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Britney Spears Sex Tape, Coming Soon?

In what should come as a shock to practically no one, US Weekly reports that Britney Spears and Kevin Federline fear that an X-rated home video could be made public. Someone in Britney's entourage allegedly made a copy of one of her personal home videos and, according to the report, is threatening to release it. The raunchy footage was supposedly taken fairly recently - before Spears looked pregnant.

I can only guess that Spears looked something like this when see heard she might be the next Paris Hilton...

Correction: We previously reported that Spears baby's could be referred to as PMS Federline. The name they actually went with was Sean Preston Federline (SPF). We're not really sorry for the mistake...

Comments (16)

Let's see, her career is de... (Below threshold)

Let's see, her career is dead and by a coincidence a sex tape may be coming to a VCR near you.

She always was a class B stripper who depended heavily on impants, wardrobe, make up, and camera angles to look good.

Rather hard to be bothered ... (Below threshold)

Rather hard to be bothered about a married couple having raunchy sex. I suppose there is minor appeal due to her somewhat celeb status... I still think we are about 9 mins into her 15 mins of significance though...

I'm sure they're quite horr... (Below threshold)

I'm sure they're quite horrified, given their shy and retiring nature. Just look at all the bad things that happened to Paris and Pam Anderson since they were subject to similar public humiliation. Tragic, on several levels...

How stupid are these people... (Below threshold)

How stupid are these people? After Spamela Andersons's and Ferris Wheel (everybody gets to ride) Hilton's sex tapes came out, you'd think celebrities would get a clue.

"Honey, do you really think we should be taping this? Remember what happened with Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton."

"Aw, gee, honey. It's their own fault because they associate with scumbags... er... they are dumb blondes... er... Look. Just shut up and spread 'em."

I don't know about Ferris W... (Below threshold)

I don't know about Ferris Wheels, but I was banned from a Merry-Go-Round once. When I got on, it threw the thing's balance so far out of whack that it spun itself into the ground.

Don't want anyone to see (w... (Below threshold)

Don't want anyone to see (whatever), don't commit whatever to film, particularly to video.

Video is to the internet what the xerox machine is to company Christmas parties: you can expect someone's arse to appear in print on the boss' desk/s by the next business morning.

Ok, not a Britney fan, but ... (Below threshold)

Ok, not a Britney fan, but this 15 minutes stuff really is getting old. She's been rather extravagantly famous for almost a decade. If being a multi-millionaire the entirety of your adult life is considered part of a brief 15 minutes, I think Warhol might want to come back and do some re-coining.

I really don't wanna see ke... (Below threshold)

I really don't wanna see kevbo drive a Kenworth into britney's over-used, trailor-trash twat anyhoo.

Oh my! What a tremendous i... (Below threshold)

Oh my! What a tremendous insult to Britney Spears and her near-legendary sense of modesty and decorum.

I'm officially and unequivo... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

I'm officially and unequivocally creeped out.

They probably know better t... (Below threshold)

They probably know better than to try to blackmail Britney with the release of the tape (she'd never pay), but maybe they should try the rest of us. I for one would pay good money never to hear about her or this tape again.

Britney and Fred Durst shou... (Below threshold)

Britney and Fred Durst should get together and make a tape -- she's got his 'O' face look down.

i think we should all look ... (Below threshold)
carrie in phx.:

i think we should all look 4 signs of Brit & Kev "acting"/ performing/ or "playing a role" 4 the camera.... I guess the pregnancy wasnt enuf publicity..

hmm...Speaking of 15-minute... (Below threshold)

hmm...Speaking of 15-minutes of classless compassion! Britney's generous donation, with Kev's assent, of her underwear in behalf of Katrina's huddled masses...[ Peel me a grape & let them eat cake...]

I really don't know why so ... (Below threshold)

I really don't know why so many people don't consider this bitch hot annymore. A few years back pervs would kill to get a sex tape of her. I still want to see her. I didn't surf hours on the net for nothing !

I wouldn't mind seeing her ... (Below threshold)

I wouldn't mind seeing her sex tape, but I also like trashy strip clubs and once watched my dog lick his balls for over 30 minutes......so I'm easy to keep amused and have questionable taste.






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