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About 12,000 words worth of commentary...

I haven't written much the past few days, for various and sundry personal reasons, but here are a dozen great pictures that really deserve some attention:

Anatomy of a Photograph

Looter Guy Gallery


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Comments (6)

I was wondering when Wizban... (Below threshold)

I was wondering when Wizbang would present the Zombietime commentary.

"Slackers" I tells ya'. Some might think ya'll have day jobs or sumthin'.

I cannot stop laughi... (Below threshold)

I cannot stop laughing from "Looter Guy."


Excuse me while I PM Beldar... (Below threshold)

Excuse me while I PM Beldar and see if I can sue you for making my gut ache so bad from laughing so hard at Looterguy :)

Yes, I often ponder the wis... (Below threshold)

Yes, I often ponder the wisdom of these few words:

"Don't bees alarmed, we'se only after da beer."

When you think about it, that can pretty well sum up a lot of...hours after work...and for some, even before.

The looter guy in the Chapp... (Below threshold)

The looter guy in the Chappaquiddick Oldsmobile pic will go down as an all time classic. It leaves so much to the viewer's imagination, like was he dropping off or picking up? Was the car half full or half empty? If you drink Heineken is your corpse able to defy physics and wash upsteam? The possibilities are endless.

Update: after publishing t... (Below threshold)

Update: after publishing the link to the Looter Guy Gallery and a few of my images (Chappaquidick Oldsmobile among those), my blog has been visited by nearly all banking institutions, every single governmental agency -- atfonline.gov has visited specifically -- and all the military branches you can name. Astounding.






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