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Signs of progress among radical Islam

One of the uglier elements of radical Islam is the thoroughly-despicable practice of "honor killing." It's the idea that if a member of a family does something to bring "dishonor" or "shame" upon them, they can redeem their honor by killing that person.

I've always heard of it in relation to women -- especially those who happen to go against the family's wishes in major matters. Dating or marrying the wrong man, leaving the Muslim faith, and the like. It's a particularly brutal form of female oppression.

But that may be changing. In England, we have the story of a young Muslim couple. They were both 19, and in love. Their families didn't approve, which made it that much more exciting. She was defying an arranged marriage to be with her lover, and that was even better. And when things progressed as they often do and she became pregnant, both families were incensed.

The girl's family was so outraged, they resorted to the "honor killing" route to redeem their shame. They tried to kill her, but she escaped.

This is where we get signs of progress. With their daughter safely in the hands of the authorities, they decided to kill the father of her unborn child. And this time they succeeded -- the girl's father and two brothers are being charged with murder.

That's right. Here we have a bit of equality of the sexes in radical Islam. Others may say that the man was only killed because the woman was out of their reach, but I look at the glass as half-full. Both parties were punished for their misdeeds, and it was only by a quirk of fate (and the intervention of police) that the woman's punishment was less severe.

Some day the name of Manna Begum will stand beside the names of Susan B. Anthony, Golda Mier, Amelia Earhart, and Sandra Day O'Connor of great female groundbreakers.


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Radical islam they want to ... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Radical islam they want to spread it all over the world including the USA and they can do it witht he help of the ACLU

GWOT - Major Strategic F... (Below threshold)
Ron Wright:

GWOT - Major Strategic Foreign Policy Speech Just Delivered By President Bush

On a related note President Bush just delivered on hell of a speech on the GWOT and "outs" the ideology we are at war with - the religion of peace!

See my comment over at Roger L. Simon's":


Damn straight PJ!

See this post I just sent around. I took the liberty of excerpting some of the high points here.

A MUST READ go to the White House Press Release link at the bottom


GWOT - Major Strategic Foreign Policy Speech Just Delivered By President Bush
Washington, D.C.

President Bush swings from the hips today and delivers barn burner speech calling a, "shovel a shovel." He clearly announces for once the GWOT is a war of ideologies. For the first time he identifies we are at war with an ideology some have called, ". . . evil Islamic radicalism; others, militant Jihadism; still others, Islamo-fascism."

This is the speech the Blogos has been waiting to hear for a long time. Much of what was said is old news to us but the American people are still clueless because of the lack of reporting of the real issues by the MSM.

The Blogos needs to spread President Bush's words far and wide to ever corner of the earth so that the enemy clearly knows we will not shrink from the battle and its days are numbered!


(HT PJ at Roger L. Simon)

RLS Link

Cripes, Ron, I certainly ho... (Below threshold)

Cripes, Ron, I certainly hope this wasn't the speech we've been waiting to hear for a long time, because it sucked. It was supposed to provide "unprecedented detail" on the War on Terror. It was about 45 minutes of bumper sticker slogans strung together. In other words, it was a major disappointment.

Sean,From a techni... (Below threshold)
Ron Wright:


From a technical point of view you may have a point. From a symbolic and leadership role the key thing here is President Bush for the first time I'm aware of "outs" who the enemy is and the ideology that drives it.

Victor Davis Hanson and others say to win a war you must know your enemy and its ideology. This is old news for the blogos but a very important message for the American people and the world to hear.

Our gov't has been locked because of undue PCism from clearly identifying the enemy and this is really a war of ideology and a clash of civilizations.

This speech should have come shortly after 9/11 not four years later. Unfortunately had this President said this before tha last election the LLL and the MSM would have been all over this like flies on poop.

Unfortunately many folks still believe to some degree what the MSM reports. The problem is the MSM fails to report on sig events in Iraq on the ground and gives the false impression we are loosing.

We need to win the war of information that the enemy so far has been able to skew in its favor with the willing support of the MSM.

I'll take this speech and the symbolism anytime rather than having nothing said at all.

Jay,Just a note to... (Below threshold)


Just a note to clarify: "Honor killings" are not reserved to radical Islam. I know a Christian Lebanese, with three US university degrees, who still killed his sister for dishonoring the family in Beirut.

Too, on the last day of my assignment to New Delhi, the front page story in all the papers was the killing of a young man and woman for marrying without the families' permission--thus sullying their honor. They were both Hindu... just different castes.

It has nothing to do with w... (Below threshold)

It has nothing to do with what religion you are from. It has everything to do with what culture you are from. Arab nomadic cultures had practices like that. In fact, just about EVERY early culture had practices like that. Remember the "stoning" practice that was abolished by Christianity was practiced in Judaism. But it didn't have Jewish roots, its roots were in the Hewbrew culture, not the religion of Judaism.

Henry is wrong. "Stoning" ... (Below threshold)
Sabba Hillel:

Henry is wrong. "Stoning" was a particular method of capital punishment carried out, under Jewish law, only after sentencing by the high court of 71 (the equivalent of the Supreme court). It was a judicial sentence designed to cause immediate death. An equivalent in modern days would involve drugging the person so that he would feel no pain and dropping him from the top of the Empire State building so that death would be instantaneous.

Actually, a court that had to use the death penalty more than once in a generation was considered a "bloody court" (as explained in the Talmud) and the procedures around the death penalty were extremely restrictive.

It is not like the movie presentation of a mob throwing small stones at the victim. Nor is it like the "honor killings" in which rabid idiots murder an accused person without benefit of trial.

"PREDICTION:... (Below threshold)


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