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A personal update

A while ago, I mentioned that a colleague of mine was undergoing treatment for cancer, and the treatments had caused her hair to fall out. In response, she was wearing knit hats.

I am delighted to say that the treatments are over, and all examinations show they were successful. She has doffed the hats, and her hair is regrowing in fine form. In fact, it's already longer and thicker than my own.

I loudly complained about this, demanding to know her secret for regrowing hair. I accused her of doing the whole thing just to spite me and my balding pate.

And then when no one was looking, I gave her a huge hug of congratulations.

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Outstanding news!We ... (Below threshold)

Outstanding news!
We have an 11-year old girl (beautiful blonde hair) with leukemia that just hers due to chemo. It's always good to hear a success story.
For those interested in helping Jessica Mussetter (prayer, donations) please contact Dan at [email protected]

So why'd you wait until no ... (Below threshold)

So why'd you wait until no one was looking? Honestly, I am truly curious about that.

Congratulations! That is ve... (Below threshold)

Congratulations! That is very good news, indeed.

What a great story, thanks!... (Below threshold)

What a great story, thanks!






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