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Lesbians Remember Harriet Miers

There's plenty of people who would like you to believe Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers is a lesbian. Apparently the meme of the mid-morning (it's just about played out now) hasn't made it to real lesbians.

(10-03) 17:23 PDT WASHINGTON (AP) -- Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers went on record favoring equal civil rights for gays when she ran for Dallas city council, and she said the city had a responsibility to pay for AIDS education and patient services.

But Miers opposed repeal of the Texas sodomy statute - a law later overturned by the court on which she will sit if confirmed - in a survey she filled out for a gay-rights group during her successful 1989 campaign.

The survey by the Lesbian/Gay Coalition of Dallas provides a hint of Miers' thinking on homosexual rights issues that could come before the court. Although she came to a coalition meeting to answer questions during the campaign, she said at the time that she was not seeking its endorsement.

So what did the Lesbian/Gay Coalition think of Miers?
"Usually, if you bothered to come, you wanted our endorsement," [founder Louise] Young said. "She came to talk to us anyway. I thought that was very odd." Young added, "She didn't seem like a right-wing nut or anything like that."
I'm guessing that if Young had even an inkling that Miers was gay it would be the lede...


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Comments (6)

Hehe, Bush did say he was l... (Below threshold)

Hehe, Bush did say he was looking at folks from all walks of life.

Leftwing Gay baiting? Nice... (Below threshold)

Leftwing Gay baiting? Nice. Weren't they supposed to be the paragons of tolerance? And I thought it was supposed to be we "eeeevil" right wing Republicans who are supposed to be "homophobic".

I guess it is just a leftwing stereotype at work once again.

Although she came to a c... (Below threshold)

Although she came to a coalition meeting to answer questions during the campaign, she said at the time that she was not seeking its endorsement.

I tried that once; told the local teachers' union I figured endorsements didn't matter so much as votes, and I just wamted to answer their questions.

A couple of years later one of the union guys who was there responded to a letter to the editor I had written, with one of his own -- claiming I had come to the teachers' union "seeking our endorsement." $#!t-faced little bastard. And the newspaper wouldn't let me respond.

I guess a Texas gay-lez group has more integrity than an Alaska teachers' union or an Alaska daily newspaper.

Jesus Christ, Wonkette is <... (Below threshold)

Jesus Christ, Wonkette is joking here. Off the top of my head she has (again jokingly) called Bush, Kerry, (Hillary) Clinton and Roberts gay. She jokes. It's not a left-wing witch hunt.

After reading Wonkette's pi... (Below threshold)

After reading Wonkette's piece (your link, this thread), and hearing more than a few females on today's television and reading in print the same, quick to minimize, marginalize and creepily pick apart Harriet Miers, I think it's conclusive that there is no such thing as a "women's movement" and that what we have today is another, 'modern' version of barbarism.

I'm wondering how long it'll take (perhaps another day) before Harriet Miers is dismissed because she isn't wearing gold chains (I should write, "BIG" gold chains), high boots, braids, long nails and leathah. Because that's what's really going on: Miers isn't trendy enough, doesn't have enough status for some who really, really need to perceive status before they'll be motivated toward niceness.

Sad. The gay group's egotistical statement is the modern version of rejection based upon perceived status. As in, there's the assumption that to speak to them, you're "in" and the startled comment that someone had dared to anyway.

Harriet Miers is a lesbian... (Below threshold)

Harriet Miers is a lesbian? LOL






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