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Manic-depressive blogging

Over time, I've developed a pattern to my postings here. I try to write at least three pieces a day, all before work. I publish one immediately, and set the others to go out during the day to keep the site "fresh." I haven't always succeeded, but I think in the last year or so I've only missed one or two days entirely.

But recently, I've been in a bit of a funk. Due to some rather unpleasant personal and financial circumstances, I've been feeling out of sorts. And I've been reacting to them in my time-honored fashion of ignoring them and hoping they'll go away.

As part of my "cocooning" (as a friend christened it), I took a little bit of time away from Wizbang over the weekend. I think on Sunday I only posted one piece.

But yesterday I found that I could just as easily hide from my problems by blogging as doing nothing, and I whipped out half a dozen pieces.

So for a little while, it very well could be "feast or famine" around here for postings of mine. I figure half the time I'll please my supporters, and the other half will be good times for my critics. I always try to strike a happy balance.

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And I've been reacting t... (Below threshold)

And I've been reacting to them in my time-honored fashion of ignoring them and hoping they'll go away.

Ah yes that strategy has been serving the Republican administration well since 2001. [grin]

Rick DeMent: Jay Tea share... (Below threshold)

Rick DeMent: Jay Tea shared here (Wizbang) just a short time ago that he's voted as a Democrat, if that helps you organize the issues a bit better.

However, Jay Tea: whatever is troubling you, I hope for the best for you, that the troubles will pass you by, best by resolving them. I recognize that some things aren't possible to resolve, in which case, take care of yourself and do your best and time will provide a tad of a buffer, at least for the emotional weight/s involved. Best wishes to ya'.

About the political, howeve... (Below threshold)

About the political, however, I know I'm not the only conservative of late who is growing weary of these party lines. Not that I'd ever consider voting as a Democrat, for a Democrat, but that it's impossible to my recent views to delineate one strategy as being one party's. There are big goals, respectively, not shared by the two parties but I'd never go so far as to suggest that one party functions in any uniform fashion in problem solving, or, not solving problems.

New Orleans, however, and the state of Louisiana have pointed out the compromises to political trust by voters that Democrats seem a tad more want to do than Republicans, but I'm not defending either party as being devoid of non problem solvers, certainly not of problems.

-S-I'm sorry, wher... (Below threshold)


I'm sorry, where did I accuse Jay of being anything? I'm pretty comfortable with my issue organization thank you very much. It's the Bush administration I'm now so sanguine about.

I hope that helps your reading comprehension a bit.

BTW did you notice the * [Grin] * in the comment, that signals to the reader that I'm trying to be amusing, I guess I failed with you, please accept my apologies.

Hang in there Jay! Work is... (Below threshold)

Hang in there Jay! Work is the best distraction. It takes your mind off of things for a while and provides that ever important paycheck.

Anytime anyone starts in wi... (Below threshold)

Anytime anyone starts in with the nasty "reading comprehension" riffs and/or the always useless spelling issues, I know someone has no ideas.

That's for you Rick DeMent. Perhaps you're suffering from the conditiion called, "I see my faults in everyone else."

Go read your comments. I honestly have no interest in re-reading them.

And, explaining your animous as to the Republican Party is needless, given that it's quite clear from what you originally wrote that you are. Ooops, you aren't aware of what you originally wrote, I see that now.

hey jay - same here. odd f... (Below threshold)

hey jay - same here. odd funk. something ain't centered right. but we do what we gotta do - - responsibilities and all that stuff. isolation/cocooning is a natural tendency. you've been hit hard, and uncertainty kills motivation. i'm a newbie here, and got plenty of old stuff to read and educate myself on. you do what you need to do to get through. i'm sure i speak for others when i say "don't worry about us. we'll be here when you get back."

go for the peace within.

- b

Jay: I hope you have a bet... (Below threshold)

Jay: I hope you have a better go of things. At least, I THOUGHT the thread was about your concerns lately, in which case, best wishes with whatever it is of late.

Maybe devote more time to writing other than blogging? It might prove a healing challenge.

Jay, you need to do what an... (Below threshold)

Jay, you need to do what any red-blooded male does when he's feeling a little down, pay a visit to your local Breast Ballet! In case you can't you could make a trip to the NSFW! Beach NSFW!, that should hold you until you see a live show.

Hey Jay. Same funk here to... (Below threshold)

Hey Jay. Same funk here too, but I've found that blogging seems to clear my mind of cluttering thoughts, so keep it up. Always remember, just keep your sails pointed into the wind. Sooner or later you'll get blown and you'll be back on course.

We must remember that 'doin... (Below threshold)

We must remember that 'doing nothing' can be a highly effective yet vastly under rated action. I like to think of 'doing nothing' as a positive choice to select from all my possible tactics. Sometimes, putting your hands in your pockets and rocking back and forth from heel to toe is the best choice until the situation corrects itself.

BTW did you notice the *... (Below threshold)

BTW did you notice the * [Grin] * in the comment, that signals to the reader that I'm trying to be amusing,

Rick, you succeed better when you're not trying.

J.,Dontcha hate it... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


Dontcha hate it when people say "hang in there, buddy!" or "we've all been there, it's tough" or, my personal favorite, "this, too, shall pass." Maddening, aggravating, frustrating and seemingly ignorant. Trouble is, whoever says these things truly and honestly wishes and hopes the best for you, they just don't know quite how to say it. But that's OK, most of us don't know what to say, myself included. But I'll give you a phrase that helps me when I'm in a funk: "May the peace of the Lord be with you." It's simple and quiet, and I just think about what that phrase means to me. Then, after a while, I start to feel better, a little more confident and a little less overwhelmed.

"But yesterday I found that I could just as easily hide from my problems by blogging as doing nothing, and I whipped out half a dozen pieces."

This gave me a chuckle! What you're doing is really good therapy (at least in moderation)! My phrase for it is "making busy". Use it as you want!

Cocooning can make me feel ... (Below threshold)

Cocooning can make me feel better, too, but I'm much more likely to get out of a funk by doing more, not less, even though I don't feel like it. I'm hoping that works for you, too, and that you post a bunch of stuff.






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