAD 18,000 upper middle class homes in it. In generic terms, you would call it the "white" section of town. While Nagin is anxious to appoint race baiters to his panel on rebuilding New Orleans, he told the white people "Screw You."

Lakeview residents feel shut out by city
Few officials show up at rally near 17th St. Canal

As they stood in a Metairie parking lot no more than a block from the 17th Street Canal, hundreds of displaced Lakeview residents vented their frustration Saturday that they were still shut out of their neighborhood and felt shut out of plans for its future.

Cherie Melancon France, 28, a stay-at-home mother, organized the gathering dubbed "Back to the Breach" after weeks of messaging fellow Lakeview evacuees on the Internet. She said they wanted to demand access to their likely ruined homes and to hear from city officials involved in preliminary rebuilding discussions. ...

Some in the audience grumbled afterward about the poor showing of public officials.

Nagin e-mailed the group last week to say he wouldn't attend the meeting, first saying that any gathering in Lakeview was unsafe. When organizers made clear that the meeting would be on the Metairie side of the 17th Street Canal, he wrote: "I am not interested in meeting in Metairie with New Orleans residents. If you want me there, find a location in New Orleans."

So let me see if I get this right.... Mayor Nagin, who already purchased a house in Dallas freaking Texas, can't be bothered to cross the 17th street canal to meet his fellow New Orleanians. (who BTW would LOVE to meet him in Lakeview but he won't let them.) He managed to get his butt to Dallas freaking Texas but he can't meet the citizens of Lakeview because they are on the other side of a 200 foot long bridge?

He didn't go to Baton Rouge after the storm, he didn't go to Jefferson, he didn't even go to the Central Business District where FEMA was. He BOUGHT a house in Dallas freaking Texas. He didn't even RENT a house, in Dallas, he BOUGHT a house in Dallas freaking Texas.

But he can't cross a bridge to meet the people from Lakeview.

While other sections of town that still have water in them are open to residents, Nagin is keeping Lakeview, which is dry, closed and refusing to even tell people why.

I can't tell you how sad this makes me. New Orleans really (despite CNN's coverage) had few racial problems before this storm. As I said, white people overwhelmingly supported Nagin during the election. I have no idea why he is doing this but it is impossible not to see the racial overtones in his behavior in the last few weeks.

New Orleans is at a cross roads. It's success is far from assured. And so far Nagin is doing everything he can to piss of the people who will rebuild the city.

Update: One of the commenters has mentioned that Nagin's spokesperson has said he was renting in Dallas and that multiple reports are wrong. I assume that is correct. (for now) Still, couldn't he find something at least in the same state?

Update 2: I was highly annoyed and when I read that quote in my morning paper. I used some language that was more coarse than I probably should have. I've cleaned it up a bit. Sorry


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Comments (17)

*warning, speculation alert... (Below threshold)

*warning, speculation alert*

Given that Lakeview is a rather upscale neighborhood and the stories going around about some of the remaining NOPD cops on duty looting houses and apartments abandoned by evacuees, I've come up with a theory as to why Nagin doesn't want to let them back in...

Nagin's already got enough problems right now but if a bunch of people return to that area and find evidence that their homes were burglarized well AFTER Katrina, an ugly situation gets even worse.

If he hadn't fumbled this particular situation so badly, most people outside of Southeast LA wouldn't even know that this area is dry and yet cordoned off.

Hell, I'm in Baton Rouge, roughly 70-90 miles to the west, and I was under the impression that Lakeview had flooded because it was on the wrong side of the canal breach.

I'm just hoping that all of this stupidity by Nagin and Kathleen "Let's hold a survey to form a commission to appoint a committee..." Blanco will result in the Federal Government finding away AROUND state and local involvement in the reconstruction efforts.

While I have faith in many of the everyday citizens of Southeast Louisiana, I have absolutely no faith in most of its elected representatives and especially none in Nagin or Blanco.

According to his spokeswoma... (Below threshold)

According to his spokeswoman, he's renting a condo.

It has been suggested that ... (Below threshold)

It has been suggested that Ray Nagin is an illiterate idiot. This might explain a few things...

Sounds like there's a lot m... (Below threshold)

Sounds like there's a lot more fucking going on in Texas than when I was last there. I think I need to take a trip home.

/me ducks

Paul,I have also hea... (Below threshold)

I have also heard about Nagin buying a house in Dallas and enrolling his kids in school. Since his spokeperson is allegedly saying he is renting a condo, can you somehow verify the story one way or the other? If he is lying, it might be the final nail in his political coffin...
I am so so sorry for all of you, and the stress and upset you are having to go through! You will be in my prayers.

There's white folks in New ... (Below threshold)

There's white folks in New Orleans? Who knew. You wouldn't know it by watching the news the past month or so.

Ray Nagin is a jerk and in ... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Ray Nagin is a jerk and in the next election they should vote this stupid jackass out of office

Paul, if memory serves, the... (Below threshold)

Paul, if memory serves, the Mayor of New Orleans (within Orleans Parish) has no jurisdiction in Jefferson Parish. If I am right, he has no reason to meet with Lakeview residents.

However, his refusal to do so - since Jefferson Parish has few cities that are formally organized (I don't recall there ever being a "Mayor" of Metairie, but there is one for Kenner, IIRC) - is one more sign that the man is short-sighted and politically dull. If he's anywhere near as stupid as Morial junior, NOLA is doomed.

Citizens of the region would probably be better served by having meetings with Carlos Marcello, if he is still around. After all, the bulk of reconstruction ca$h is going to end up in his coffers anyway.

I'm sure Al Copeland can hook you up (for example, it was popular knowledge down in the Parish that Copeland's first Popeyes franchise, in Arabi, was bought solely to launder Marcello's money, and never made a profit). From what I hear, the two go back a long way...

Paul,Show some res... (Below threshold)


Show some respect, man. You capitalize the F when typing Dallas F*cking Texas. We take our state and our cities seriously here.


Other than the fact Mayor N... (Below threshold)
Corky Boyd:

Other than the fact Mayor Nagin contunually exhibits signs of mental instability, I think his biggest worry is he will lose a major portion of his political base who simply won't return to New Orleans. The will stay in Baton Rouge, Houston or in towns where they sought refuge.

The largely white Lakeview residents will return in large numbers and forever alter the racial and political makeup of New Orleans.

The untold story of the Katrina disaster is that a great deal of the federal/state & local breakdown stemmed from state and local officials looking at the situation from a partisan political perspecctive. Gov. Blanco's need for 24 hours to mull over a more coordinated command structure is evidence of this. Ditto Mayor Nagin's inappropriate invective and wildly exaggerated claims.

All the rhetoric of ethnic cleansing by Democrats is evidence of their concerns the political ladscape is changing. Don't expect Mayor Nagin to give priority to rebuilding Lakeview. He sees only black vs. white, Republicans vs. Democrats, not humanity needing assistance.

Paul, a suggestion: We can see your outrage even without the profanity. Leave that to the left wing wacko sites. This site is better than that.

>According to his spokeswom... (Below threshold)

>According to his spokeswoman, he's renting a condo.

Geeze I heard that reported from like 5 media places before I mentioned it.. I didn't think even Nagin was that stupid but every media outlet in New Orleans has been reporting it for weeks.

Guess it is yet another Katrina myth... But still why not move to Metairie or even Baton Rouge?

>Paul, if memory serves, th... (Below threshold)

>Paul, if memory serves, the Mayor of New Orleans (within Orleans Parish) has no jurisdiction in Jefferson Parish. If I am right, he has no reason to meet with Lakeview residents.

Heavy Heavy Sigh.....

Lakeview (like the 9th ward) is IN New Orleans.

Is reading the link THAT hard?

"Fucking Texas"? Yea that F... (Below threshold)

"Fucking Texas"? Yea that Fucking Texas and those Fucking Texans who opened thier homes and hearts to NO residents!!!
How about Fucking Paul....

If nagin eventually gets co... (Below threshold)

If nagin eventually gets convicted of some kind of negligence (alas being a dipshit isn't a crime), the punishment should be that he is forced to have sex with gov blanco. Throw in that twitchy nancy pelosi for a 3-some if you really want to get him...

Paul, chill. I left room fo... (Below threshold)

Paul, chill. I left room for doubt. I also wrote the damned comment at three in the morning, local time.

The larger issue is as others have stated, IMHO: Nagin has lost his "housing projects" voting base (they never were a tax base, but they were votes, and they were Federal dollars flowing into NOLA). Lakeview residents are generally well-educated; Desire Housing Project residents are generally not. Lakeview residents will not put up with Nagin's BS.

If Chris or some other w*nker wants to challenge my assertion in this instance, let them statistically demonstrate otherwise. Having grown up in the area, I doubt anything has changed since I last lived there (1998).

sasqwa perhaps you did not ... (Below threshold)

sasqwa perhaps you did not understand where the anger was placed.

see also kbiel's post. He gets the jokes.

Rebuilding La Nueva Orleans... (Below threshold)
Mr. Unite Us:

Rebuilding La Nueva Orleans.

The Bush Administration screwed American citizens
of all colors when it made it possible for government
contractors to hire illegal immigrants. Americans who lost their business homes and jobs should be
given top priority.

Americans were screwed again when are tax dollars
were used to pay a private company 168 million dollars to remove bodies. They removed about a thousand. That's 168,000 dollars per body.

Thank Blanco for that decison.






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